Instagram The Modern Market for Business


In the year 2019, one cannot disagree with Instagram being an explicit part of our lives.

It has become a free platform for hundreds of advertisers, artists, bloggers, authors, and retailers that have been playing with it and promoting their products and services over the past few years.

The ability is vast, but the need is to seize the opportunity and leverage it with a complete understanding of the exposure.

The initial step one can take in the uphill of success by using Instagram as a business platform is to ensure maximum outreach is attained.

You can gain a massive advantage through validation online; it installs the feeling of trust and loyalty among customers or viewers exploring online platforms.

Clicking and joining someone genuine rather than an impersonating account can save users from wasting lots of time and effort.

But How to get verified on Instagram?

Struggling to acquire the ultimate benefits of getting verified on Insta, and being unable to achieve that can be frustrating, especially when it is one of the pickiest platforms where verification is concerned.

According to Instagram stats, there are two ways to ensure that a blue check is displayed over your account. But not before keeping in mind some of the prerequisites, as mentioned below.

  • Authentication: your account should reflect that its user handle is a registered company, entity or personality.
  • Singularity: Your account must serve the exclusive identity of the person or business. Keeping in mind that only one account can be checked per person or business, except for language-specific accounts.
  • Absoluteness: your account must be public and have a bio, profile photo and at least one post reflecting in it. Your profile can’t contain “add me” links to other social media services.
  • Prominent: Your account must be a well-known person, brand or entity that is highly sought after. Instagram review accounts featured in multiple news sources and does not consider paid or promotional content as review sources.

These are the foremost vital elements without which verification is impossible.

But if you are among the ones facing dissatisfaction either way, then remember millions of users are constant with the engaging content, posts, pictures, and maintaining interactions with the customers, still having no luck.

So, keep being persistent in the meantime, to make it appear, official, add as much identity-supporting information as possible to your profile, even if there is no checkmark.

These conscious efforts will get you noticed and verified soon through Instagram.

But what if you are the few lucky ones that get into the verified zone with ease? It does not end there. The need to ensure that you are gaining the actual followers is vital.

After proving your credibility to customers, the need is to ensure their credibility as customers and are they adding any business to you?

That being said, the next step is to understand how to get real Instagram followers?




The campaign you run on Instagram needs to be fully evaluated at all levels starting with the very basics of stating the purpose of the account.

Bringing clarity in the strategy formation, tracking progress reports and determining your actual position.

There are various types of goals one can have behind the campaign, but in the broad term could be classified into the following:

  • Increase your efforts to tell stories about your
  • Generate consistent marketing revenue for affiliates
  • Conduct more traffic to your site
  • Connect with your niche influencers
  • Show off your corporate culture to recruit members for the dream team
  • Build buzz and momentum for an upcoming product launch

Once the purpose is generalized, the need is to put effort into attaining the same. Which varies as per the goal.

The efforts directed towards the particular goal requires some similar efforts like:

  • Content strategy: If you are interested in creating a significant customer base, the content requirement should be user-centred, whereas if you are aiming for the formulation of the dream team, the content should be brand centred.
  • Engaging profile: The overall outlay of your profile speaks a lot at first impression, and one should not miss the chance to grab the added advantage of getting the attention. The need is to build an organized station that is your Instagram virtual billboard having your image, title, profile name, and description and options to promote at the footer. People are going to check it out, search your pictures, and review your website.
  • Real media: Visuals catch the attention before the content does. It is considered as the major tool of marketing that can slay the rivals with its appeal at once. So, you can’t compromise on it. Creating a visual mapping for media can get you a perceived value increase from followers and brand recognition. The tip is to remain unique either through shapes, colours, fonts, filters or the latest motifs (a recurring action, pose, style, logo, name used for identification.)
  • Hashtags: Hashtags give you distinguishability. Instagram handlers journey around on hashtags like a boring person channel surf. They click from the hashtag to hashtag to hashtag, seldom stopping in to check out an exciting user. The strategy one should determine in the usage of hashtag is a combination of the relevance and the optimal quantity with the thumb rule of no less than 5 and more than 30 hashtags per post/ image/ video.
  • Scheduling a posting time: With identifying the real-time usage of your users, you can identify the time of day where users are most active, and you can receive the maximum response. Keep a fixed schedule for posting photos, posts or videos around the time, making your brand a fix in the brain of users.

Various other strategies are coming up in the modern era inclusive of running challenges, cross-promotion tracking users, offline user promotions, and so on. These could be effective for some campaigns depending upon the individual goals. The amalgamation of these altogether could be beneficial when the question arises of how to increase Instagram followers.

Once the quality and quantity of followers are sorted and analyzed, you will build a pattern of marketing cycle that could help you have a firm footing and motivate you to grow further in the market.