With more people using smartphones, laptops, notepads and other mobile devices for internet browsing, you can’t neglect the value of getting a website built that works well across multiple platforms. Well, among the most way to hold for responsive website design can be going for you.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is a term meant to develop a website template in which the configuration can be changed depending on the size and resolution of the devices used to access it. To put it in another way, a sensitive website fits well on both smartphones and conventional desktop computer systems.

There are so many reasons why the concept of designing responsive websites is gaining so much popularity in the website design and development industry.

SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

  • One of the main reasons is that it eliminates the need to create a separate mobile version of your site to cater to its mobile users. It saves a lot of money, time and effort that is required in designing and maintaining a separate mobile version of your site.
  • Responsive website design also helps in securing better rankings in search engine result pages. This is because Google itself recommends responsive website design. Secondly, responsive web design offers a great solution to multiple URLs, which is a common issue if you have a separate mobile version of your site.

SEO Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

  • Responsive web design presents enhanced user experience, which is one of the main factors that influence your Google rankings. Moreover, better user experience also means users will keep coming back to your website as they have a pleasant experience browsing your site.
  • Another significant benefit of responsive website design is that it helps bring down the high bounce rate on your website. A website that enjoys good rankings with a search engine will not be able to perform well if it does not function well when viewed using smartphones or other mobile devices.

In such a case, the bouncing factor can be a major issue. Because Google considers a high bounce rate as an indication that a website is not able to provide its users with relevant and useful information, it can badly affect your rankings.

  • Improved Site Usability is necessary. Good usability scores allow visitors to return and conversions to increase. Google is in the business of answering consumer requests, as noted above.

Mobile-friendly web design is important to good user experience, and Google will award sites that have such an interface to satisfy users.

Customer experience and usability of the site cannot be over-emphasized. Companies and digital marketing companies must tread cautiously about conversion and customer service.

  • Boosted Social Sharing becomes possible. Responsive web design is designed to facilitate social sharing for the most dominant online demographics-mobile users.

While social media can help SEO, social shares won’t directly impact rankings. But that will allow you to expand your audience.

A wider audience will mean more traffic and interaction, as well as more competition for your brand to search – which would undoubtedly make Google notice.

  • You can make changes quickly and easily if you have a responsive design website. You don’t need to think about two websites making improvements. This versatility is an enormous advantage when you just want to tweak a fast design or correct a mistake on your site — you just need to do that once.
  • Most companies, particularly smaller ones, do not have much time to refine or update their websites. But instead of hiring a designer to handle every aspect of your website, responsive design allows you to make the changes quickly and easily yourself.

This is where the responsive website design comes into play as it presents similar content on mobile devices as featured on the desktop version of the site.

Thus we see that responsive website design is a better option not only when SEO benefits are concerned but also for being cost-effective. If you need any help in switching your website to the responsive web design, you can get in touch with Kinex Media. It is a leading service provider of high-quality web designing services and would be happy to suggest the best solutions.

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