Web Design Trends

Start on a smarter note as a web designer and watch for the new and developing design trends that influence the web world. Every day of the year is as fresh as 1st January.

There is always some exciting things happening in the web world. Many of the trends that surfaced a previous year are here to stay the next year too. However, the experienced web designers are always on the lookout for the latest and revolutionary. Being vigilant and well prepared will always keep one ahead in the competition that is getting tougher with every year. One has to look in the past to gauge the future of web design.

Indeed, these trends do not just appear out of the blue. You can find them taking roots much earlier, responding to steady technological development. Let us take a look at some of the happenings in the web world that web designers need to be aware of and prepared.

The Rich Media Returns

The recent years we have seen anything related to Flash got rejected, and designers were embracing minimal design, and clients were unsure of what was terrible about Flash. We find things beginning to change under HTML5 that further set rich media back and Flash taking a nose-dive. Don’t shun away the rich media and learn from past mistakes. Focus on keeping the load times down and use rich media to enhance projects.

The Trend of Mobile Web Slows Down

The mobile Web was created to work exclusively on a mobile device and ran parallel with a desktop site. However, in the mad rush to embrace the mentality of responsive design in real-world situations, the mobile Web lost its credibility once but not now. The solution lies in developing multiple sites that are responsive to the users for different devices and treat them as micro-sites. We can expect the mobile screen to come in many sizes ahead.

Responsive Web Design

Content Has Different Crown

The ‘content is king’; however, the designers will design not only for the content they don’t have but also for the content that keeps changing based on the increasing use of SquareSpace, WordPress, Drupal and Webydo. The material gets finalized after the web design gets made, and the clients realize that the Web as an ongoing project needs professional management and regular maintenance of the content. The content needs to be fresh and carry the right style, language and quality. Websites need to be designed responsively for a variety of content too.

Content Is King
Hover Degrades Gracefully

The hover pseudo-class in CSS is one of the most original concepts for web designers. The usefulness of hover is questionably great. We find less of those effects in the new sites. Mobile users will indeed surpass desktop users, but the desktop users will always be there. The hover still will have a mission but not a critical one.

Be Ready For Google

Be Ready For Google -Google will continue to take us by surprise, as always. Many top sites might find themselves in oblivion with an update on its algorithm. The only way to survive Google’s moods and tactics are to offer good original content that is useful for visitors. Focus your content for the local SEO and under white hat.

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