All That You Should Know About E-mails

As someone who remains flooded with new email messages every day, you must have noticed that out of all the emails received, most of them come with sub-standard content. This can give you an idea about how frustrating it is to waste time on such mails. Considering what impression such poorly crafted mails leave upon you, the essence of creating impressive and highly gripping emails gets even more essential.

In professional world, the best way to communicate is through Emails. Emails have originated as a quintessential way of maintaining the communication and somehow manage to replace face-to-face interactions. You can get an estimate for the same, by thinking how many people you have emailed but never met.

Being a marketer who is involved in managing the investors, fixing interviews and coordinating with teams, you must have been sending a lot of emails to people you do not even know. So, in this case it is the emails that manage to reflect an impression upon the mail receivers. This is why the way you address them, mark the subject line and craft the content, affects that impression.

Regardless of whether the e-mail recipients are long-time customers or some relatively new subscribers, you need to make sure that not even a single mail from your end leaves a negative impression upon the audiences. Our today’s guide is all about helping you in creating impressive emails so that you could nurture and grow your relationship with the clients.

The first thing that you need to understand is that business email accounts are not that creative. Despite the lack of innovation, email giants such as Gmail and Hotmail have managed to engage billions of users till now and still counting.

Some interesting facts about Email Growth

  • As per the stats reported by The Radicati Group, the estimated email accounts continue to grow from 4.1 billion in 2014 to 5.2 billion by the end of 2018.
  • In a single day, nearly 100 billion emails are sent and received, majority of which are for business purpose.


5 key strategies to improve email etiquette

  1. Short seems cool

Mark Twain once quoted that, “If I’d had more time, I would have written you a shorter email.” Keeping your email short is going to make it look well prepared.

Here’s a an example – If you ever face any issue with the quality of products delivered by us, you can feel free to email us directly, at If we think it requires a revert, we will forward it to responsible authority with an addition i.e. a question mark.

Make Your Email Short

  1. People love you being direct

No one is really interested in seeing how prolific you are at using adjectives and adverbs. Make sure your emails are short and brief and do not make use of too many additional words that make it seem overly lengthy.

For those who are not able to keep the emails short at suggested above, can make sure that they include a brief description at the top that indicates the course of action.

  1. Be quick when it comes to replying

When it comes to reverting to the emails, there are a few things that you need to consider. First, think is that you should be quick enough and the second thing is that the email should be short (see how much are we stressing upon the mails to be brief ).

The best example comes from the conversation that took place last year between Snapchat CEO Even Spiegel and Mark Zuckerberg.

Quick Reply

Here is the sequence:

– Zuckerberg’s first email was for 46-words and came at 6:23 PM

– Spiegel took 30 minutes to reply with an email having 19 words

– Zuckerberg replied again three hours later with a 14 words email

The lesson we learnt: Important things need quick reply!

  1. Reread, Reread & Reread

When you are sending out a highly confidential message through the email, make sure you do not miss anything as such mails are viewed with eagle’s eye. Make sure you go through the content again and again to ensure you neither miss mentioning anything important nor do you mention something that was not supposed to be mentioned. So, the mantra is reread the mails repeatedly. This gets easy when you (again) keep the mails short.


  1. The address needs to be double checked

For all those who have very common name, there are chances for people to confuse you with others having same name. In case, you are sending an E-mail to someone who has same name as others in your email address book, you should make sure that you keep a note of the recipient’s exact address. Adding wrong address can cause some confidential information to go in wrong hands.

 The address needs to be double checked

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