Reinvention to Optimization – It’s time to Switch

Reinvention of optimization

Marketing is a critical field. Businesses tend to follow an up-and-down graph that might need the occasional boosts and transformations. The concept of reinvention dictates a need to completely start from scratch when it comes to a business strategy. It takes too much time and energy to completely reinvent your website. Instead, choose the optimization option.

Optimization helps your website grow in an eventful and desirable direction. It is the pruning away of undesired branches and weeding out the unnecessary details.  Here’s some ways to optimize your website:

Avoid Running Too Many Blogs

We all start blogging enthusiastically but fail to keep up with the high-energy demands of a regular blogging schedule. Sometimes, going overboard with the idea of long blog posts is also more harmful for the website than its intended uses.

Instead, branch out to more creative outlets for the expansion of your business by starting podcasts and business pages. Optimize your existing blog with keywords and tags that will help people in discovering you.

Don’t run too many blogs

Work On Boosting The Loading Speed

The best thing you can do with your website is to optimize its loading speed to less than 3 seconds. More than 70% of business is lost, if the site delays in loading and the potential customers are lost forever. It’s easy to lose customers’ but hard to gain. Don’t overlook prominent features on which your site serves the best; otherwise, you will dig your grave and find yourself crippled with no one to support. Besides speed, there are many features to notice: Responsiveness, Simple Layout, Good user experience, Easy to navigate etc.

Don't Use Over Podcasts


Avoid Over-addition Of Features

Did you know, too many options often distract us from the real purpose?

Imagine yourself a kid, who visit a local department store with his mother. It is filled with toys, as far as your eyes can see. Now whatever you have hoped to buy, seems confusing to you. Before visiting the store, you wanted Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story figurine; but in the store, you don’t really know what you want anymore.

Features are only beneficial as far as they help in the convenience of the customer. Showing-off can most definitely put your website popularity in trouble. Add only the necessities, even if you restrain yourself from adding additional features which might not serve significant purposes.


Don’t Overload Your Website With Content

Too much is not a good thing. Especially when it comes to content. Cut out the irrelevant, aged and bygone content and keep tailoring your graphics as well as text. Insert keywords and tail words that will help search engines index through your website and boost your SERP ranking. Sleek is successful and minimalistic website designs are more like by consumers than ones that have long paragraphs to comb through. Optimize according to your audience and customize as per their exclusive tastes.

Don't Use Over Content

Avoid Using ALL Social Media Platforms

Many marketers mistake to create social media accounts across various channels. Ask yourself about the relevancy of social media accounts and from where the most traffic is coming to your website.

For instance, drives most of its traffic from FB than all other social media channels combined. Hence, the company focuses more on FB. Stop running here and there in search of traffic. The accounts that aren’t updated for ages leave a bad impression on visitors’ mind than having no presence at all. The best results come from running multiple social media accounts is to customize the post according to the platform’s nature.

Dont Use Each Social Media

All in all, optimization requires you to have a laser beam-like focus on the parts which are not working for your website and fixing them. Reinvention is a lot of work for less bucks while optimization benefits in the long haul.

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