Using smartphones and other mobile devices to access the internet is fast becoming the new standard, resulting in a greater need to ensure the best user experience on the internet. What website designers and owners need to do is to create responsive websites that function equally well on each device and across different platforms.

What Is Responsive Website Design?

A website that is developed based on the responsive web design approach works seamlessly on different devices, irrespective of screen size and resolution. Responsive web design is an integration of flexible grids and layouts, images and smart implementation of Cascading Style Sheets, CSS media queries.

Responsive web design

Why Adopt Responsive Website Design?

Responsive web design is among the hottest web designing & development trends in 2020, with an increased number of people jumping on the responsive website design bandwagon. Switching over to responsive website design not only saves you a lot of time, effort and money, but otherwise, you would have to put a lot of extra labour into developing different versions of your website to cater to the needs of mobile and desktop users.

Additionally, there are various other reasons why you should favour a responsive design that has been discussed here-

  • A fair share of website traffic nowadays comprises of mobile users, and business owners simply cannot afford to lose this traffic. They need to ensure the best user experience for mobile users by offering them mobile-optimized web pages. Mobile users face difficulties browsing a conventional web-page, and the  majority of them leave a web page citing difficulties in interacting with it.

The solution to such issues is quite clear- switch to responsive website design.

  • Another main reason to choose a responsive design is that search engine major- Google- also recommends the use of responsive website design.
  • Responsive website design offers a cost-effective solution as you need not create multiple versions of your website for different devices.

Cost Effective

  • Responsive website design also helps in achieving optimum return on investment. In the absence of responsive design, there is a high probability that your business will be suffering losses as you might not be able to offer the best user experience to mobile users and also lagging behind your competitors who have already switch to responsive web design.

So, choosing a responsive website design will ensure you reach a wider audience and, thus, increase your chances of conversion.

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