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  • Facing Snags in Google Shopping Ads?

    • Under Performing Landing Page
    • Vacant Product Categories
    • Product-Visibility for Negative Keywords
    • Irrelevant Traffic
    • Underperforming Creatives
    • Insignificant Click Through Rates
    • Continuous Disapproval for Products
    • Unoptimized Titles & Descriptions
    • Disorganized Campaigns & Ad Group
    • Inappropriate Data in Product Feed
    Google Shopping Ads

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How do Google Shopping Ads Work?

Google shopping ads promote your products across Google & its search networks with simple steps. Kinex Media’s Google Shopping Ads Professionals set different milestones in conversion rates each time they run an ad.

Kinex’s Shopping Ads Strategy

  • We partake in auctions and leverage our bidding strategies to ensure enhanced product visibility for relevant searches.
  • We focus on providing the relevant description to the products so that google can automatically target the appropriate keywords for your products.
  • We regularly optimize the product feed to ensure the PLA (Product Listings Ads) are categorized & distributed effectively.

Tested & Proven Google Shopping Ads Management Strategy

  • Product optimization
  • Growth & Opportunity Insights
  • Feed & Campaign Review
  • Tech Insights

Product optimization

Product Optimization

We link your business to Google Merchant Center and get your product items registered by Google. We generate optimal product titles and descriptions to guarantee that your shopping advertisements are seen by as many customers as possible. Our priority is to highlight the most valuable items while dispersing resources, using high-quality images, asserting important product characteristics, and ensuring that product data matches the landing pages.

We believe, “Nothing can prevent your ad from receiving a torrent of clicks if everything is in order.”

Product Page

Growth & Opportunity Insights

Growth & Opportunity Insights

"Opportunity Insights" can help a shopping ad executive make the right decisions as this powerful tool presents practical recommendations to improve a campaign. Based on the insights, we can give a clear picture to the client about how their prices are impacting the sales. Also we present them a researched piece of how the bestsellers are outperforming and what changes do we need to make in our shopping ad strategy.

Product Page

Feed & Campaign Review

Feed & Campaign Review

A perfectly optimized product feed (cleared & well-split) is a secret ingredient for a shopping campaign’s success. PPC Professionals of Kinex Media know what it takes to maximize the deliverability of shopping ads and hence they are always in Power-Up Mode to set the right bid & optimize the shopping ad campaigns by adding negative keywords.

Product Page

Tech Insights

Tech Insights

Tech insights are crucial to making a campaign successful as it assists in knowing the technical flaws among shopping ads. Apart from that, it offers us suitable solutions to get rid of such problems such as incorporating Smart & automated Bidding Strategies, Identifying the modifiers for geo-targeting, merchant promotions and leveraging efforts to reach more and more mobile shoppers.

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Google Shopping Ads Management Services

  • Unifying Targeted Marketing Platforms
  • Fully Optimized Product Feed Listings
  • Local Promotion of Your In-Store Inventory
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns to Expand Your Reach
  • Free Product Listings On Google
  • Customized Product Recommendations
  • Escalated Conversion Rates from Remarketing Audience
  • Measurable Results across All Marketing Channels
  • Continual Growth of Your Online Ecommerce Business
Google Shopping Ads Services

What You Get With Our Comprehensive
Google Shopping Management Services

Gain more than what you have spent with our tailored Google Shopping Campaign,
which aims at improving ROI & incrementing online sales.

Google Shopping Management
Enhanced Visibility

Google Shopping Ads ensures that each targeted visitor comes across your product while searching for a specific keyword.

Increased Clicks

We optimize your product description so that visitors are tempted to click.

Continually Multiplying Website Revenue

Excellent promotion strategies & running relevant ads on suitable keywords are vital to increasing sales.

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