What has come up as one of the most common factors affecting the AdWords performance is using 10 to 20 keywords in a single ad. Just because all 20 keywords have the same theme does not mean that it will do some wonders.

An astonishing fact is that even Google recommends doing the same over the AdWords dashboard.

However, the leading search engine fails to mention that adding too many keywords in a single ad can make it very hard for the message to match. Message match takes place when the search term used by the user matches with the ad.

This is quite essential, as it does not take more than a split second to decide the ad to click. With too many keywords per ad, you can never expect a 100% message match.


The solution to a perfect message match is SKAG, i.e. single keyword ad groups. SKAGs allows you to create a message match between the keyword and the ad. 

When you have just a single keyword per ad, your attempt should be using something that could make your ad specific. You need to keep in mind that:

Higher Keyword Relevancy = Higher Click Rate = Quality Score = Lower Cost per Conversion

It is best when you create two different ads in each ad group. Both the ads should be following the format below:

The headline should include the keyword

 In the first description line, mention the benefits and features

 In the second description line, talk again about the benefits in a ‘Call to action’ manner

 In the display URL, mention your DomainName.com/Keyword

When you are creating a single keyword ad group with two ads, you need to use the following keywords:

 Keyword 1: Ad Variant 1

 Keyword 1: Ad Variant 2

Keyword 2: Ad Variant 1

 Keyword 2: Ad Variant 2

In order to get high click-through rates, SKAG, aka Single Keyword Ad Group, needs to be implemented.

I hope this guide helps you all in understanding the best practices for doing AdWords. For more details regarding Adwords, Visit Us.

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