When looking for a platform that offers you a chance to communicate, nothing fits better than social media.

Many channels provide you with a forum for interacting with the customer and ultimately converting them to achieve the current marketing targets and increase the ROI.

Let’s take a look at those areas you need to think when discussing to get the most out of the time you spend in social media.

1. Goals Matter More Than Numbers

The strategy you are taking should be different from other platforms when you opt for a forum to gain conversions. Unlike rising marketing systems where you use the platform’s typical marketing techniques, you don’t have to opt for traditional practices here.

Your aim should then be to connect with the customer and let them know exactly what the product or service you are selling is. More is about developing relationships and creating brand loyalty.

And you don’t have to weigh numbers on the social front, and then you’re going to have to focus on relationships that might lead to conversions. 2000 Fans based on conversion are better than 10000 followers who are only there to lift the number.

Target audience

2. Make Connections Through Landing Pages

The Social Media site landing pages can be extremely helpful in having enough audience.

Next, on-channel, you can calculate the results. Second, this gives you the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with all of your fans and followers by interacting directly with them.

A homepage will definitely make the guests feel warmly welcomed, and is also a great way to improve the connection. It could help to provide social proofs such as number of fans and followers, external links to the top products or exclusive offers. Through social media landing pages, you can express explicitly all the rewards that followers can enjoy while connecting to you.

3. Videos Can Be Of Great Use

Just like images, videos too manage to garner relative audience and eventually convert. Videos have the tendency to make audiences stick to them for longer duration, hence giving a platform for driving conversions.

Users happily go to the links that allow you to purchase products. You can make use of call to action buttons that redirect to the selling page. The length of videos should be optimal as the time that the visitor spends watching the video increases the chances for conversions. 

video increases the chances for conversions.


4. Settle For A Better Image For Better ROI

We all get used to judging items by how they look. The same means in the case of profiles on social media. If the ideal outlook is absent from your social media profile, there are chances that the visitor may not take you seriously.

You need to make sure you keep up-to – date your cover photos and profile pictures. If it’s a profile on Twitter , Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, each will manage to access it.

Visual effects manage to showcase your brand’s personality in a brilliant way while offering a platform for driving conversions. The scope does not restrict till covers but also applies upon posts with photos.

This has been mentioned that it’s also responsible for boosting clicks to display posts with photos. A research on Convince and Convert showed that clicks could rise by 1290 percent by using multiple picture posts on Facebook. Also, along with photos, a Hubspot split test witnessed an increase of 55 percent in lead tweets.

The scope does not restrict till covers but also applies upon posts with photos. It has been stated that showing posts with images also are responsible for boosting clicks.

A study on Convince and Convert showed that by the use of multiple photo posts on Facebook, the clicks could rise by 1290%. Also, a Hubspot split test witnessed an increase by 55% in leads tweets were posted along with images.

Other than following these steps for improving the ROI from Social Media, the best that you can do is to check out our post  Top Ecommerce Strategies To Optimize Online Sales.

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