COVID 19 has made us all to switch our gears and shift from comfort and luxury mindset to survival mode instincts.

One of the major insinuations of that is- humans securing all the necessities; or keeping them at a safe distance for future purpose.

Just like the stone-age era, we are connecting back to our roots and thinking about our next meal like a well-earned trophy from a battleground with nature.

With modernization, the term may have sophisticated itself to “Groceries,” but facts remain that it is still the first aspect that comes to our minds in such a state of fear and panic.

In fact, customers are strategizing and planning there every grocery store visit mindfully and showing a drastic change in behaviour; only 24% of Canadians are happy with the thought of grocery shopping rest are keener ongoing digital instead. In other words, over three-quarters of Canadians find the grocery store an intrinsic danger, according to a new survey published by Dalhousie University this week.

People are no more aligning there grocery shopping as a weekly or monthly routine rather a highly daring task in the era of Coronavirus. Canadians are beginning to know it in a world where risk and self-management have never been so prevalent.

The grocery business is observing all this and changing its axis for being relevant in these tough times.

Grocery Business
In this new light let see some major Outbreaks and examples that grocery dealers shouldn’t miss, rather follow through:

  • As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, 9% of Canadians are now shopping for food online for the first time, according to the same survey. This might not sound like many, but keep in mind that before the crisis, 1.5 percent of all food purchases were online. The percentage had already started to grow higher, but COVID-19 would probably speed up the rate.
  • Many changes are already occurring in the US. Instacart downloads, Walmart’s supermarket app, and Shipt have risen 218 percent, 160 percent, and 124 percent, respectively, as opposed to a year ago.
  • Companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks are increasing delivery services that limit human-to-human contact, and orders are packaged to keep them free of contamination.
  • As the COVID-19 crisis continues, so will the routine of grocery shopping. Growing numbers of customers turn to delivery, curbside and purchase online pick-up options at the store (BOPIS) to fulfill their needs during a time of social distance.

If you aren’t a geek for stats, then let me give you a basic crux of all aforementioned points-

To earn your customer’s trust and loyalty, you need to understand them better and deliver exactly what they want and, in this vulnerable time, its safety and assurance.

How COVID-19 is affecting Search Behaviour for Online Groceries?

Social distancing has contributed to wild-click activity changes across industries like grocery stores, efficiency devices, restaurants and hotels.

Stats representing Demand
Looking at Google Trends, we can see the drastic spikes in search volume in the food, bulk and online productivity categories are among representative search words that have seen massive growth swings.

Traffic Boost- Online grocery stores
And that calls for; Digital transformation, which is mandatory for all company leaders across industries, putting a laser focus attention on customer experience management even now.

Social distancing is what is driving everything around today and thats why every business understands why it is SEO important to be socially distant but digitally closer.

Many businesses are thriving through corrective measures of e-commerce SEO, Shopify SEO, Online Grocery marketing, Grocery store marketing, and making much more sense with and the keyword “groceries” reflecting in the Google Trends results.

Google Trends
Trends data also indicate an annual peak for the week ending on March 21 — 446% rise compared to the same time in 2019. Similar growth was also seen in related keywords, such as “online shopping” and “grocery delivery.”

How to Rank Your Online Grocery Store on Top amidst This Crucial Time?

While COVID-19 has affected almost every industry, it has brought new opportunities for business except for some. If you run an online grocery store, it’s very important to be noticeable on Search Engines ‘Page 1 so that online grocery finders can reach you before looking for competitors.

Paid Ads of Grocery Stores
“The organic result # 1 is 10x more likely than a page in # 10 spots to obtain a tab”

But it is important to understand that SEO can take time to build your repo on the digital front and would require a minimum of 3 months to seal the deal, but the opportunity is best enjoyed if brought into action immediately hence compiling to combined actions in PPC, SEO, social media or complete turnaround of your website can help in instant results.

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