Google’s July 2021 Core Update

The biggest news-maker in the world of search engine updates remains Google. Its July 2021 core update altered the dynamics of search result rankings, although many websites reported mixed reactions. The core update was not specific to any region, language or category of websites. It also took one to two weeks to fully roll out, and many webmasters reported no sizeable impact like from the previous core updates.


With the 2020 core update, Google found it vital to keep only the relevant and updated content on the top of their search results. It allows users to access the latest information and revised content that relies on E.A.T.- Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness of the content to be ranked higher than its counterparts. Unlike the 2020 core update that saw radical changes to Google’s ranking system, the 2021 core update was a bit lenient with no noticeable effects on some SEOs.

Google reported that there were no specific set of actions to take for those that were hit by the 2021 core update. It also stressed that a negative ranking impact might not signify something wrong with your pages or site. The search engine also provided a set of questions to assess a site in case hit by the core update.

Bing Webmaster Tools Update

Bing Webmaster Tools announced in February about the migration of the features of their old tools, which included URL submission, Block URL and Crawl Control. An additional announcement of the access of APIs via OAuth 2.0 created a flutter of excitement in the tech industry. As competition toughens, Bing seems to be stepping up a notch in terms of its ease of usability and user-friendliness.


As the search engine sees more visitors monthly, it is now altering checklists to step up experiences. In 2021, Microsoft announced its updates to Microsoft Bing Search to make the search experience more visually immersive. The pivotal features include;

Microsoft Bing Image Search: With this feature, you can get image results of similar-looking items with just one click. You can also click off to retailer sites to buy something in particular if you sold on it. Generally, the feature allows you to click on an image and use the similar-looking item feature to highlight a part of that image you wish to see more images like that particular part you have selected.

Expandable Search Carousels: With this, you can get the best information results to avoid crowding the page. Those who also wish to learn more about a specific result can only hover over it, and Bing will expand the results.

Bing’s Latest Knowledge Panel Designs: It’s visually appealing! Microsoft Bing’s target is to offer style and substance with the new look. It’s obvious once you visit the search engine.

Bing Webmaster Tools?

The Common Bing Webmaster Tools Update

Bing Webmaster provides a range of tools from Microsoft that allow website owners to add their sites to the Bing index Crawler to avail Bing Search. A user will only have to sign up and set up Bing Webmasters to access the tools. With the Bing Webmasters, a site manager can assess the site’s performance, troubleshoot, and manage the site’s presence on the search engine. Some of Bing’s Webmaster tools include;

Free SEO Tool 

Bing’s free SEO tool can help a user troubleshoot search engine optimization issues. One can also utilize the data from the web analytics tool to improve the site’s organic traffic visibility. Bing Webmaster SEO tools include Keyword Research, Backlinks, SEO Reports and Site scans.

  • Keyword Research Tool

Bing Webmaster’s keyword research tool helps in locating keywords and keyword combinations for an SEO strategy or content marketing. Depending on your preference, one can access and filter keywords by country, device, language, and time range.


Bing only offers impressions, but not click amounts. Bing’s keyword research tool also provides related keywords to any query, the trend curve with the impression.

  • SEO Reports & Site Scans 

SEO reports indicate any SEO issues that need to be fixed. It shows the essential information on the errors under three categories; high, moderate, low severities. The tool pinpoints errors quickly, and the fixation process is also friendly. One can scan the entire site, URLs, and sitemap too.

  • Track Search Performance

Keeping an eye on the performance of a site on the search engine is vital. Bing search also facilitates this by allowing a site manager to track the total number of clicks, average CTR, average search position, and total impressions. Filtering also helps to analyze the actual performance of a particular keyword or a page.

To provide visually pleasing experiences, Bing now focuses on providing solutions that can help users find what they are looking for quickly. There is a range of features and tools that website owners can utilize to manage their sites on the search engine. Also, track site performance, identify issues and fix them promptly.

Apple 2021 iOS 15 Updates

2021 has seen Apple introduce the next generation of AirPods and major software updates. Via its official YouTube channel, the technology company announced its’ iOS 15 software update for iPhones. The OS upgrade showcases powerful features (audio and video reforms) that boost the iPhone experience, including spatial audio and portrait mode. The current version brings new tools to find focus, on-device intelligence powers live text and better notifications experiences. More to that, the latest software update displays advanced spotlight search, new privacy controls and redesigned tools like weather, note apps, and browsing experience with safari.

  • Apple’s Third Generation of AirPods

Experience is key, and Apple leaves no room for compromises. The brand’s latest features offer a best-in-class experience with a one-touch setup that automatically pairs AirPods with other Apple devices. Apple has once again proved to be at the top in the world of wireless headphones by introducing a better version of wireless earphones that come with wireless charging and MagSafe.

The new AirPods have a custom driver and a high dynamic range amplifier for better audio quality. They also possess an adaptive EQ that sets sound in real-time based depending on a range of factors like the user.

  • About iOS 16

iOS 16 is still under development; however, expected to be announced in September 2022. The operating system will reveal grand user interface modifications; new privacy features, among others. One (developer) can join the iOS beta program to try out the software.


Here is what to Know About Apple Beta Software

Beta software is a version that is still in development. Beta versions (macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS) are widely available to members of the Apple Developer Program. However, lawfully accessible as indicated under the Apple policy. Developers can utilize the latest Apple features to develop apps and test for compatibility of the existing apps.

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