Google Call Forwarding Comes To Canada

Google Call Forwarding Canada

A business’s prospects tend to rise when the customers are offered the facility of calling them. Letting the visitors call a business is quite a critical concept as it helps in converting potential customers into buyers. As per research statistics available online, 61% of mobile searchers believe that the ease of letting the company call helps in making the purchase phase smooth. Also, computing these phone calls made to your business would help understand the Google search ads. One can use the data to make informed decisions regarding how to acquire new and sustain existing customers.

Google surprised Canadian Businesses

Luckily, Google, our friend for a lifetime, understood this fact and had announced the launch of Google forwarding numbers in Canada. Google forwarding numbers are quite helpful to both businesses and clients. Companies can measure the phone calls received through Google search ads and deduce relevant data. The process is simple. All you need to do is to use Google forwarding numbers with all your call extensions and call-only campaigns; Google will assign a unique phone number to your ad. So, when a potential customer calls upon that number, Ads will directly route the call to your business phone number. Besides, you will be offered with data such as caller’s area code, call duration, and the logs for answered calls. This data could be used to improve the customer experience.

Canadian Business
When searching for local businesses, customers prefer to call a phone number that has identifiable area code and luckily, Google had taken care of this fact as well. Google forwarding numbers display a local Google forwarding number. Consider an example; if in case your business is based in Toronto, your ads would be using area codes such as 647, 416 and 437 along with your Google forwarding number.

Advertisers have been using Google Call Forwarding

Some of the renowned Canadian advertisers like belairdirect and 1-800-Got-Junk have been relying upon Google forwarding numbers for improving the call ad performance.

“As marketers, we are always looking for new ways to leverage technology in order to be more efficient and measure the full value of our ad campaigns. Now, with Google forwarding numbers, we’re able to gain valuable insights into the consumer behavior behind calls to make our campaigns and call centers more useful for current and future customers. Furthermore, we’ve identified that calls that last over 10 minutes are more likely to result in someone signing up for an insurance policy. We can now count these as call conversions to optimize for higher-quality calls.” Anne Fortin, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Relationships, Belair direct.

“Call extensions and call-only campaigns help customers reach our service representatives more quickly to schedule a junk pick-up. So far, we’ve been able to generate thousands of leads and now with insights from Google forwarding numbers in Canada, we can monitor call details and filter calls by duration. This gives us vital information on which campaigns are driving the right calls and how we can better invest our advertising spend.” Keegan Morrison, PPC Account Manager, 1-800-Got-Junk

Google Call Forwarding

Other than relying upon call extensions and call-only ads for calling your business, many potential customers prefer calling your business through Google ad that too only after learning about the products and services they will be getting. Website call conversions dynamically insert a Google forwarding number on your website. It is not only helpful for the customer but also lets your business know what keywords and ads have driven the customer to call. is another advertiser who is using website call conversions to analyze factors affecting their Google Ads performance:

“It’s a great idea to implement Google’s website call conversions, particularly if you have a call center that handles over 15% of sales or if you’re faced with the challenge of attributing offline calls to online spending. With website call conversions, we’ve attributed 56% more revenue to mobile ads and measured 173% higher average order value. With these insights, we’ve been able to increase and optimize keywords that are generating the most call conversions.

We’re looking forward to rolling this out to in Canada.” Michael Nicholas, SEM Specialist

Maximizes Call Value

Google forwarding numbers not only helps in measuring call conversions but also lets you assign a conversion value. For instance, you can assign a revenue value to calls that last over 10 minutes and after measuring these calls, you can optimize the existing keyword bids. Google forwarding numbers lets you report call metrics and conversions and optimizing the bids to drive more valuable phone calls.

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