How to Control Over Your Content Ideas

how to control over your content ideas

Writers are often known as the idea machine because their creative juices don’t allow them to sit idle and think nothing. They breathe creativity and a good writer often feels contended to bring more ideas to the table.

Often it’s admitted by the writers to having regret for generating so many ideas that it ruined their working status. Yes, you read it right. I talked about regrets.

The industry is filled with writers who wasted their time in searching or developing ideas and wrote down in their notebook to work in the future, that they actually forgot, what actually is important for them.

Look at this way; when we are told to drink 3 liters of water a day, it doesn’t mean that we should. It literally depends on our body intake and how much it needs. Over drinking can harm your health in the long run.

Generating an idea is a huge task, but great forts aren’t built on this alone. Executing those ideas to create significant results and working on them to find other areas that were unthinkable at first, is what truly matters to a business. Being a think tank of a company and being the executor of those ideas is what makes you a real content marketer.

It’s true that there aren’t many marketers with original ideas, but with time, when someone brings an idea similar to yours, which is still to be executed in your to-do-list, then you are ruining your time in doing wasteful things.

How to play with ideas that keep striking in your head and there seems no way to run from them for a while and do your current work.

  • List all your ideas.
  • Rate all the ideas and curb the ones that get low ranking on your list.
  • Prioritize your high rated ideas.
  • Say ‘NO’ to any distraction.

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Delete Ideas That No Longer Sound Beneficial

Your every idea appears bulletproof to you at the first time, but that’s completely untrue. If it looks good to you, it doesn’t mean, it actually is good. Workaround those ideas and see what have been used by other marketers already and how much content is generated around those.

If you listen to industry writers, then you know the real rule of writing a great content. Now you have found an idea, and it looks really great to you for a few days. However, after some time, the muse starts leaving you, making room for another idea. The content idea doesn’t spark interest anymore. Finally, you know what you have to do with the ideas.

Before utilizing your creative juices and spending hours or even days creating a compelling content, it’s better to play with those to have the real understanding of your inner muses and market appeal.

Prioritize Your Key Ideas

That’s another thing to consider. Even if you have ideas that sound too obscure, but it keeps sparking your interest, then you can blend with those ideas that have key tenets similar to it. Idea fusion you can call it.

It’s like fusing two or more ideas in one and let the chain reaction starts, getting your content to places and infecting with people with good vibes.

Remove Distractions

So you have finalized your ideas and how you are going to work around them, it’s time to remove distractions that block your way to executing those high-prolific ideas and generate real time results.

Be Realistic

When curbing distractions, it’s entirely upon you, how you plan things. Imagine, you decided to write content and you have had deadlines for it – but there’s an important meeting to attend a day before the deadline, when you planned to spend all your time writing an awesome article, but unfortunately, you are hit with a brick on your head. It hurts, now, isn‘t it?

Use Technology

When many writers waste their time surfing social media, there are websites that keep them away from you, while you doing productive work.

There’s no shortage of software that block website, which entice you to open and surf, no matter how critical work you are doing. Moreover, you can buy software that tracks your progress and keep reminding you about the work left to be done within the time period.


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