The cut-throat online competition amongst businesses has reached a higher level with the advent of creative marketing. Tools like video marketing and sponsorship strongly influence the sway of a client’s interest and attention.  The suave businesses rely on it for aesthetic purposes while it becomes a necessary instrument to impart crucial information regarding the usability of a product. Branding becomes more natural, and the customer is conveyed the business’ USP with the assistance of a good product and brand video. All social media channels are flooded with videos of advertised products which the customer can surf through while checking their social sites. It has become an integral part of a business’ online campaign and helps in maintaining visibility for a better reach.


Video marketing, in its bare essence, is the promotional undertaking for your business, product or service to be easily understandable for potential clients and customers. It might not generate immediate sales but play an enormous part in gathering goodwill for your business by providing it with a unique expression. Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are littered with video promotions for both local and international companies. A well made video can bring laurels to the organization and its reputation.

Some of the following points should be remembered about video marketing:

  • The video has to be of professional quality, both in the cameras used and the videographer assigned for the task. High quality, well-made videos tend to go viral quicker than the others. They also provide a pleasant watching experience as compared to a grainy, unstable video that might have good content.
  • Keep your videos short and sweet. Beating about the bush only brings boredom and confusion for the viewer, who may decide to skip watching it altogether.
  • Take extra care to check and double-check the message you are sending through your video. It can be informational, educational, entertaining or universally relevant. Take extra precautions not to be offensive politically or religiously.
  • Your video content should be highly informative that can help the viewer in figuring out the ‘how to..’ of products and services. If not, it should be emotionally relatable and should aim at connecting with the viewers’ sentiments.
  • The audio quality also matters a lot when it comes to a good video. The enunciation of the words should be clear, along with the clarity in the sound and tone. Keep extra precautions to remove outside noise and other buffer sounds.
  • If possible, add a CTA button somewhere in the direct vicinity of the video box.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a versatile and profitable digital marketing tool. If you really want to then you cannot eave the video tutorials behind. Let’s have a look at the various reasons why video marketing is now a necessity for online business, especially for a small business holder.

  1. Acquaintance of your business

Many new startups and local businesses use videos and YouTube tutorials as their introduction to their online stores. Introduction videos on websites help the customer in understanding what is offered by the company exactly. Some of these videos can also be used as virtual tours that allow a peek behind the scenes of your business. This strategy is widely used by designer clothing boutiques and restaurants or cafes.

  1. Humanizing customer experiences

It is challenging to establish emotions over a screen. Humanizing your business is necessary to bring about feelings of security in the customers. Only then will their loyalty be built for your business. Marketing videos put a human face on your online business and help in easing out the customers’ unconscious worries. Videos can also help in embodying a personality and branding voice to the business.

  1. Videos loved by Search Engines

Search Engine always looks for the content that has an engaging tendency. Nothing can beat the videos in terms of page viewers. Not only this, but if we talk about the search engine listing, YouTube ranks second after Google. If you are posting your video on YouTube along with your website, then the chances of getting a search on search engines increase, giving your business an excellent online presence with a keyword search.

  1. Build Credibility

Because of the humanizing factor of video marketing, customers trust a brand more than the one sans videos. Putting famous faces to a brand work wonders for conversion rates. The credibility of a business can be assessed by its viewership. Additionally, videos convey the information more quickly and efficiently than, say, a fifteen-page instruction manual.

  1. Works for Lazy Users

The workability of videos and their popularity is the highest among users who are not too fond of reading and researching. An all-in-one guide in the form of a video makes them happy, as is the case with customers who are constantly on-the-go. Video content is easy to retain in rushed scenarios and can be enjoyed according to the relatively short time available to the customer.

  1. Age No Bar

Videos can be enjoyed by people of all age groups and varying literacy rates. Even the ones who are new to mobile technology find it the easiest to operate videos and find it fascinating to gather more knowledge about a brand via videos. Today buyers love to see products in action. Video marketing is a tool that captures the broadest audience base.

  1. Ease of sharing

It was found in a survey that the most shared content on WhatsApp was video content. The video content creating businesses like Filter Copy has huge turnovers because of the widespread sharing on almost all social platforms.  Video applications like Tik Tok have opened up new frontiers for video marketing in innovative ways for all ranges of businesses.

Video marketing is a key to success for the small business as they can make strong relationships with their clients before actually meeting them. Videos these days have so many superpowers that can rule the web industry naming the few Attention, Emotion, Perceived Value and Clarity when used wisely can make you a marketing superhero. Over the past few years, videos have taken an emerging turn towards the online business success.

But applying the right strategy in the video at the right place and at right time will help you generate ROI and increase conversions to achieve the success. In the fast pace of life, people are rushing towards their work and have less time. So it is beneficial to cater them with a 2-3 minutes video about your product than spending 15 minutes for reading the material you have provided. It the most exciting time to create video marketing content as this medium provides excellent flexibility of content and expression.

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