As COVID-19 is the buzz word and many have posted a lot of law-related content on it, with you looking to do the same for your law firm, but do not know how to represent it differently, then here are some ideas that can help you accomplish your goal.

First Learn, Who Will Read Your Content

Your law firm’s content needs some encouragement where you first need to identify the sure audience that will be reading it. The point is to write for people keeping in mind their title or the issue they are facing. If you have defined their position, then you will be able to cover the topics relating to them.

Look for Hot Subjects or Cases 

If you are unable to get cases related to your law specialty due to COVID-19 lockdown, then cover the trending topics like personal injury law, family law and criminal law. When people find out that you are handling such cases, they will immediately contact your law firm.

Create Catchy Content Titles

Usually, the same topic will look dull, but beginning with a compelling headline will draw people’s attention to your law firm SEO content. Try using those words that connect with most. The statistics say that around 80% of the readers don’t read the title if it is not attractive.

Show Situation Angle 

The Covid-19 situation shows new information every day. See how it relates to the public policy, legislative and regulatory developments, or other things happening locally. Understand the far ahead consequences and write what legal action is correct if some obligations get ignored.

Use Different Content Formats 

There are types of formats to showcase your law firm content. Show videos, launch podcast, set a webinar date, etc. All of them show content differently, and you will be able to contact your clients directly.

Get Content Published On Good Third-Party Websites 

Your law firm content at the time of COVID-19 can be much reliable where readers are hunting for the same. Grab this opportunity and publish your leadership ideas on several good media outlets. Editors like unique and thought-provoking content, so start writing now.

Write Content for Easy Online Sharing

When writing your law firm content, ensure that it gets easily shared with everyone. Have a share button on every post. There are social media plug-ins for the job. Also, tools like Social Warfare can help.

Use Keywords for Covering SEO 

Content without keywords is like a ship sailing without passengers. Do proper keywords researching and use those phrases in your law firm content. Note the common or popular keywords will not make your content outstanding, so write on topics that you search on Google that gives so many relevant suggestions.

Ask Influencers to Write a Post for Your Law Firm

Influencers or those people that have lots of followers can write for your law firm. Their experiences will shed light on many things. Just research them online and reach out to them. Ask diplomatically to do a post for you. They sure will oblige.


The above points assist you to have an angle for your law firm content and will boost your marketing strategy as well. Align them now to market yourselves better and gain a competitive edge over others.


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