Reinvention to Optimization – It’s time to Switch

Reinvention of optimization

The New Year has just begun, and much has been said by self-proclaimed marketing gurus (no offense to anyone), as 2017 to be the year of augmented reality. Only the time will tell, the weight of the statement; but one thing is sure, we often overlook some of my most common things for superior business growth.

Marketing is a critical field. If a thing works for a business, it doesn’t mean to work lifelong. Moods and behavior change, and graphs are hardly stable to feel content about the ongoing marketing campaign. The vibrations in graphs keep creating ripples to have the everlasting effect.

Don’t run too many blogs

When you look at the income of top earning bloggers, the mind just wants to start as many blogs as it can imagine. HA! That’s the reality, and we bloggers often go through this phase. However, kicking the necessary urge to the curb gives a feeling of a true winner, who has learned to control his/her urges.

Well, in the blogging world, you need to control your urges, and ideas; otherwise, the chances are likely to go insane.

Don’t run too many blogs

Hence, starting too many blogs isn’t a good thing. You simply can’t forget the amount of energy and time goes into creating a blog for better readership. If your blog doesn’t enjoy readership, then what’s the use of mincing words and wishing to have a full-time blogger career, paying bills and vacationing abroad?

Rather than starting a blog, focus on starting a podcast. Yes, there are many podcasts and it’s hard to get off the ground, but once you do it, your chances are increased many-fold to influence the masses and gaining loyal audience base. It’s very hard to influence people to listen your podcast. At the beginning, you see a very limited audience, who is actually interested in listening you.


It simply means not to upload too many podcasts with nearly no good information or same information repeated over-and-over. No matter what you do, quality wins over quantity. The best thing about the podcast is longer attention span. Imagine having an audience whose attention span exceeds all your blog readers and you deliberately keep uploading new podcast every now and then. This way you will earn bigger rewards, greater recognitions, and conversations at the bottom of your sales funnel. The best things take time to generate real time results. A perfectly brewed coffee needs some time and so does your podcasts.

Don't Use Over Podcasts

Limit LinkedIn Messages

Undeniably, LinkedIn is the best tool for professionals, but some of us think it as a way to keep shooting messages in a bulk and wait to hear the good news. Doing over LinkedIn messaging will actually hurt your image as a brand and marketer, altogether.

When you customize the message to most relevant people, your marketing campaign starts generating better results. Consider sending a booklet to relevant individuals, because being an old school is helpful when your competitors’ are sweeping these tactics under the carpet.

Limit LinkedIn Messages

Imagine yourself an avid follower of a company and at the New Year or at some special occasion, like on your Birthday, you receive a personal card from the company in your house mail. How good would you feel? Sometimes, being an old school is better than to look modern all the time. Modesty is a way to go in the marketing world.


Digital things come and go and hardly anyone saves your advertisement banner or eBook, because of the excessive amount of content available on the web.

Let’s go with the previous example here. When you send a customized card to your revenant customers’/audience, you increase chances to stay in their minds for longer. They can keep your card as a memory in their closet or frame it on their wall. Options are many to have a good effect on person’s mind – and don’t forget the word-of-mouth marketing benefits. If you know how to create a reaction like an atomic one, you are doing great with your personalized marketing efforts.
Print Media

Marketing is all about influencing your audience and winning their sincere loyalty, trust, respect and attention to what you say.

Don’t Add Unnecessary Features on the Website

Did you know, too many options often distract us from the real purpose? Well if you didn’t and you were among those who thought, by offering as many options as you can to have the best portal, then I am sorry to say, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Imagine yourself a kid, who visit a local department store with his mother. Since you have scored good marks and behaved as a good kid, your parents agreed to buy a toy of your desire. The day comes and you are walking amidst the many storeys of toys’ lanes. To where your eyes can see, toys are there. Now whatever you have hoped seems confusing to you. Before visiting the store, you wanted a Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story figurine; but in the store, you don’t really know what you want anymore.


Nearly every toy is tempting and you want them all. However, you can only buy one. Now you go to Buzz Lightyear’s shelf. There are many facets of Buzz Lightyear’s figurines. You are more confused more than ever, and now, you simply don’t know what to do.

This is how you customers’ feel when you give them too many options. It takes much of their time in deciding which thing to buy and most of the time; they delay their shopping or doing any business with you because they are still figuring the best alternative to their needs.


The best thing you can do with your website is to optimize its loading speed to less than 3 seconds. More than 70% of business is lost, if the site delays in loading and the potential customers are lost forever. It’s easy to lose customers’ but hard to gain. Don’t overlook prominent features on which your site serves the best; otherwise, you will dig your grave and find yourself crippled with no one to support. Besides speed, there are many features to notice: Responsiveness, Simple Layout, Good user experience, Easy to navigate etc.

Don’t overload Website with Content

Yes, the content is the king in the marketing world. Yes, it’s true how content ranks your website in search engines. Yes, it’s even true, why you can’t really grow your audience without content. But overdoing is a completely different story.

Imagine yourself a puny man whose average calorie intake is 2200 per day, even below than an average person. You saw a bodybuilder’s video on the net and now you want to bulk up. Your GYM coach and nutrition specialist suggest you a strict diet plan, trimming all the junk food from the diet. But being a foodie you kept consuming. Seeing the habit, you talked with your nutrition specialists and he restricted it to a very low intake per week. However, you showed no signs of improvement and kept consuming junk food, instead of healthy organic food etc. Yes, the calorie count boosted in your body, but you did too much. You have developed fat in your body that demands too many efforts’ to leave.

Don't Use Over Content

This is how your website feels when you keep putting an extra amount of content than needed. Moreover, if you are heavily using a stock image, it’s time to say them goodbye and time to say hello to customized images or original photos clicked from your camera.

While writing copies, write concise and to-the-point. Don’t try to run after using tougher ad glossary writing structure that you lose your tone. Use good grammar and sentence structure to craft the real-time content that’s impeccable and equally influencing.

Don’t Waste Much Time in Interviewing your Customers

Yes, you need to interview your customers and find out why they like you, or why they are shopping from your portal. However, when you interview people, who didn’t buy from you or have done card abandonment, you are likely to find the better data to strengthening your marketing campaign. Customers are one of the most important pillars of a business. If you have a strong customer base and know how to convert the potential leads into permanent ones, you know you are doing something meaningful with your life.

Dont Waste time to interviewing customers

Don’t use every social media platform

Many marketers mistake to create social media accounts across various channels. No. It’s a wrong strategy and if you can’t focus on every social media channel, don’t make account those places. Ask yourself about the relevancy of social media accounts and from where the most traffic is coming to your website.

Dont Use Each Social Media

For instance, drives most of its traffic from FB than all other social media channels combined. Hence, the company focuses more on FB. Stop running here and there in search of traffic. The accounts that aren’t updated for ages leave a bad impression on visitors’ mind than having no presence at all.

The best results come from running multiple social media accounts is to customize the post according to the platform’s nature. Now you can’t put textual content alone on Instagram. You need a picture for it.