List of most Effective Techniques to Exemplify Your Content

Exemplify your Content

Content that’s packed with great insights, useful data/stats and entertainment is considered as blockbuster content. Whence the last time you loved a film technically, but didn’t like the story structure? There would be many because what people want is a great storyline. Yes, the other things do matter: VFX, Cinematography, Acting, Direction etc. But all these things also tend to fall apart if the story is weak. The content is the backbone of everything. PERIOD.

You can construct a great website, but you can’t expect people to stay on the website for a longer duration, or revisit, as there’s no content to capture their attention and serve them useful information, or offer them solutions to their problems.

Imagine yourself as an entrepreneur who is going to set up a digital empire, but doesn’t know a thing or two about the online marketing. You go online and search for digital marketing agencies. Some of the agencies’ website earns your sincere interest and you bookmark them to explore further. After listing the potential partners, you critically see which site gives you more knowledge. All websites’, except one’s content look sloppy and doesn’t increase your knowledge or give you a solution.

The one that gives you the solution has a great content that not only educates you about the online marketing scenario, but also offers you the solution to create a space for your business.

Many marketers remain in their own fabricated universe that often serves them a great deluge. They consider a viral piece of content is a mere stroke of luck, or it’s truly hard to create content and assure of its massive success. Even worse, they think that it’s all a mathematical formula and viola! You have generated a viral piece of content.

These techniques sound good and somehow true, but very often produce ineffective results. In the most cases, it derails the marketing campaigns without ever producing real time results.
Let’s see what are some of the effective ways that can help you solidify your content, and can make you go viral.

1. A Solid Story Angle

It all comes down to how to present your story and how to approach the different technique that solidifies your content and engage the public in its awe-struck wonder.

There’s a good example from the film world If you are cinema lover and follow the film news, then you should be aware that how everyone praised Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’. The story was eminently complex, but during its entire run, the film justified its plot and didn’t lose the purpose of telling a complicated story in a very simple manner.

Inception’s cinematographer, Wally Pfister is known for his amazing camera work and his technique of capturing the different angles to justify the story. When Nolan and Wally had to bring the story of Inception on the big screen, a lot of R&D was done, so it wouldn’t annoy the audience trying to understand the things, and could resonate with a complex subject that wasn’t told on such massive scale before.

How the other dimensions in our dreams can be different and a glimpse of a different reality than ours had the audience at the edge of their seats, especially the Penrose steps sequence that sounded it had an edge, but it didn’t; a paradox it was.

Story Line

Besides Inception, Noaln’s other flick ‘Interstellar’ took us into the 5th dimension when Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) finds himself caught and tried to make a contact with his daughter. How the time loses its purpose in the space travel is one of main USP of the film. When Cooper returns from his space mission, his daughter Murph is old already and at the death bed, but the time had no effect on Cooper due to being in space. Singularity, where space and time become one.

In the technological world, G.E. is heavily investing in drones. They know that drones are the future and constantly pumping money in the industry to create a platform for their brand that would make them irreplaceable. These days, people are hiring drone services in their marriages to capture better shots and story angle for impressive representation. In addition, GE sponsored U.S. National Drone Racing Championships to switch people’s attention towards the futurist technology and to create an urge of owning a one. In the future, people will own a drone like they own smartphones. However, preparations are to be done beforehand, when you want to do something big. GE and other companies, like Facebook that acquired Oculus VR Company are loading their guns to enthrall people with the glimpse of the upcoming world.

In layman’s term, if you want to be a Pied Piper, you need to work on your story angle and present people a better content.

2. Shoot breathtaking photographs

Again going to GE example, the pictorial content transports people into another world and brings overwhelmingly visibility and credibility to the content. The video is a series of moving images captured at different frames per second. The Hobbit Trilogy was a sheer visual delight by 3 times Academy Award Winning director, Peter Jackson. He used multiple Red cameras and shot the entire film at 48 frames per second that solidified the story, even though the studio and the producers stretched the small book into 3 long films.

If it weren’t the visual delight, then the film would have seen other fate. Hollywood big players, like Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal etc. are pumping huge money into R&D to enhance the user experience of watching the films in cinemas’. That’s how they lure people to visit the theaters,; otherwise, why someone would pay $20 excluding popcorns and soda to watch the film when he can simply rent or own the DVD and still save a good amount of money left at the end of the day?


GoPro is another example that has revolutionized the photography experience. The company’s underwater camera captures flawless underwater pictures and GoPro has adopted a similar model to market its product by creating an urge among people to go on an adventure, experience the thrill and excitement in the marine world.

Many companies are working on pictures and trying to create a good audience on Instagram, as people who love visual content spends more times there than any other app. That doesn’t mean you should ignore other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, but when it comes to generating likes on photos, then IG takes the crown.

It’s time that you start working on your Photoshop skills, because not only real time photographs perform better on IG, but also the customized ones that you create from the scratch on your digital canvas.

The online marketing is completely changing the scenario and marketers are looking huge at the horizon with endless possibilities to create shareable and talk able content.

3. Leverage your expertise and network

When you have a social media to leverage your skills and influence the masses, why not you doing it? Many people are afraid of facing the negative remarks and they build a universe of their own about the unrealistic situations that have existed only in their brain.

If you count yourself one among them, then leave all your worries aside, or simply curb them miles away, or bury them. Know that most of the things that you imagine never happen in the real world, including your nightmares. Hence, try to create short videos and pictures to give a better angle to your content.

Social Network

The digital world is constantly changing with companies facing new signs of change in the technology. Right now, visual content is on the path to becoming a lethal weapon for the companies.

If you examine BuzzFeed’s Facebook page, then you would come across multiple verified BuzzFeed Fb pages for different categories – and one page is entirely dedicated to the videos to entertain and educate people.

Like discussed earlier in the post, film studios are investing heavily to keep the audience coming to the cinema; otherwise, Media channels like BuzzFeed, Diply, UNILAD etc. are all ready to serve the public. Video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are in great demand and YouTube ranks second most visited website after Google, as it runs ads now and people who know how to create addictive videos can earn a fortune.

4. Trendy Content

How can you hope to go viral when your content isn’t trendy at all. To create trendy content, firstly you need to understand its nature. Yes, you can educate people, but you have to infuse entertainment that has the perfect balance of both; otherwise, it won’t go viral, will have least chance of catching the people’s attention, outside of your targeted audience.

Sometimes, the videos that are universal go viral. For instance, a video of kids playing with their dogs has recently gone viral on Facebook. The video was published by The Dodo Media on Nov. 29, 2016, under the name ‘Kids Growing Up With Dogs’ and so far it has gained 137M views, outranking most of the viral FB videos in the history.

Trendy Content

If you want to go viral, then you need to understand the wants and needs of your audience. In the current depression state of the world, people want to see some entertaining content that’s not so long, and still force them to play it again-and-again.

It can be a picture of a person saving a dog, or yourself doing a charity and sharing it on Facebook to inspire. Basically, it depends on your level of understanding how to create the things for better vision.

If you allow your creative juices to flow, then nearly every industry, even the most boring looking niche, can create a viral video.