Using Instagram to Boost your Business’s Visibility – and Revenue

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Initially introduced to the world on Oct. 6, 2010, ‘Instagram’ became a promptly treasured mobile application for 400 million users. Nonetheless, it’s attracting augmented number of users on daily basis. Every day, Instagram enjoys 80 million photos on its portal and generate more than 3.5 billion likes daily. These stats show the love for this wonderful tool and paint the picture about seamless opportunities waiting for the marketers to use for the development of their projects.

The best thing that made Instagram a lovable application is the clear cut and simple design without overwhelming the users that has made it an apple of everyone’s eye. Simply put, it has a larger number of highly-engaged users.


Now, the problem arises is for online marketers. How to push their products to Insta’s giant market and using its most attractive attributes to the fullest? From editing, putting caption to upload lucrative content and view captivating imagery, Instagram has bestowed several features upon users to make their photo sharing experience highly valuable.

Nonetheless, being an online marketer in limited capabilities has it price.You have to face challenges of being highly creative and use their API (Application Programming Interface) to maintain high-end user-experience.

API System

Every business has a story to tell, and to share the story through visuals is an important tool for any business to extend its reach. So every business should use Instagram hassle-free.

Define Your Goal

Before loading your guns, first make a list about your Instagram priorities and what you want to achieve. Do you want to boost your business sales or gain new followers and share your messages? When you know what to want to achieve, this photo sharing application will reap better profits for you.

Define Your Goals

Make your messages clear and create call-to-action, so your followers can act upon, asap.

Know Your Audience

It’s highly important to know where you are going to market your business. First know your audience and who will love your business.Use your energy in that direction and create graphical content to lure them. It saves business’s time and your efforts in looking at the right place. If you desire to understand value of your customers; then,you have to develop your customer persona like;

  • What really interests them?
  • What they really care about outside their lives?
  • What they want from your business?
  • What are they looking from you in products that you are dealing in?

know your audience

These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself again-again-again in order to be efficient and highly productive before running your juggernaut on Instagram. There’s no replacement of human emotions. It’s applicable in the marketing, either. If you create an emotional touch with your brand, the follower base will keep on increasing. Always follow 70/30 guidelines, in which, 70% of the content it for your followers and their interests, and 30% is for your products and services that you are selling.

Develop your Style Guide

Developing your tone and style helps you in standing out from the crowd. Once you establish your tone and make people fall in love with it; you will have a long list of followers who will be following you everywhere. Surely, it will take time to build your style and tone among your followers and many won’t be able to relate with it; however, you have to focus on those who can and ask for the feedbacks to know where you are moving. Moreover, what color palette best relate with the feelings that you have created for your product among the followers.

develop yourself

Create Your Posts, Schedule

It doesn’t hurt to have your guns loaded before doing something. Simply put, it always works when you create your posts schedule and plan when to post which content so it can reach wider audience and add up a new line of followers to your business. Always plan ahead and remain prepared for the possible outcomes for the future.

Create posts to teach your followers and future followers about different ways to use your product. Often people love doing different things with a product and if they like, Bingo! the product will shortly see a rise in sales graph. Oreo did a similar thing and taught people how to use their cookies in different ways, and how to make different dishes. Moreover, Oreo created engaging short videos and used them with hashtag #oreosnackhacks.


The preparing calendar will help. Always keep in mind that; social media is real time, and you have to remain prepared for the ever changing environment and trends, so preparing a ground-breaking strategy in your calendar will boost your business to a whole new level.


‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’! Similarly, it requires a lot of dedication and patience to gain success on Instagram. If you are looking for overnight success because you have hired top-grade designers and editors for your company who have designed great content for you; then, you are living in a paradox. Like the real world, social media has its own rules to follow. Hence, you may find yourself in the abyss, if you keep pushing yourself to have earlier success without preparation.


Nonetheless, if you have established a handsome follower base; then, your followers will expect to have the consistency of great content.


Right now, Instagram is your secret weapon to find your place among your peers and already established giants. However, with proper planning and content creation, and curation, you can reach the targeted place in a set time frame. Don’t resist breaking the barricade and creating out of the box content. Create!!!

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