Kinex Media is now Google Certified Partner


Kinex Media Inc., a Toronto Website Design and Marketing agency, has become a certified Google AdWords Partner.

 Pay Per Click – Best Measure To Increase Brand Awareness

Google has specified that PPC Campaigns can boost brand awareness by 80%. It is the most beneficial marketing tactic. Because the results are instant and Google AdSense pays you per 1000 views. 

Many people usually discuss the pros and cons of PPC in comparison with SEO. This isn’t correct. The businesses’ goals, objectives, requirements and specifications at a particular time decide whether an SEO or PPC campaign suits your business the best. 

Must Know Facts – 

  1. After 2018, Google Adwords became Google Ads. 
  2. Google AdSense pays you per 1000 views. 
  3. Each and every business can benefit from Google Ads. 
  4. PPC doesn’t have any impact on Organic Search Engine Rankings. 
  5. SEO positively impacts PPC. 

Is it worth running a PPC campaign?

A single PPC campaign has the potential to generate BILLION Dollars. It is definitely worth giving a try Pay Per Click. The beauty of PPC lies in the fact that massive revenue can be generated with just a menial cost. For example Investment worth $5 can generate revenue worth $20 to $30. 

Which factors determine the success of a PPC campaign?

Though there are tons of factors that determine the success of a PPC campaign, high-impact casting ones are mentioned below: 

  • Relevance of Keywords
  • Attractive Ad Copy 
  • Landing Page Experience 
  • Research Regarding Target Audience 
  • Convincing power of an ad

Can I run a Google Ad Campaign on my own?

If you want to experiment and don’t care about losses, go ahead. But if your business’s sales are at stake, we suggest hiring professionals. Nowadays, PPC experts are quoting the hiring amount that touches the sky. However, Kinex Media’s PPC department won’t pinch your pocket but rather fill it with good revenue. 

Kinex Media – Certified Google Adwords Partner

As a Certified Partner, Kinex Media provides full-service AdWords account management on behalf of businesses, from account setup and activation to ongoing campaign management and optimization.


The agreement with Google is hoped to encourage all businesses to harness the power of online advertising as a cost-effective way to acquire new customers and drive repeat customers.

Google Advertising Professionals program has recognized qualified individuals and companies that have met Google’s requirements under this program. Each one of the qualified companies and individuals has passed the official exam to demonstrate their in-depth knowledge and has managed clients’ AdWords accounts for at least three months with a minimum spending level. 

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