10 Tips To Design The Perfect Landing Page


Are you thinking of getting a website design for your business? But your pocket is not allowing you to go for a full-fledged website for your venture start-up. Your online business promotion needs to generate leads for its good web presence and this can be done with your own website. You need not worry about it as you can have a budget friendly option of having a landing page for your business.

Let not your business suffer and grow it perfectly with not only generating leads rather in turn having the good conversion rate. In the world of online marketing, these landing pages are ruling after the websites. Not every business can go for a website but for them landing pages work wonders. This is where most of your efforts are focused and evaluated. A perfect landing page will not only help to the grab the viewer’s attention rather will compel them to finish your desired conversation.

Before designing or getting your landing page design make sure you have a clear objective in your mind. Whether your objective is to get the forms filled with necessary details, downloading the content or making a certain purchase. It may vary from a business to business. The looks of the page will have a huge impact on the visitors whether they will turn into your customers or not.

It is a matter of great concern that the entrepreneur or the designer must know how to design an effective landing page. Here are the important tips which can make your page work perfectly by giving a good experience to the viewers. Usually, the landing pages are designed in a simple, sleek and that convey your message to your audience swiftly while being strong.

Keep Simple And Clear

This is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind while designing your landing page. Your page is delivering your message directly to your viewers so it should be simple and focused. Make sure you insert the necessary content and if the content will be too much then it can turn into an overwhelming page which will lose the capacity to grab the viewers attention.

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Another vital aspect of your landing page is that it should have one objective and a clear message so that it delivers the audience what you want to convey. Another vital aspect is break the texts in bullets, don’t use too many links to other sites and if you are using forms than keeping it short, simple and clear.

Create Call-To-Action

The main purpose of your landing page should be there. Don’t forget the objective that whether this is for increasing the sales or bring in more leads to your business. A perfect call-to-action work brilliant but make sure it is really attractive and appealing, use contrasting colors so that it immediately grabs the attention of the viewers and turn them to users. These buttons are not for only websites rather they work wonders for the landing page too. While creating the CTA make sure it is beneficial for your customers and solves their main purpose of knowing about your services and products.

Call to actionEnsure consistency

Consistency in your page matters a lot. If you will change the page layout very often then your page will lose its consistency among the clients and viewers. A page with good consistency will surely enhance the user experience of your audience and make it easy for them to navigate your pages every time they visit.

Insert videos

Videos are a magical tool to enhance the leads and visitors. Videos these days play a vital role in telling your story. It is changing the face of digital marketing and it is a superb way to add more information without overwhelming your visitors. Perfect videos are there not only for fun but also to bring your products or services closer to the viewers. Many studies even proved that the videos on landing pages have helped the entrepreneurs to get more leads and conversion rates. Making their viewers informed about their message.


Responsive and user experience

This is a technophilic era and more plebeians are dependent on using the internet on their mobile phones. So the landing pages should work perfectly on the mobile phones giving a good experience to the users. So the page should have a good responsiveness on every gadget making the user satisfy what he is looking for. While designing keep various things in mind that how your page will look on wider and small screens.


Color Contrast

The colors play a vital role in making your page looks really appealing apart from its designing. The call-to-action button color should be in a way it immediately strikes the viewers and compels them to use your services. Make sure you are using the appropriate colors. Sometimes too loud colors can even let the customers ignore it without paying any attention to it. So the colors should be good and soothing to eyes.


Display Image

“Image speaks a thousand words”, it is a great way to deliver the message. Sometimes images play the crucial role of delivering your message. If your image is clearly delivering the message, then there is no use of content. So the image you are going to use on your page should be exact and appealing and understandable. Let your page image speak itself so try to make it in a way it stands out perfectly.


It is the most important aspect of your page. Try to have the catchy heading as the viewers will get attract with attractive headings. It is usually seen that your heading will let you know how many customers will click on your page and show interest to your services. Try to be unique and catchy for your headlines.


After deciding your heading the headlines for the information should be to the point. Do not make it confusing. It should be concise and to the point. Don’t let your viewers get bored with too much information about you rather try to give the information about the services and products you are delivering.

Display Testimonials

Testimonials help to enhance the customer’s trust. If you are having any kind of testimonials and reviews then for better serving to your clients present your page with true testimonials. Especially the testimonials by some great personality regarding your product and service can deliver honest and unbiased voice about your company’s product and service.


From the above-mentioned tips, you can be a benefit to a greater extent while designing your landing page. Always leave the doubt or try to go for some alternate solution to save your time and present the perfect page to your viewers.