How to Design an SEO Rich E-commerce Site Which will Lead to High Conversion Rates

The art of website design is one which is mostly misunderstood. A good site is not only about looking beautiful, showcasing the latest in web technology or entertaining the customers. It’s really about one thing and one thing only – conversion, the art of turning visitors into paying customers.

conversion optimization

That will only be the case, however, if you’ve managed to draw people to your site in the first place and this relies upon a firm grasp of Search Engine Optimization. If you need to maximize SEO in Torotno then there are basic steps you must take.

In order to maximize the conversion rate of your website, it’s important to turn to the people who are experts, the people who’ve designed other websites and know precisely what does and doesn’t work. An experienced website design toronto company will be well aware of the areas which need to be focused upon in order to maximize the conversion rate of your site. Below are some of the tips if followed properly, should lead to successful search engine marketing:Website Design Toronto

Ease of Use:

Perhaps more than anything else, a site should be easy user friendly. For this reason, the various actions required to convert visits to sales – search, add to basket, pay etc. – should be clearly signposted. Refinement and taste may win design awards, but they often prove to be confusing to paying customers, and a second’s confusion is all it takes for someone to move on elsewhere.


There are few things which annoy the average web shopper more than anything and those are hidden costs, charges or requirements. If a product is out of stock, make sure your cms flags it right away. Getting to the checkout and then finding out will just anger would be customers, as will the sudden announcement of a ‘transaction fee’ or excessive postal charges.

Develop Trust:

Here is an important part and it is vital that customers feel they can trust your site. Professional web design actually plays a part in building this trust.

build trust on customer

If your site looks unfinished and unprofessional, then any customer would be within their rights to assume that the same corner cutting will apply to the rest of your business. Also make sure you include your contact information and physical address will do the magic for your site, as many customers don’t feel comfortable with the site with only internet presence.

Keep Customers Informed:

When you pay good money for something which is going to be dispatched by post, then the waiting period between payment and arrival can be somewhat stressful. Post the expected shipping time and average delivery time at the checkout step so your customers are fully aware.

Payment Methods:

Make sure to provide different payment methods on your website such Paypal, Visa, master card.

payment methods

Focus on your USP:

Whatever your unique selling point is – it could be very low prices, massive choice of products, premium quality goods or any number of features – that should be the overarching theme of your website. That’s what brings visitors to you in the first place and, if it’s emphasized enough, it will be what makes them spend money on your site and return to do so again. A knowledgeable designer in the use of SEO in Toronto will know just how to bring visitors to your site and to design it in a way which emphasizes just what it is that you offer that can’t be found elsewhere.

These are just a few points and, as stated above, they underline the simple truth that good website design is as much about common sense and a grasp of the psychology of consumers as it is about technical knowhow and internet wizardry. When you look for someone to work on your site and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Toronto, this is what you should bear in mind – rather than blinding you with science they should comfort you with their grasp of basic retail realities.

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