Convenience is truly the jack of all trades! People are looking for this particular factor in all aspects. Be it work, travel, shopping or even internet browsing, the main concern is looking for ease and comfort. It implies to the mobile or tablet browsing as well. People have high expectations when it comes to browsing over a 3-inch smartphone or a 4-inch tablet. Keeping high hope in mind, Google Adwords has made an announcement. They have made sure that each character gets counted in mobile ads.

The change that came into action on October 15 states that the ad extensions might show up instead of the second line of ad text when conducting the mobile search ads. Also, the second description line may or may not show; this will depend entirely upon the performance expectations.

Google Adwords, in their official blog, demonstrated the same through a florist ad example. The users who searched for “flowers” on had a view of the ad posted below on the left. This ad displays the business’ URL with two lines of necessary details along with a link for placing orders. Since the update, users are now seeing a Google Maps marker depicting the location of the florist along with its URL and online order form.

Google has made sure that with their announcement, they manage to improve the mobile search ads for smartphones. They say that this change is going to help both the advertisers and the users. While the advertisers will benefit from the ad performance, the users are going to get a better search experience owing to the details such as location and current offers.

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