Ecommerce is gaining its root more often with ease of internet, accessibility (phones and desktop) and also due to the unfortunate discovery of ailment- Covid 19 being at its peak.

Just like any other industry, the online marathon of supermarkets is continuously pushing its way making it harder for new entrants to participate.

The scenario does not distinct in the case of existing ones either, every aspect matters a lot for the E-commerce owners when it comes to survival.

Don’t get delusional, as an e-commerce owner, you need to think about various factors that can make you not only survive but make you stand out from competitors and yield maximum profits.

Every niche today includes countless e-commerce stores. And so every niche drives changes on the customer satisfaction alone with each coming day. With the changing shopping patterns, every market is now swamped with e-commerce stores vying to be the best.

Customers of these days are overloaded by their options and your store is the one who in one corner of the internet is screaming for attention but nobody is listening.

To get noticed, it is necessary for the e-commerce store, and then only the buyer will make the purchase. But living and finding a good place in this competitive world is truly difficult. It’s definitely hard but you can’t say it’s impossible. Your unique feature will stand out from the crowd.


Here are the ways through which a starter can make his brand stand brightly in a crowd and there would be no need of shouting to get noticed.

  • Don’t be Just priced focused:

The best thing to do is to sell a few items at a big price, not slash prices to overtake rivals (you may be able to sell more goods than them, but you’re going to start a market fight and you won’t earn enough to sustain your e-commerce).

Therefore set yourself apart and quote a good price that represents quality and standard. Also ensure to employ variety of methods to pay on your website to ease the customer from taking any strain.

And it also bind your audience with your company for longer run as a loyal customer.

  • Employ a market niche:

Our earlier point’s takes us to conclusion that identifying yourself and your customers apart is necessary and that is what our next suggestion- Employ a niche market.

There is a major difference between mainstream marketing and niche marketing – make sure you partake in the right one.

While the latter will dramatically reduce your ability and struggle to draw in many clients, niche marketing will have the complete opposite impact on your online store.

You can’t compete in mass market, you have to find niche products to sell.

  • Surprise your customers:

Focus on your clients and not on your product only, customers probably can find your products somewhere else on the web, but they will buy on your store because you can give them something more and make them feel important.

Use offers and rebates to lure customers in. Whether it is something as long-term as a loyalty program or a 20 percent off promotional bid, there are endless ways to get new customers coming in and existing customers coming back by using discounts.

And why not offer free shipping? It might not be a regular deal – maybe just add it if the consumer buys three or more products, or if their overall cost is higher than a certain amount – but it’s a way to get customers to choose you over your higher competitive rivals.

  • Customize the experience:

Another element of surprise for your customer is providing them exactly what they wish through customised options.

You have to create a unique shopping experience for anyone comes to your e-commerce, something that other shops don’t offer.

Afterall, not every product can be new and better than your competitors but that doesn’t mean you can’t outstrip them in other ways.

  • Be Innovative

Your online store layout is not the most effective way to lure customers in and keep them clicking. When it looks glitchy, confusing or messy, then people are likely to look elsewhere. Your design reflects a certain message-that is, if you are reliable, pragmatic and easy to work with as a corporation.

You can run your online stores perfectly only when you will put your feet in customer shoes and will look at everything from a customer’s point of view.

Always try to come up with something new and unique. Your website appearance even matters a lot. Innovations can take many forms but you need to decide on what part you need to be very innovative.

This can include how your product will be visible and in use to your customers and how it will differentiate from your competitors.


  • Offer Top-notch Customer service

Make sure you provide iconic services to your customers.

Every customer has an expectation in his mind that if any default is found in the product or service, he will be redressed in a good way. So it is your responsibility to give good response to the customer.

If they have a question or a concern with your clients, you need to provide a clear contact line so that any question can be quickly rectified. Customer service is undeniably the most important factor in determining any business ‘ success and popularity, so if you’re successful in this area you can guarantee overall success.

Many of the customers consider customer service as company’s true test. They judge the company on the basis of the service they provide and the representative. So make sure your representative has good behaviour with the clients who are seeking any kind of help regarding their product and service. So make sure to excel it.

Customer service

  • Admit errors and then resolve issues to form good long term relations

Your confessing or admitting a mistake can let you win the hearts of the clients. This can be the best impression on your side if you admit your mistake and ready to solve the dispute.

It is usually seen that a single bad experience can let the customers have the bad thought about the company. So judging a company directly depends on its service it is catering to its customers. A good service will make them happy and will lead to better relationship building.

  • Build a Distinctive Brand-use premium content to differentiate yourself

Your company has much to offer than simply the product or service that you sell. Most companies are recognizable because of their “identity.” The identity of each company is different but brands are often created in the same way; through advertisement, graphic design, social media presence, word-of – mouth and customer service.

Blogs are also one such great way to make your visitors aware of the current trends in the industry. This will inform about various things which they are not aware of.

Blogs can even boost your visitors and even call on new customers to stay in touch. Which means greater interaction with your site can result in increased traffic and a higher conversion rate. Ensure sure the content on the blog is original and not copied anywhere with. It should be published your own way.

  • User experience

A further important factor is the accessibility of the website. Your website is to represent your image. If it works well then the user won’t bounce to another place to buy it.

Given its screen size, the site will work perfectly on all the apps. Another thing is that you should make sure your website is built to make the buying steps as simple and pleasurable as possible.

Sites that are not in a position to meet customer requirements fall behind. Don’t let your website be among them, as it can carry your company down the hill.

  • Be Genuine

Everything of this is about trust. If the customer trusts in buying something from your site, then you must also provide the user with what is perceived by them.

You should be frank about the services you offer and the goods you provide. Honesty is the strongest policy we always adhere to, but your core concept and policy should be honesty and being genuine here.

If you’re misleading about the product because what’s seen is not being produced then a customer will build a negative picture of your brand by telling others his bad experience. And ensure the right items are delivered. This will help create trust among your customers.


  • Offer clients with guarantee

Customers before buying anything look for its guarantee. Especially in electronic items, they seek the guarantee card. If you are offering your clients with guarantee period then they will make a purchase immediately. So this can help you in great context.

Each of the factors has proved to be result oriented factor for so many companies. Now it’s your turn to grab the opportunity and let your online business stand brightly. Check which strategies you are currently working on?

All the things mentioned above can pave in a great way to make your brand or E-commerce store stand from the crowd. Every strategy has its own impact all required is to know which strategy will work perfectly. Making your own good position in the competition is really not easy but these strategies can help your venture. You need to pick any of the tactics mentioned above for achieving the success. With this, you will have a unique brand identity what the customers are looking for.


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