SEO Strategies

The online environment is continually changing and evolving, and so are the techniques of the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

To the SEO experts, 2019-2020 was an eventful year, with many mistakes made and some valuable lessons learned. In this decade’s ending, we’ve seen multiple Google updates on their various algorithms, sending panic around the globe among the SEO teams, holding them on their toes.

It is essential to keep pace with the changing scenarios and develop long term SEO strategies that are essential to invest in and will give fruitful results in the coming decade.

Strike the eye of business with the best evolving SEO strategies of the current time. 

EAT SEO ( Expertise- Authoritativeness- Trustworthiness ) 

Wondering what is EAT?


  • Expertise: In an attempt to get a high rating for a website, it is best for SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to compose the material thereon. 

These SMEs may be qualified with years of professional practice and appropriate experience, or they may not have obtained qualified training and qualifications from day-to-day experts but rely on their experience. 

These specialists understand how to effectively produce content as well as provide necessary details within a specific field, in a way to involve web users on a website for longer.

  • Authoritativeness: When the website may assert expertise on a topic or field, its credibility increases by generating useful content written by experts, and that is how it establishes its authoritativeness by stating emerging trends, latest news, accurate stats and personal experience based case studies with self-curated visuals and content. 

That’s mostly accurate for legal, medical, or economic sites that require a high level of user engagement because it impacts everyone’s life, health, and funding.

Web-pages should provide credits to the writer, profile, a link towards their LinkedIn profile, a snapshot, etc. to increase credibility and authority on the subject.

  • Trustworthiness

It’s important that the site’s material is so informative and tidy that it creates an innate sense of user trust. The website will have an SSL certificate, an enticing section ‘About Us, customer feedback, testimonials etc.

Sending the right kind of quality signals is the most important factor; even if it’s not a direct ranking measure, it allows Google to know your impact on the audience and there future, which Google is sentimentalizing day by day.

1. Featured snippets 

Chosen search results are showcased in featured snippets underneath the ads in a box in addition to the organic search results of Google.

The featured snippets aim to answer the user’s question immediately (hence their other well-known name, “response boxes”). Being featured means getting more attention to the brand in search results.

Featured SnippetBen Goodsell states that once placed in a response box, the click-through rate (CTR) on a featured page increased from two percent to eight percent, with organic traffic revenue increasing by 677 percent.

For the contexts your articles already rank in the top 10, you have chances to get featured. So a big part of being featured is to improve your business rankings (especially for instructional long-tail queries).

2. 3 V’s (Visual, Videos and Voice search)

These 3 V’s are ruling the SEO and will rule for a very very long time.

  • Visuals: In September 2018, visual image search improved dramatically with the advent of Google Lens. These alterations also include videos featured as part of image search, AMP stories, as well as new ranking algorithms and tags. Google has also managed to get rid of the system’ view image’ and shifted the Desktop image search.
  • Videos: Even though both e-commerce websites and digital marketing agencies may use video content to cater to and attract customers, they still don’t do it. Most likely, the information available on the videos will capture intense focus. Referring to one of the consumer surveys, 96 % of people agreed that videos would help them retain product details in a very efficient manner.

To rank higher in a search result, relevant keywords should appear in both the titles and the descriptions multiple times. In addition, good lighting, sound, crisp audio and sharp image resolution is critical for better customer interaction.

  • Voice Search: The growing use of smartphones has also widened the scope of voice searches over the web. The voice search has seen a progressive but continuous growth over the past eight years. With the launch of emerging technology devices, voice searches are not restricted solely to smartphones. Various home voice assistants like Voice Pod, Amazon Echo, and Samsung Smart TV also work on voice commands as well.

3. Google emphasizes on entities 

Entities aren’t something you notice SEOs go over and over about, but they’re something Google puts a lot of funds into. Simply put, Google itself asserts that entities are “a singular, unique, well-defined, and distinguishable thing or concept.”

By designing your brand and product in respective tones of entities can help learn Google through its AI the importance and authority of the specific key phrase “Kinex Media,” being one such example.

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