How to get a search engine friendly ECommerce Website

How To Make Your Ecommerce Website Search Engine Friendly Website

Ecommerce websites selling different types of products/ services cannot take lightly any of the opportunities that help them extending their reach to worldwide audiences. One of the most powerful techniques that can help you in broadening your reach and attract the international customers is making your ecommerce Toronto more search engine friendly.

As we know that SEO is all about techniques and practices which are employed to make sure that a website gets top rankings among the search engine result page rankings for the targeted keywords and search terms.  You need to optimize your e-commerce source for most appropriate key words and key phrases to ensure that when your potential clients search for these terms your ecommerce get shown at top positions in search engine result page among all your competitive sites. It will surely entice the users towards your website and eventually resulting in a sale.

Remember one thing that attracting increased traffic to your website is also significant but what is most important for your business is turning this traffic into potential customers. Kinex Media which is a Toronto based company offering best website design, SEO and various other services shares here with us few extremely useful tips about how to make your ecommerce website a more SEO friendly, resulting in increased visitors and greater profits for your business.

Place Keywords or Key-phrases Wisely

  • Search engines algorithms are no longer the simple algorithms and long gone are the times when you could simply overstuff a webpage with keywords hoping that it will get better rankings. There have been revolutionary updations in search engines algorithms and especially with Google’s search algorithm. With the latest Google Hummingbird update, Google search engine algorithms have become smarter and it can understands user’s searching pattern and keep a track of user’s behavior to page headings and titles. Go for enticing and original headings for your Toronto ecommerce website that can force your target audience to click your link and visiting your website to know more about your products/ services or making a purchase.

Google Hummingbird

  • Place your targeted keywords and key phrases in the headings as doing this ensure better chances of getting them picked up by Google. It provides your ecommerce website greater chances of appearing at top positions in search engine results.
  • Making use of variety of highly relevant keywords or key phrases in natural looking way in high quality content also helps in securing good rankings with search engines.


  • Placing the targeted keywords and key-phrases at the most appropriate positions in the content along with in the URL is an important step; however it is more important to ensure you have chosen the best keywords after thoroughly analyzing them on different parameters such as competition and relevance.

Harness Full Potential Of Social Media

Concentrate on the social media marketing aspect of SEO and try to utilize this cost effective strategy to reach to a wider audience and boosting your sales. An important tip for you to learn here is that you must club your SEO and social media marketing techniques under a single umbrella. A unified and cohesive marketing strategy is known to offer better results.

SEO & Social Media Marketing

With ever increasing traffic coming to websites from different social networks, you can ignore social media marketing. However, ensure not to pressurize your followers with a direct links to make a purchase. Alternatively use it in more creative manner by presenting it as means of communicating and building a bond with your fans and followers and also inviting them to share with you their feedback regarding your products, services and other things.

Kinex Media has helped many small and large sized business houses in optimizing their respective ecommerce website successfully. Visit to know more about their services.

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