Instagram – A Brand Building Tool


Thinking of taking your business to a competitive world and stand out perfectly? You need to tap the right marketing strategy. Your online business needs various tactics to make its presence in the digital market. Different social sites can help you come up with good clientele. Being an entrepreneur you are already aware that the social media marketing is crucial for the business success. Especially youngsters or the young minds these days are more into scrolling the stuff on social applications as they are too much into their mobiles.

Your marketing strategy depends on what message you want to deliver to your viewers and by which method. Everything comes to the online marketing strategy. Before starting with any online strategy it is must to do a research and then follow your plan to make it a success. It has become a necessary tool as more and more people are using social sites for their business. Tapping into the world of social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and others when used in a right way can get you greater leads and conversions.

Looking into the Instagram popularity among the online users this has been the widely used social site these days. If your business is somewhat picture oriented then Instagram is the right option for you to increase your business and leads. But the right tactics to use it can take you to higher heights of a successful business. It is a platform where you get an opportunity to advertise to your target audience with very little input.

But if you are looking for maximum sales then for that you need to pitch more viewers so that your product gets noticed. For this purpose, you need to get more likes and followers. But make sure that are organic, if they will be organic then you will be able to measure the exact results and come to know where your product is standing.

Some tips and guidelines to be taken into care for making Instagram as a perfect branding tool :

Instagram Usage

It is observed that the people belonging to the age group 14 to 25 years are most active on this social app. So targeting this age group can be really easy for the perfect business growth. It is even assumed that the Instagram users in the coming years will grow more at a rapid pace. Today almost all of the brands use this social site to make their place in the market. It is really a good marketing tool for the businesses that are targeting the millennials as their end buyers. They are the young minds and know the better vision of the online shopping.


Know your followers

Without knowing your followers and their preferences you will not be able to know where and whom to pitch. But Instagram insights are really very necessary to know about the users. This would help you know about the followers and the people interacting with your brand or business. Insights related to gender, age and location are at your disposal. It’s all about reaching your audience through photos. With this, you can get to know that which post and picture more audience is engaged so that you can get the exact vision of the audience and can popularize your product and service by reaching out your customers.

Instagram Followers

Instagram Advertising

When once you are aware of your audience to whom you will sell your products then comes the next step of Instagram Advertising. It is the step in order to encapsulate the power of Instagram marketing and to start your brand building strategy and lead generation. These advertisements can work only when your strategy and post timings will resonate with your audience. After this measuring, your performance will let you know where you have reached and what next you will be going for.


Amplify your brand

Instagram is an open door for your business growth when used in a right way. It is really vital for your followers to know when they can expect the new post. If you are posting on weekends then don’t forget to post on weekends and if posting it regularly then don’t let your followers wait for your new update let them stay engaged with your products and services. Have consistency in your posting and stay active for better engagement. A consistent posting schedule can help you pass from the first success gateway.

Amplify Your Brand

Captions & Hashtags

This is another way to drive in more customers. Your image caption should be catchy and informative that by looking into the image and just caption you can get to know what message the seller wants to convey. Hashtags these days play a pivotal role in grabbing more audience as it not only help to search the thing easily rather with this you get a wider reach with no geographical boundaries. Hashtags are a greater way to spread your message to millions of people.

Caption and hashtags

Building relationships

Instagram is the best relationship building tool. It helps to build the relation with so many customers but it is really necessary to know who your audience is. Everything depends on your followers. Give a friendly way to your brand and business to let more people reach you and enhance the better engagement. Your posts and content should speak to your audience and another vital aspect is to build trust and this can be achieved when you will have consistency in your posts. Never dip in and out in Instagram regarding your posts. Try to post the story or image that tells the viewers what they are looking for.

Building Relationship

All the above-mentioned information gives a clear image of the Instagram usage and the viewers so it is an effective marketing tool particularly for those who consider millennials as their foremost target audience. So let’s have an insight into the ways with which you can utilize Instagram as a growing platform for your business.


Instagram is a platform where your picture plays a vital role. As you convey your message through the picture and with less content. For reaching more people you use hashtags to reach more customers. Make sure the image you are using here should be fit and look appealing to the viewers. Always ensure that your photos fit Instagram’s aesthetically pleasing platform. Now, this app comes with landscape and portrait form of photo uploading but still, the image will be in square form. So before uploading do check whether it has the capacity to get your viewers. This even allows the high-quality photo upload so try to upload the best quality photo for a detailed and clear view.


Kinex Media Instagram


There are various filters available for uploading the photo with little changes which can make the image look more “wow”. So for adding a wow factor to the image try different filters and select the best one which makes your image look perfect and attractive. For this purpose also you need to have a look at a different photo and find out which filter helps the image to have greater interactions.



Then come the photo color and the composition. For this, you need to learn which color pattern and composition get maximum likes. Until and unless you won’t have good knowledge about the color and compositions you will not be able to fit perfectly. You need to check whether a light color image will work perfectly for your audience or the bright dominant colors. This you will be able to know when you will check the choice of your target audience.

Composition Instagram


Demonstrate your product and service presence in your buyers by including the photos of your products and see whether it fits into their lifestyle or not. Your photos will help you know your audience with your culture and what kind of brand it is. If you are into the lifestyle selling then your photos should be accordingly. People these days are more towards the lifestyle.


Here comes the most important part to grow your business is perfect hashtagging. The right hashtags for your image will help you grow to the newer heights. This way you can target the people with wider reach and will help the viewers to search the thing they are looking for easily. Be a master of hashtagging and attract as many buyers as you can. You need to be little more creative to create the perfect tag with which you can get the maximum customers.


Bio Description

Your account bio will describe you. It’s your e-commerce posting page then your bio should also be accordingly. Make sure your bio clearly describes your brand so Bio is a vital factor. Make a content-rich bio. Don’t forget to insert the links which will include the latest success story of your brand and business. This will really help you to grow by telling the people about your achievement.

Bio Descriptions

Look For Experts Help

Never hesitate to ask for help. If you are not able to get the desired results then the social media marketing expert can help you get the r4ight way to achieve the success. Always stay focused towards the successful achievement.

It’s the time to let your image conversate with your buyers. You should allow your curated Instagram feed to help cement their brand loyalty and guide their purchase decisions. Image, content and the hashtags should be perfect to grab more potential customers and let your product and service reach to a wider prospect.