Marketing Lessons to Learn from Pokemon Go

Marketing Lessons From PokeMon GO

Since the launch of ‘Pokemon Go’ in the United States, Nintendo’s shares have been skyrocketed by $10 billion. If by chance you haven’t heard about free, augmented-reality game, then either you are living under a rock or you were unconscious for past few weeks. Pokemon Go fever has caught everyone in the world, even if hasn’t released in the most parts of the world. The mobile game didn’t become massively successful without the brand establishment. The TV series that aired years ago created such fever that everything in the name of Pokemon became easy to sell. Amazing, isn’t it?







It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Pokemon has again found its way back to our hearts through the most viral and downloaded mobile game that has shattered every record within its 1-week run, and it’s just the beginning. Users are spending an average of 33 minutes daily on the app, which has exceeded Facebook in the time-spending numbers and made PokemonGo the king of all applications.

Unlike other mobile game apps, you have to actually leave your house to catch Pokemon and do physical activities to hatch the eggs. The game tells you about the location of Pokemon and you have to reach the place to hunt them before anyone else does. Nowadays, Americans can be seen visiting places to catch new Pokemon and building their team. It has created a friendly ambiance among the players and they are making new friends and getting familiar with new places in their cities. Now that we call an actual social application – not offline, alone; but work offline, too. Its available on app store and Google play store also.

People are constantly posting their newly caught Pokemon and other activities on social media and the application is topping the trending charts for more than a week.

  • Online Traffic can Drive Real World Traffic

Since the Pokemon Go is played by stepping outside of the home, visiting places and hunting rare Pokemon, people are actually doing mental and physical activities, and it’s making them healthier.

The real world traffic has really helped businesses to see growth in their sales. Many businesses like food outlets have actually admitted the positive outcomes of Pokemon Go and reported growth in their business sales. A lot of players after hitting the streets in search of Pokemon and challenging other Pokemon trainers, visit food outlets to satisfy their hunger and to restore their energy to continue their hunt. The virtually reality game has not only skyrocketed its company’s share but is actually helping other businesses to maximize their profits.

Businesses whose location is showing in the game are offering discounts to the game players, which have boosted their sales to many-folds. Some businesses have gone far and are allowing entry to those players who are making a sale from their shop. The players are even paying because all they want is to catch their Pokemon.

If you are running a business, the game can teach you how to scale your online and offline business equally, so that your online visitors can actually pay you a visit in real time.

  • Partnerships are important

If you have played Pokemon Go or have followed news about the game, ten you are aware of the appearance of Pokemon at random places. Some appear at business places that are official partners with the game developers. The businesses who tapped into the opportunity of being a partner with Niantic for Pokemon Go are earning handsomely and strengthening their brand through their business tactics like discounts on the purchases etc. Businesses that failed to develop a partnership with the game company are now looking ways how they can.

Being an entrepreneur, you have to look for partnerships that can benefit your business and result in huge profits and sales leads at the end of the day. Hence, remain active and keep exploring possibilities within your business niche.

  • User engagement is the key

What makes ‘Pokemon Go’ a historic success is high-end user engagement that is often a dream for even elite companies. Users aren’t only playing, but even talking about it. They are constantly uploading game pics and their progress on social media, competing with their friends in terms of catching more number of Pokemon and their types. This has created a wave of the game lovers and kind of created a social environment that is connecting users from different corners of the US.

The game is a combination of mental and physical fitness and has created a ripple that rugged the boredom under the carpet. Users are actually coming out from their shallow lifestyle and experiencing the new world that has been connected with their Pokemon world.

No matter whatever you’re selling, you have to find ways for user engagement because it will ultimately save your sinking boat. Now you don’t have to create a mobile game. You can create a craze for your products through innovation and bring creativity in what you are already selling.


  • Good Branding Can Sell Anything, Instantly

Pokemon is loosely based on the same parameters on which Ingress was based. The game lovers possibly know about the game that was fun to play. However, much like Pokemon Go success, Ingress failed to see the breakout success, despite it was having similar elements.

From last 20 years, Pokemon is consistently developing and has become a household name and an established brand, with following in millions or in billions, probably.

Over the years, the brand became so powerful that its tag made the game as the most successful mobile app ever; surpassing social media king Facebook in terms of daily user time spending. If the branding weren’t strong, the game itself had never skyrocketed in revenue and would have taken off like it did.

  • It’s about Timing

Read any marketing bible, you’ll find the importance of perfect timing for best results. We can learn about perfect timing right from Pokemon Go application. The company released it just after the summer vacation began and it created a huge wave among kids and adults who like to take days off to spend quality time with family.

Children and even elders are now looking for an excuse to step outside their home and play the game. The streets are crowded again and the children noises can be heard in parks. The game really pushed people to be physically fit in order to hunt their favorite Pokemon that are miles away from their current location.

Imagine the results of Pokemon Go, if the company would release during the school day or in winters? The scenario would be different. Hence, the timing is no coincidence.

The users that were kids when Pokemon aired 20 years ago, now have all grown up and enjoy significant buying power; thus, making it a ‘win-win’ situation for Nintendo.

Pokemon go

  • Minimize the Generation Gap through Product

Seeing the fever of Pokemon, the young generation who didn’t grow up in the age of Pokemon fever, are taking an interest in the pocket monsters’ world and are becoming an avid fan of the franchise. Moreover, even those parents who hardly sat down with their children and watched Pokemon, are also seen playing the game. The game is connecting everyone in one string and list is going to be overwhelming of the users’ count playing the game.

  • Content is the King

I have created a lot of articles on content and content marketing. Moreover, I clarified how John Deere, GoPro have successfully used both the forms to gain exposure and loyalty of their targeted customer base. Pokemon Go has done such thing but on a bigger scale. If it weren’t strong Pokemon branding the game would probably have lost in the abyss.

Like its TV series, the game connected with the fans on an emotional level and gave them a platform to be a Pokemon master just like the protagonist, Ash Ketchum.

  • Social Proof is Important

Thanks to our socially connected world through various social media channels, which update us about the certain products that are viral and are trending on the charts. Pokemon Go is trending continuously since its launch and people are using hashtags to discover the user generated content to enjoy and gain more tips to hunt more Pokemon.

Pokemon Go has become much viral that it’s social proof is clearly visible on every social media platform and even on a major news website. When people are playing the game and having so much fun that reflects through their videos and pictures, it’s really hard not to give it a try.

Pokemon Go Social Media Survey

  • You don’t need heavy Budget to Invest in the Advertisement

A lot of businesses screw them after losing a huge chunk of their money on ads and yet fail to get ROI to that of the money they invested in ads. That happens without planning or improper market calculation ad amateur analysis. Unlike DC Comics or Marvel Studio who spend a large of their budget on the advertisement and keep shoveling the ads in our throat till we do not watch their films in the cinema, Pokemon Go has almost no ads prior to its launch. Surprising, isn’t it?

Pokemon didn’t need to invest into advertising because the branding was already strong and people were aware of the magical pocket monsters’ world. Probably the ad executives of Pokemon Go knew the only success that can bring to the game is the viral factor, which itself was done by the users and user generated content helped the company to sit on the top of the app ranking.

When you connect to the people and offer them something that tingles their heart, the success is inevitable. However, you have to do brainstorming how to develop a great content that can pave success for the company. It’s not an overnight success. Like Pokemon is a 20-year-old brand, you have to establish the base and create an image which can welcome success to the product launched, afterward.

  • Reward online investment

If you want to enjoy ongoing investment, then learn the trick of rewarding. Pokemon Go rewards the users with bonuses and incentives for leveling up, taking on gyms, catching new Pokemon, that keep users grinding for more. Suppose if those bonuses and other kinds of rewards were there? The users might have stopped playing it because there wasn’t anything new to achieve? When you reward your users for the work and investment they have done in your project/product/services, they likely to become much more addictive to your offerings and this way; you earn a lifelong customer.

  • Easy to learn

One of the reasons for Pokemon Go’s overwhelming success is its low learning curve. A user doesn’t need to be an expert in using the application to play the game. Any person can easily play the game as he has to walk around and wait for the new Pokemon alert.

Successful eCommerce platforms, well-designed websites, and applications warmly welcome users and make it easy to browse their portal for great user experience and to involve people with the products or services.


To increase both customer acquisition and retention, you have to use all the lessons mentioned above. To reach the pinnacle of success on which Pokemon is sitting, you have to start with a good product and shift your entire fours on it. You can create something like Pokemon Go, too; however, all you need is establish great band and understand the marketing world in-depth.