Coronavirus had slowed the pace of life as well as businesses in this few horrid months that will loom its shade for longer than anyone can guess.

But one thing is clear, and that is the economic peeling that the world is expected to suffer.

It is estimated that the cut down to the global economy is $1 trillion in 2020 itself.

Experts are suggesting the best way to tackle this global pandemic is through government interventions in investment that stabilize the economy and prevent the meltdown that could cause even further damage than the one that is likely to take place over the course of the year.

Same goes for your business and its organic reach through constant SEO

You can respond to this calamity by strengthening your digital policies and aggressively following them rather than handicapping your company for further.

Grab this hidden opportunity to fine-tune the features of your company’s visibility and promotion strategy and slay your competition.

4 key pointers that can improve your survival rate:

  • Press Releases and Articles:
    One of the best ways to stay connected with your consumers is by blogging helpful posts and articles that ease the panic and gives them direction regarding how to proceed further but not so blindly.

Press Releases

This strategy not only entrust your consumers’ loyalty but also gains your business higher click through rates and traffic.

  • Video marketing or webinars:
    If you’re always caught up in the field and are now stressed out in a quiet and empty office twitching your thumbs, it’s a perfect time to try out your own webinar or video marketing.

Video Marketing

Calamities such as Coronavirus can do one thing good, and that is to bring community altogether for well being, this should also be the policy of your business to provide the comfort and ease also with new knowledge and experience sharing, keeping the interest of the public in your company alive.

This is a perfect form of marketing in this slowdown and has even more potential for future manifestation.

  • Focus on consumers with buying intent:
    Local businesses are at a downfall but are also the only way out if a person is actually willing to buy in these circumstances. Investing in your Local SEO for nearby searches either through voice search or long-tail keywords are the must incorporate in your business now.

Locate Local Buyers

Even the circumstances better up, the panic state is going to make the audience limit their exposure outside and therefore, it has a broad scope.

  • Do mini auditing on your content:
    Auditing gives you a clear view regarding the direction your business is headed to and what to be expected out of it.

Mini auditing is possible as the work pressure on pivotal work is less, thus a chance to clear your space and sort all your short and long term goals.

Create a new Google Sheet or Excel sheet and use one tab for each content-type:

Infographic for Content TypeArticles you’ve published externally.Be more open to conversations: Communication is a very powerful and potent tool to ignore, even if your business is a bit slow it is still preferred to maintain regular communication with your consumer and keep them intact and interested in your brand.

Modern marketers already know that retaining a customer is vital, then gaining the new one.

And this is one advice you should not forget, even at such a point.


Most important is not to panic and give up on your business; it may be on slowdown but dont take it to lockdown. Keep working hard to make your business COVID-19 ready.

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