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Climb the Highest Spot on SERP!

Kinex Media’s SEO services are what you need to increase your website traffic and rankings. Our experience and out-of-the-box SEO tactics have made us a top-ranked SEO company in Calgary. Reach out to our SEO consultants to help you get the rankings you want.

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Boost Your Business With Award-Winning SEO Solutions

Kinex Media is a reputable SEO Agency in Hamilton, Canada, delivering the best of its services since 2008. The tailor made strategies for every sized business - small, medium & large, make it a center of appreciation among B2B & eCommerce Clients.

It's Time To Make YOUR Business Rule CALGARY!

Not every SEO agency in Calgary can help you bounce up at the 1st spot. But we can! We have made Canada's Leading Businesses increase their ROI up to 10x with organic SEO. The one thing which distinguishes us from others is - the 'We CAN' approach:

C - Consistency   A - Algorithmic Satisfaction   N - Neither Less Nor More  


Now You Won't Lose Your Customers!

Businesses lose customers when their Brand fails to make a Signature Statement. We know it & tackle it. At Kinex Media, Calgary, we build a long-term strategy and work according to it. Thus there is no room for Busy Works.

Since our birth, we have been progressing by defeating our client's Competitors. How do we do that?

  • By staying on the ball with Google's Algorithm Changes.
  • Besides, we value the likes & dislikes of your targeted audience.
  • We carefully design & optimize your product category, reflecting that you have 'Something for Everyone'.

Our SEO Process works this way - Educate, Convince and Follow Up. Our Content Creators produce the best information with hidden promotional intent. Once the visitors know the benefits of choosing YOU over others, we trigger them to click on CTA. If for any reason, they did not take the required action, we follow them through Email Marketing & Remarketing.

CALGARY, Hold Yourself Tight!

We Intend To Make One More Business Win Your Hearts!


Ethical SEO

As we sow, so shall we reap!

If we put the Ethical SEO techniques into practice, we'll gain the equally Best ROI in the form of Brand Awareness & Conversions.


Google Compliance

It is much Safer to OBEY than to RULE!

Kinex has gems in the form of experienced SEO executives who know 'What is per Google' and 'What is against it'.


Mobile Friendly

Mobile is Revolution; Mobile is Everywhere!

Our websites are not Mobile-Friendly; instead, they are BFFs of Mobiles. 90% of the internet surfing audience make use of mobile phones. So it's imperative to have a website that is the BFF of Mobile.


Educative Content

Purpose = Educate to Convert!

Our INTENT to Educate is combined with PURPOSE to Convert. Our content creators are skilled enough to create quality content by letting the word count & keyword embedding uncompromised.


Digital PR

If Content is King, Digital PR is Queen!

We provide a combined package of SMM and SEO because this integration can broaden the audience by helping to achieve high-quality backlinks & social media mentions.


Franchise SEO

Franchise SEO = Massive Conversions!

Franchise SEO is our specialty where we make the websites to rank for Local Search Queries in Multiple Locations. It increases your Brand's search visibility and then Conversions.


Here are the Glimpses of our Latest Rankings. So Satisfying!

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How do we ROCK Google?

Kinex Media is not One-Trick Pony; instead, we are multipotentialite. We have a great deal of experience in carrying out the various SEO Techniques with Effectiveness & Accuracy. We are ‘Ready To Implement’ strategies from 'Geo-Targeting' to 'Franchise SEO';. Moreover, our SEO Strategies aim at making your website User-Friendly along with Search-Engine Friendly.


01. TeamWork & Co-ordination

Kinex Media's first three letters, ' KIN' itself, refer to CONNECTIONS. Thus, Each of our Team Members is connected in one way or another. Here is how our TeamWork strategy succeeds - If a person belongs to one department, he will be allowed to have interfered with suggestions by other departments. Once a Graphic, Content or Video has passed through internal criticism and came out as Polished, only then is it sent to the client.

02. Dynamic Strategies

Since Google introduces new algorithms to check & grade the SEO efforts, we have to be quintessentially dynamic with our SEO strategies. SEO is a continually evolving field, so what is True for today will not be the same tomorrow. It demands us to remain updated with the changes happening in the SEO world. Staying Updated helps us to change our course of SEO efforts. Those who accept the change and act in accordance become successful. So do we!

03. Unique & Creative Content

If Google is King, then Content can be deemed its favorite Minister. If the famous Minister (Content) appeals to the King (Google) to rank his territory (Website) as No. 1, Google won't deny it. But is it that easy to become a favorite of an Honest King like Google? No, it's Not! One has to put much effort into it. Google is only and only impressed by that Content which is Unique, Play-Free and has targeted the problem of the people and has offered the right solutions.

04. Geo-Targeting & Franchise SEO

Some companies want to target only one location, while others target multiple locations. We provide support to all the clients. We have experience in making all such websites rank on top. After all, we know the GOOGLE!

Be it Geo-Targeting or the Franchise SEO; we'll make you rank higher on Google. Along with that, you'll see an increase in your Traffic, Leads, Conversions & Profits. It is our strong research team & skilled strategist that help us to conquer the Web World.

05. SEO + SMM = Massive Results!

Unity is strength. The same applies to SEO & SMM. The maximum results can be gained if these two are combined. Our strategists know how to come out with the bombarding results by making SEO & SMM collaborate.

For effective Social Media Marketing, we have a collaborative team of Graphic Designers & Content Writers who know how to frame catchy Content & get it executed too in the form of unique graphics.