7 Proven Techniques for Magento ECommerce Store

Techniques for Magento Ecommerce store

If you own a Magento store and looking forward to few techniques which can help you out in improving e-commerce growth, congratulations, you are at the right place and this blog will help you out by telling you the seven most proven techniques used by Kinex Media’s Magento Developer team to shoot up the sales graph of an E-Store. Before we move further and talk about the techniques, let’s answer a simple question; what do you mean by the term “Growth” in an e-commerce scenario. Are you only talking about an increase in the revenue? If your answer is YES, you are partially right.

I would answer “Growth” in terms of long-term relationships with customers, increase in market share, selling more than last quarter, building brand value better than before, and, most importantly, gaining customer’s trust, which reflects in your account balance.

We have so many customers who treat us so well, and we have the right kind of culture that obsesses over the customer.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon
Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon

Magento Store Growth Techniques

Rather than investing all energy on selling goods, also think about consumer behavior. Is your store responsive? Whether buyers can see your Magento Store on their handheld devices? Figure how much traffic you are getting from mobile devices. Kinex Media Magento Developing team can help you out with a responsive design, and believe me, without this, you are running blind and losing a substantial share of potential customers.

  • Tracking & Measuring Your Efforts

Use tools like Google AnalyticsGoogle Webmaster and others to keep an eye on your site performance. Understanding the performance helps you move in the right direction. If you are using promotional emails, tracking them is super important.  If something is not working for you despite several efforts, divert your attention to slightly better performing metrics. Keep an eye on revenues, especially if you are using paid promotion like Google Ads.

A introduction of Google adwords

  • Better Shipping & Delivery Options

Shipping & Delivery styles are different across the world; US consumers accept that they will bear the shipping cost, whereas German consumers expect free delivery. So, your delivery model should change with geographic scenarios. Give ample delivery choices and prominently display the time & cost involved to give your customers a clear idea.

Product delivery at home

  • Derive Relevant Traffic

This area is where you have to spend too much energy. Bringing in more relevant traffic to your store increases revenue and helps you in increasing your sales. First of all, you have to rely on multiple sources of leads. Google Ads is also used for small scale business but what about other niche channels like Facebook Ads, stumble upon paid discovery, Yahoo ads, Reddit ads, Google merchants etc. You should try each of them on a small scale and then scale it higher based on the performance. Kinex media online marketing team can help you in managing your ad campaigns and can provide you with the SEO service to optimize your rank on Google Search.

  • Publish Valid Contact Information

Many buyers look for contact information for the trust factor before buying anything from any store. It’s best if you publish who you are, your support period, disclaimers, privacy and refund policies, store timings etc. Keep in mind that an online store needs TRUST FACTOR, so don’t underestimate the importance of these small things. Obvious to many, but we have noticed that a majority of online stores aren’t publishing these.
Contact Information

  • Landing Pages For Conversion

Landing pages turn traffic into money and they are great for targeting particular keywords. Kinex media has been following this technique to target the consumers and to redirect them to the original store. This strategy helps a lot in converting a potential customer to a customer.
how landing-pages leads more conversions

  • Use Social Sites Effectively

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have a significant role in advertising the products, and they play a vital role in building the brand name of any E-Store.
Social Media Portal

  • Product Reviews

Set up strategies to send out an email to all those who have bought a product from your store. Ask them nicely if they are interested in writing a review of the product they just purchased. Gift them Discount Coupons on writing reviews. This solves two purposes- if your customer comes back and writes a review, they are validating your product and paying you an additional visit. While doing so, they may end up buying something else. Moreover, they will write a review for others to read; such reviews help in boosting the confidence of other prospective buyers.
Product Reveiw

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