When it comes to Instagram, it has originated as one of the most interactive social media channel. In case, you are looking for means to strike connection with the audiences then Instagram could act as the catalyst.

According to the survey conducted by Pew Study in 2013, it was stated that nearly 17% of all adult internet users have Instagram account, which is a considerable figure for the sellers who are looking for audience. Here are the top 4 reasons why your social media should focus over Instagram as well.

  1. Highly Visual

This app is best for all those who are looking for an instant way to capture the beautiful moments in their lives. It is all about sharing simple yet special moments. Even the leading brands prefer to share basic images or something behind-the-scenes rather than posting completely promotional stuff. You get to create a clientele while utilizing the visual power of this tool. You not only get to humanize your business but also strike a chord with the viewers. Businesses that have been earning credibility through this app include art, photography, real estate, e-Commerce, décor, restaurants etc.

  1. Instagram is a hit amidst mobile users

Nothing could beat the affinity that people have for their mobile phones. With most of the users sleeping with their phones besides them, we can say it with assurance that at least 50% of the young followers love to explore the posts when they are about to sleep or get up in the morning. Owing to the ease of accessibility of Instagram images through phone, you can be sure that the users remain updated in reference to the changes being made by your brand

Mobile Users

  1. Easy to use

No matter how technically sound you are, the joy in exploring simple things remains incomparable. Users love this app because it involves minimum buttons for uploading images, instant turnaround time and easy navigation. You can expect a massive responsive from followers owing to the ease of accessibility offered by this app.

  1. Instagram is all about fun

For anyone who is out for a party or vacation, clicking pictures is an inevitable part. People further play around with the pictures by posting them over the Instagram, adding some effects and stuff. Even those who have just a few spare minutes with them, love to explore the app. Considering the fact that the users get to explore this app within minutes, you can engage instant followers through likes & comments over the photos. Use of hashtags and features such as explore photos are going to help your brand find new followers.

Instagram is all about fun

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