Choosing the right platform & getting timely upgrades in technology always enhance the digital experience. This is why many eCommerce businesses have relied on Magento (now Adobe Commerce). This platform is not only reliable & performant, but it is also secure from every edge. The maintenance team at Adobe Commerce always focuses on getting the best out of the current version. And occasionally, there are so many modifications that need to be done in a particular edition that it is best to carve a new version rather than cramming the old one with a series of adjustments.

Good News For Adobe Commerce Users

If you are an Adobe Commerce user, it’s time for you to celebrate as you have gotten an opportunity to change for the best. The current version of Adobe Commerce is soon going to expire. But you won’t miss it as there is something exclusively better than that – Adobe Commerce 2.4.4.

Change For Better

Old is Gold, but New is Diamond!

If You Are Using

Get Upgraded


PHP 7.3 or 7.4

PHP 8.1

Nov – Dec 2022

Adobe Commerce 2.3.x

Adobe Commerce 2.4.4

Sept 2022

Why To Migrate?

If you were earlier using PHP 7.3 or 7.4 & Adobe Commerce 2.3.x, then you were enjoying a limited sphere of benefits. With migration, you can extend the horizons of advantages.

Benefits of PHP 8.1

Benefits of Adobe Commerce 2.4.4

More Businesslike

Very Fast 

Highly Secure

Security Patches

250+ Quality Enhancements 

New Features for Business Improvements

What If You Don’t Upgrade?

Choosing not to upgrade with the new versions may harm your website. 

  • Sticking to older versions will not protect you against the new malware. 
  • Moreover, there will be an end of support which means you won’t be able to get support against: 
    • Bug Fixes 
    • Security Checks
    • Other Updates

Follow the Deadlines OR…….

To keep up with the smooth and flawless functioning of your Adobe Commerce Store, it is highly recommended to get updated 10 days prior to the deadline, as it ought to take some time for the adjustments. The stakes of not following the deadlines can be high, and your business may suffer a lot. 

How Can Kinex Media Help You?

We understand that transitioning to new versions can be a complex undertaking, but our support staff has worked hard to devise the best possible plan for migrating your business simply and smoothly without disrupting your business operations.

Wrap Up!

Change is the law of nature; however, in the digital age, “Change is required for your own benefit”. The expert teams handling the various technological platforms like Adobe Commerce, Shopify & WooCommerce etc., always strive to bring out the best in the technology they are offering. And when their efforts bear fruit, the result is the ‘New Version.’


If your eCommerce Store is associated with Adobe Commerce, you need not worry since Kinex Media is ready with all its weapons to win the war. Our Adobe Commerce Expert team is offering high support in the form of Magento 2 Migration services to benefit our clients.


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