Must have list for Ecommerce website to maximize sales


With the easy availability of technology, launching your online store need not to be complex affair. However, what is important is that you follow the right path to sell your products/ services online – and make profits through your eCommerce website. There are large numbers of eCommerce website builders present in the market including the web design companies, professional web designers to do-it-yourself website building tools or software.

Well, you can choose a good company for building your eCommerce website, there are few important things which you must consider while finalizing the design of your ecommerce site. These features play important roles in maximizing your online sales.

Build a User-Friendly Site: Your online store must be user-friendly- users should enjoy browsing your eCommerce site so that they keep coming back for more again and again. Three things that help making your site friendly to the visitors are – look and feel factor, functionality and navigation.

  • As far as the look and the feel factor is concerned, your eCommerce site need to have clean and attractive design with nice use of colors, simplified layouts, high quality images and easily accessible links. Additionally, a professionally designed logo also helps in establishing your brand identity and business in an effective manner.
  • When it comes to the functionality of your eCommerce site, all the features and functions must perform well without causing any inconvenience to the users. There should not be any kind of broken links on the site.
  • Navigation is an important factor that must be designed in professional manner so that users are able to navigate through the entire website without any breakups. There should be a search box present on all pages so that users can quickly search for products and other things they are looking for on your eCommerce site.
  • Payment Policies: Be versatile when accepting customer payments. Visa and MasterCard are approved by most online retailers, but what about PayPal, bank transfer or American Express? Try embedding further forms of payment to boost user experience. You may also have payment service provider logos at the bottom of your e-commerce pages.
  • Customer Reviews: A great client review could influence a prospect from your digital store to make a buying, so let customers leave reviews on your product pages. Sixty-three percent of customers have a better chance of purchasing a product from a website that provides user feedback.
  • “Transfer to Cart” button: An “add to cart” button at every e-commerce site acts as the primary call-to-action. Render it tall, and place it on the page away from other items. Red buttons work best, because they invoke a sense of urgency, according to one study.
  • Blogging: Blogging on innovative products and special promotions influences buying decisions and lead to greater revenue. Different studies prove the power of blogging: B2B marketers that blog generate 67 percent the most lead generation than those that don’t, while companies that blog get 97 percent more links to their website.
  • Social Keys: Social networking provides a strong way to increase online brand visibility. Still, few digital retailers take advantage of this technology: Facebook has fewer than 500 fans on the average e-commerce web site. By keeping your social media active and having social buttons at the bottom of your e-commerce media, buck this pattern. It helps users to post your content on websites such as Twitter and Instagram and so on. 
  • About Us “Section”: The “about us” page is an introduction to the business. Consumers can learn the company’s priorities and objectives and what distinguishes you from the rivals. Illustrations, videos and photographs can also be included. Additionally, customer testimonials — market reviews from customers who used the services in the past — are available.

Develop Search Engine Friendly eCommerce Website: It is equally important to build your eCommerce site as a search engine optimized site as it will also make it search engine friendly website. It will help in ensuring greater online presence for your website and hence increased website traffic.

SEO Friendly Website Design

To make a search engine friendly eCommerce site, it should have clear navigation, Search engine friendly URLs, and an XML sitemap for indexing by search engines

Build a Fast Loading eCommerce Website: Your eCommerce site must get loaded fast as it is considered as a good thing to gain top rankings with search engines as well as greater chances of converting leads into sales.

Proper use of optimizing techniques, including featuring optimized content and images, helps in ensuring quick loading websites.

How important is to reduce page loading time ?

Mobile Compatibility: These days increased the number of online shoppers is using smartphones and other mobile devices to browse the internet and eCommerce sites. So, if you are having a mobile-friendly version of your eCommerce website, it is advisable to test its compatibility across different mobile devices and platforms.

Following the above-stated guidelines while creating your eCommerce web design can result in high performing online stores. A reputed website development company can offer you expert help and guidance to build an effective eCommerce website as well as a mobile-friendly eCommerce site.

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