Video Marketing – Best SEO Practice in 2020

Video Marketing – One of the best SEO practices in 2020

Well both these questions have been running through the minds of every online business owner in the recent times. With the increase in the online business competition these days, every businessman seeks new ways that are creative and innovative, to engage the audience and also to increase the conversion rate. In recent years, Video Marketing has totally taken over the online marketing campaigns and has proven to be highly successful. It has been proven after surveys that online websites which have incorporated videos on their homepage have shown an increase in conversion rate by 800%.

Why Video marketing

So, what exactly is Video Marketing?

As the name suggests, Video Marketing stands for an online promotion tactic that involves displaying videos about various products and services rather than showing descriptive text. Videos are much more interactive as these can provide a quick overview of the product rather than writing lengthy text descriptions. In less than a minute’s time, your audience can get the perfect idea about your company, product or service through a small, tempting video. These videos can be shown in the form of ads on various famous websites or as an introduction video on the homepage of website. These videos can even be shown on the social media platforms and even along with the products on E-Commerce websites to show a quick demonstration about the products.


Why Choose Video Marketing?

This might be the question currently in your mind, right? Video Marketing has proven to be really effective in past few years. We all will agree to the fact that videos are more engaging and effective than textual information for example, TV advertisements are all videos. All major business giants have already incorporated video marketing as the primary online marketing tactic, making it really essential for your business to integrate this business promotion technique too. There are many reasons for you to choose Video Marketing as your online business promotion strategy.

Why Video Marketing

Here are the top reasons why Video Marketing has become the superstar of online marketing and should be incorporated in your online business promotion strategy as well.

1. SEO Advantages

It is a well known fact that the Google’s search engine guidelines state that the content or websites with rich information helps your website get a higher rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Videos directly affect your website’s search engine rankings and it has been proven by surveys that having videos can increase your website’s chances of being displayed on first page of search engine by 53%. Google owns YouTube which adds to the advantage videos and everyone is aware that videos are mostly shown in the top search engine results nowadays.

2. Eye-Catching and Understandable

Everything is available online today and the information is available in such a great amount that it cannot all be processed or understood at once. With a large amount of text, you often don’t remember everything but with videos you can easily remember the visual content, making these a much better option for spreading information & knowledge. This makes videos more impactful than an ocean full of text.

3. Better Customer Engagement

Videos are the most engaging things present online today. It has been proven by a lot of surveys that videos are watched more than the text is read. Engaging the customers through a short and appealing video can easily help you get higher rates of conversion and turn visitors into leads.

4. Epidemic Nature

Videos have the potential to get shared and become viral as people tend to share and re-share videos more than other forms of content. Videos can make it easy for you to convey your business vision, information, goals, products info and services details better to a large audience base.

5. Better Withholding Power

Surveys have proven that audience reads textual information only if it very engaging while around 65 out of 100 people watch approximately 75% of the video, which clearly proves that videos can withhold customers better.

6. Better Connect

Videos can create a better logical and emotional connect with the customers rather than textual information. There are many attributes of a video which can create an emotional connection with audience to compel them towards checking out products at least. These attributes include voice, facial expressions, representation and background music etc. This can easily make customers feel attracted towards the products, hence increasing the chances of conversion.

7. Multitasking Nature

Videos serve a long list of advantages as compared to other forms of content. Videos help in providing a better idea about products and user reviews rather than text. Videos help in increasing the lead conversion rate greatly. Videos help in driving more traffic and better engagement rate for better promotions of products, services and companies online.

8. Better Optimization Options

When it comes to textual information like blogs or articles, it is very difficult for you to analyze the behavior of audience. You cannot perfectly know how much the blog was read, how many people read it, how many shared it & how many people re-read it etc. But when we talk about videos, there are in-built tools and options available that allow you to monitor each and every click, share, watch history etc. This helps you in improving your strategies for better conversion rate.

How to make Video Marketing Campaign Successful?

Now we know perfectly about the long list of benefits Video Marketing brings along for your online business. But the real question here is, how can we get all the above benefits from our Video Marketing Campaign? To provide the answer to this question, we have a list of must-haves for your Video Marketing Campaign.


Let’s have a look at the ways to make your Video Marketing effective & profitable.

1. Focus on the Product rather than Sale

We use internet everyday and we’re mostly annoyed by the continuously bothersome ads and content. So always avoid putting your video into that category. Focus on the product you are selling like in written content, as customers wish to know the benefits of your product rather than you showing desperation to sell it.


Make sure to create an emotional connection with audience by personalizing the video according to their requirements and wishes. Don’t be afraid that this might not get you the traffic and conversion rate you wish for as you can easily display a compelling call to action (CTA) at the end of the video.

2. Make the most out of the short

Don’t make people wait as surveys show that customers watch the video for 10-15 seconds only. So make sure that the first 15 seconds are spectacularly eye-catching and conveys the most important point. Make people know how your product is the best choice for them.

Make your video engaging by asking questions and using teasers to grab their immediate attention. The video should be really expressive and should tell people clearly as to why they should watch it. Always make the video enjoyable, interactive, knowledgeable and unique so as to make the audience compelled to take profitable actions for your business.

3. Make your audiences enjoy and relax

Making videos that are just plainly promoting your product and services can shut the audience away easily. So make sure to make the video enjoyable and funny, so that the audience can forget about their tensions and problems for a few seconds at least. It has also been proven through surveys that humor works best for business promotion.

Enjoying Video

Videos which are just a plain promotional script can make the audience feel sleepy and repel them from even watching your products or services, no matter how good they are. Video Marketing is just like creating a perfect dish, if you don’t add the perfect spices then the dish will be tasteless to even try.

4. Story Telling

Everyone loves the videos that tell a story and surveys have proven that the videos that show stories are clicked more often. Make the video in such a way that customers feel a connection right from the start of video. Involve your whole team and experts to come up with innovative and creative ideas of conveying your company’s vision and information.

Videos storytelling

Another aspect you can implement in your story telling video is focusing on the stories of consumers rather than focusing in your brand. This will help the customers connect better to the video and hence increase the rate of conversion. Try to create videos that are humorous as well as emotional as these types of videos are the most watched and shared ones.

5. Compelling Call to Action

Learn to include a convincing call to action slide at the end of the video in order to increase the rate of conversion. Ending the video with a blank screen doesn’t allow you to ask a question and doesn’t let the customers know where to find you. Having your website’s link at the end of the video, can really lead to higher conversion rate as you can even ask the audience if they wish to know more, then they can get in touch with you.


6. Tutorial Videos

These are one of the most effective video types for business promotion as you can grab the immediate attention of customers through this. All the customers looking for the information that is available in your video can convert them into regular visitors, which ultimately lead to an increased conversion rate.

Tutorial Videos

After some time, you can easily build your business image as an expert in industry and build trust among your potential customers. By providing them with regular tutorials you can easily build a great audience base and stay in touch with them so that they not only turn into your customers but also act as promoters for your business.

7. User Created Content

Putting up the videos in which the users are shown rather than professional actors and your company people. This helps in gaining trust better than company generated content as genuine videos of people who used the products or services of your company will build a trustworthy image of your company. This also helps in saving both time and money of bringing a camera and shooting a video. You can even keep a reward for the people who put up the best video which helps in engaging customers and building an audience base which ultimately will lead to a better conversion rate.


8. Regular Posting

Regular interaction is really necessary for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and needs of audience. So always make sure to post videos after regular intervals as it helps to create a regular audience base, which ultimately leads to enhanced conversion rate. Create new videos that are engaging, keeping in mind the latest trends and needs of the potential customers. Make sure that the videos tell stories that engage and compel users to take profitable actions for your business.

Regular posting

9. Search Engine Video Optimization

Always make sure to post the videos first to your own official website rather than posting it on other sharing websites and social media platforms. This helps in increasing the chances of inbound marketing links & make sure to use the Google sitemaps for better optimization.


Make sure to write the descriptions for videos in such a way that the search engines find your video right away when a keyword is searched on internet. Tagging your videos with significant keywords and adding relevant titles & informative descriptions help in better optimization of videos.

That’s it!

So Kinex Media put a next step, that was all you need to know about Video Marketing. With such awesome features, you really must be feeling right now to opt for this marketing strategy for your business. The advantages of Video Marketing are many more and thus, it is highly recommended for you to incorporate this marketing technique in your business promotion strategy. Video Marketing is really taking the online business promotion to a different level and slowly this is going to become the de facto of online business promotion for sure.