It is essential to choose a reputed website development company that also possesses good knowledge about SEO and offers search engine optimization solutions as well. It will help you ensure that they develop a search engine friendly website for you. The search engine friendly sites and the ones that are optimized according to the guidelines set by search engines usually rank well and are successful sites.

Listed here are few of the most common website design mistakes which you must avoid as they can make your site a highly unfriendly place with search engines. Let us have a look:

  • Heavy Use of Flash: 

    There are so many companies as well as website designers out there in the market that are still of the opinion that Flash is among the nicest features of a good website. However, the matter of the fact is that sometimes limited use of flash can add that much needed artistic touch to your site, but heavy use of flash can be suicidal.

  • Complicated Coding: 

    The website code needs to be written in apparent and clean manner as cleanliness of code matters a lot when it comes to scoring top positions in search engine result pages. If a code is not defined clearly, it might appear messy to search engine crawlers and hence they would not be able to index your site. It can be terrible for your website, as your site would not show with search engines.


  • Missing Anchor Text: 

    Many designers follow the easy path when it comes to designing anchor text and make use of images rather than text content for anchor tags. Since it is much easier to use an image in place of text since in case the text is used, there are chances that it is not displayed correctly on users’ screen size. However, it is important to keep in mind that anchor text is an important parameter of SEO and hence it must be adequately defined.

  • Excessive JavaScript:

    Like the excessive use of Flash is considered as SEO unfriendly practice, it is also true that search engines do not recommend the excessive use of JavaScript. So, you must stay away from website designers that make much use of JavaScript in website development.

The above-presented checklist of commonly committed website mistakes should always be kept in mind and followed while choosing a design service for your website. It is essential to create SEO friendly websites as only such sites give excellent performances.

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