How to Build an Ongoing Relationship with Your Link Builder


Building an everlasting relation in the online marketing world paves the way to paramount success. No business can survive on the terms of fractious relations – and if you are doing it, stop it now and build healthy relations with clients and employees.

Either you are running a startup or a giant corp., building a successful relationship with your link builder is the key to gain long term goals before time or at least, on time. Especially if you have a non-in-house link builder, sustaining good contacts and friendly ambience between business sharing becomes pivotal.

Asking few question before hiring a link builder individually or a firm who employees, help in maintaining stability in the work. Following are some questions that you can ask;


During marketing campaigns, it gets hard to have frequent availability of progress reports. So, clear stipulations during your dealing about the number of reports to be submitted in a given time frame. It runs things smoothly. Clearing things always help. Nail your expectations in the beginning.


Availability of Progress Reports

Who Will Choose Anchors and Targets?

If you had hired a marketing firm in past – and now have shifted your work completely to another firm, clear about the choice of anchors and target. Often companies provide link builders for hassle free marketing operations. However, if you a link-builder or firm to come up with a plan, they come up, but it has to be discussed earlier.

If you know about webmaster and how efficiently it works, then it’s fine; otherwise, ask your link-builder to get specific results and cover the targeted area of marketing.


Request of Meetings, Phone calls or Emails

If you like to contact with your link-builder, please detail it in the beginning. Some link builders love focusing on their work that they hardly have any spare time to contact on a daily basis or few hours in a week calling or answering your queries.

It’s understandable that you are spending money and have right to know where work is progressing, but your little urge can derail work from its track.

request business meetings kinex media

Negotiate for Unwanted Links

Sometimes, a link-builder builds a strong link that actually work, but you hate. To remove a link can be tricky, which can more harm than good. Settle the discussion beforehand if this situation arises. Otherwise, it leads to frustration and unnecessary workload.

Communication up front can save lots of negative issues. And remember, building a healthy relation is a lifeline of business success.

Monitoring the Link Profile

Usually, clients handle it, so if you are outsourcing work, then it’s your prime duty to handle it at your end. However, link-builders or marketing firms handle it, too, only if you have a solid foundation of business working with them. Hence, relationships are always proved great to survive and reach success.

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Request Upfront to Stay in Loop

No matter if you have the knowledge or understand nothing about link-building, be nice while remaining in the loop of the process. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, so does your online success. Everything happens with time and efforts. Link-building isn’t any different. Don’t hesitate to offer assistance as it’s your work that link-builders are doing. You have rights to increase ROI (return on investment) through communication and teamwork. Be a team player.

Conclusions- Expectations don’t hurt if you clearly express it before moving forward to collaborate. During the discussion round about the project, you need to bring a clear-cut idea to the table about do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ while working with you. No matter what the result end up with; always strive to listen because experts have something to say, which you might oversee or have never heard of.

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