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Kinex Media is a reputable SEO Agency in Surrey, Canada, delivering the best of its services since 2008. The tailor made strategies for every sized business - small, medium & large, make it a center of appreciation among B2B & eCommerce Clients.

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Google Domination

Give your business the necessary visibility by dominating Google’s rankings. Guest posts on high-level websites and on-site blog promotion to effectively dominate the toughest searches in the country.


Monthly Computations

We prepare monthly reports and notify them to you with the correct rankings and updates. Our vision is to keep everything up to date inclusive of changes at the macro, micro and international level as well.


Apt In Local Searches

White hat is the ideal strategy for long term growth, and we understand that. Our focus is on relevancy and organic ranking using SEO recommended techniques that make you star in local searches.


Widespread Reach

Organic leads and traffic relate to unpaid search outcomes. And it is regarded as the best way to gain momentum for a company’s growth.


Increasing Gains

Through keywords boosting and better backlinking, organic SEO strategies can improve revenue. It can attract a fresh stream of requests or customers interested in purchasing your products or services.


Comprehensive Solutions

Be face to face with all your customers using analytically designed search engine optimization. We collaborate with our clients & help them drive more traffic to their websites with our progressive SEO 360-degree packages.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Analyze the Latest Rankings. We are more than happy to accomplish your needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Sure, you have incredible products and services to sell. But the reason you are here is to have SEO support that sets your brand on top. Every day we come across hundreds of customers like you in need of SEO service in Surrey. We don't mind helping all as it is our job. How do we do it? Read further.


01. Comply with Search Engine Policy

Our SEO practices surround the guidelines of search engines. All our client projects comply with approved methods. Using them is the first step to achieve results. Implying wrong ones in SEO bans a website or gets it deleted from the search index. If your website has been a victim of the black hat technique that your competition may have deliberately put it through, we will give you full details of it. We will evaluate all the errors and will remove them as you say. Only after weeding out the problems will your site show improvements.

02. Multi-Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the phrases that online users type to obtain information or buy a product or service. We continue to explore the effectiveness of a website's keywords by analysis and evaluation. Doing so is essential as it is a gateway between users and the website. During the examination, we will advise you to change keywords, if need be, so that your website can grab fresh traffic, leads, high-value sales. Meticulous keyword research is a step that brings results.

03. Social Media Optimization

We will help your website gain organic visitors from social channels. The success lies in the execution and analytics of social platforms. We will show your brand in front of your target audience, where they will reach out to you. We have a dedicated content marketing team that will create new opportunities for your website. They will post user-friendly material that hits a user's sweet spot. Having social traffic is very much taken into context by search engines for improving website rankings.

04. Enticing SEO Rates

Our SEO rates are fair that cover things like technical website analysis, keyword research & selection, XML sitemap creation, content, link building, mapping, title tags & meta descriptions, robots.txt optimization, consulting, information architecture audit, canonical analysis, setting Google analytics, creating website sitemap, optimizing image setup. Our optimization has helped businesses grow to much extent. When we discuss with clients what we will do with their website, most don't worry about the price.

05. Reputation Management

Online reputation matters a lot to a business. It changes the digital landscape. If good, then all is well. But if it's the opposite, then it creates second thoughts in a user's mind to buy a product or service from you. We will help your website move ahead and make search engines forget the lousy past. Negative reviews befall a website's ranking. With our right approach, we will enhance your band's reputation. At Kinex Media, we use creative strategies that will reverse the online thinking of users. Learn more about how we have improved our site's reputation by contacting us.