There are many marketing techniques available in market like email marketing, pay per click marketingsearch engine optimization and social media marketing etc. Out of these, the most prominent one is the use of social media for business marketing as the number of users of social media as far more than any other platform. This platform provides you with a lot of flexibility and personalization even. So this year, many predictions are being made about the trends that will change the way your social marketing strategy works. The world marketing leaders and experts have formed these trends.

So let’s have a look at the top ones that can affect and change the way your marketing strategy works on social platforms.

1. Popularity Of Video Content

Live videos came in trend a few years ago and were widely accepted by people all around the world. The growth rate of people going for live videos is growing continuously at a high-speed rate. There are endless numbers of platforms available for live video streaming, but among the most widely used ones are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Instagram and Snapchat have experienced the fastest growth in live video streaming in recent months. With maximum urban population available on these social platforms, it has become easy to reach them through these live videos in a more interactive way. A lot of businesses have already started utilizing this feature & have made the best use of it. All these big social platforms are being used by more prominent brands already to stream their events live, which allows engaging the potential customers and increasing conversion rate.

live videos

2. Social Messaging Remains The Boss

Did you know that over 1.2 billion people have Facebook Messenger installed on their phones? And approximately 2 billion users send messages across Whatsapp everyday? Underestimating the rise of chat messaging applications has been phenomenal in the past and will keep on rising in the immediate future. Businesses are slowly shifting to explore this platform as well.

Chat Bots are going to be really famous in coming times as they already are a hot topic in the social media market. Chatbots are automated artificial intelligence systems that interact with users for continuous availability and better user experience. These bots are always active and answer the questions and doubts of the customers when you can’t have humans all time of day to respond. There is a chat interface where you can type any question, and they will interact with you to answer those questions. One of the most famous examples is the chatbots embedded in Facebook messenger.

Messaging Apps

3. Mobile-First Sites

Smartphones have moved up quickly from the ‘luxury’ category to a ‘necessity’ categorization. Almost everyone in the urban setting owns a smartphone. It is vital to make an updated mobile-friendly website so that it is accessible to all. Google’s data concludes that 61 percent of users do not return to a mobile site if they didn’t have a good experience. Google also tends to penalize non-mobile friendly websites.

For all these reasons and more, we will see a boost in mobile-based websites in 2020. If you haven’t already, make sure your website and brand are accessible on all mobile devices available in the market.

4. The Year of Voice Assistants

The advent of Alexa and Siri has made us sit up and take notice of how we have been searching online all this time. Voice assistants have proved to be inclusive and accessible for people from all walks of life. Voice commands can be put through no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Whether you’re driving or cooking, mowing your lawn or even stretched out in front of the TV and in no mood to walk, you can summon your voice assistant from across the room to do your bidding. This year is all about the development and exploration of voice assistance on various remote devices like smartwatches and Fitbits.

5. Influencers That Sway The Right Way

With more opportunities to interact and engage with their followers, small-scale influencers have proven to be far more reachable than national or global influencers. Businesses and brands will profit significantly from these local celebrities more because of their active reach and continuous engagement. They charge less and are more involved in their promotional activities and feedback. Instagram and Snapchat is already working hard on becoming the go-to applications for influencer-brand partnerships.

Choose the right influencer that endorses your business ideas and ideals, and you will find that the influencer wave will take your business’s name a long way ahead in the coming months.

6. Be Socially Responsible

The upcoming smart-generation, or Genoa, is woke, informed and most liberal in their opinions. The era of integrity and exclusivity in diversity is here, and brands that reflect these ideals benefit the most. Issues like body positivity, racial exclusivity and tolerance are tackled with smartly, and people are more aware of their mental health and its upkeep. Branding and marketing should recognize these values and associate themselves with individuals who follow these.Understanding the needs and principles of the upcoming generation of customers is crucial from brand-building point-of-view. Social responsibility and activism for the right causes can take up a lot of goodwill and establish your business as a human equivalent of the brand’s kind and concerned identity.

The prediction of social media marketing tools follows the digital data trajectory issued by experts. Try to inculcate some of these instruments in your marketing budget to keep your brand updated and current in the financial market.

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