How Site Speed Affects Ecommerce Performance

Since decades, the primary concern of any business is to understand the data is responsible for its growth. For any E commerce business too, there are a few factors that help in analyzing its performance. Out of all the available factors, it is the site speed that determines the E commerce performance. Here is now the site speed and performance go hand in hand.

  1. A Slow Site Can Make Retailers Lose Billions

There is no doubt in the fact that slow web pages can make eCommerce retailers lose billions. Despite the difference between a fast and slowly navigating page being not more than 3-4 seconds, the loss that the retailers had to bear is too high. People who are navigating internet these days have turned highly impatient when it comes to loading.

  1. Slow Checkout Pages Can Make Customers Go Away

Several reports have suggested that nearly 44% of online shoppers get jitters on witnessing extremely slow checkout pages. They react in two ways. Firstly, they would leave the website while cancelling the transaction. Secondly, the applicant might decide never to return to the website. This would ultimately lead to abandonment of the transaction.

  1. Even A Few Seconds Can Lead To Abandonment Of Cart

Who says that a delay of second or two does not matter? Most researchers have suggested that nearly 87% of the audience prefers to abandon the transaction even with a delay of 2 seconds. This is why the customers cut short the experience by either buying fewer items or the worst cancel the purchase.

  1. Do not Expect Patience From Online Customers

A hypothetical example could make this easy to understand. Back in 2010, a page taking 6 seconds to load experienced reduction of 40% in conversions. However, in 2015, a page that takes 6 seconds to will suffer nearly 50% reduction in the conversion. You cannot expect your customers to be patient & wait for the pages to load. They expect fast loading speeds and would never hesitant from navigating to faster websites.

  1. Poor Services Can Drive Customers To Competitors

Any customer, who had a negative experience shopping experience at your site, will make his or her way to the competitor’s site. This means that your site not only lost a customer but also you have driven traffic to your competitor’s site. This is something that is going to affect your eCommerce performance badly.