Let’s Lift up the Curtain from the Secret of eCommerce Success

Ecommerce Success

If you are running an eCommerce Store and wondering that you have spent too much money without being scrooge while funding your project, yet the result isn’t flattering. Damn! It happens. It happens to a lot of entrepreneurs.

However, if you don’t know the reason behind unachieved targets, then it’s a major problem. The bell is ringing, but you are too busy or too occupied to listen. How can you hope to cope up with the situation or make better choices when you aren’t even aware of the problem?

Let’s talk about some factors that can help you to increase your brand value and attract customers’ to shop from your online store.How to increase business value

  1. Better Prices

We as customers value businesses that bring best deals for us. It’s similar in the digital world, too. Since information is easily accessible in the IT world, customers browse the web in hope to get better deals on their favorite products. However, if your products have a wee bit more prices than your competitors, still you can do many conversions. There’s no shortage of shoppers who consider a lot of factors other than the prices.

  1. Your Website More Secure

As customers’, if we are buying from your portal, then we must have to feel secured in doing it.  Not all eCommerce stores bring that feeling even if they have best prices on the product. Many start-ups have been shut down because they focused too much on prices that they forgot or completely overlooked to creating a feeling that connects with the shoppers on an emotional level.

For instance; by giving multiple checkout options will help your miles because customers’ can choose to pay the option they feel safe with. Since COD (Cash-on-delivery) has been in full-swing, a lot of shoppers prefer it.

How to secure your Ecommerce business ?

You have provided contact details where a customer can contact you to clear any doubts. Moreover, there’s an ‘about us’ page that tells about your company’s authenticity and provides enough proof to kick-in trust factor in the mind of potential leads. Make sure all the important information is easily accessible to the visitors so they can make a decision about your business. Content can turn the tables and if your drop those signs in the easily accessible place, then you have an edge over your rivals.

  1. Your Website Loads Faster

No one likes to wait for the website to load for ages. Since the online world is highly dynamic, the customers have no patience or love towards slow loading websites. If your website takes less than 2.8 seconds to load, then you are really managing the business professionally and effectively. Know that just 1% delay in the loading time can result in 7% drop in sales. Scary, isn’t? It is because online users have an array of options available. Hence, you have to be just the best in the industry. It’s the survival of the fittest.

Faster websites create great user experience and buyers prefer business over others. Shoppers likely to return for shopping if your website loads faster in compare to your fierce rivals.

  1. Better Customer Support

Having 24/7 customer support builds a huge trust and bridges the gap between customers’ and sales. Nowadays, a customer asks too many questions because it’s easy to contact the customer support via phone, email, social media channels, real-time chat etc. If you don’t offer customer support, then you are moving towards the dead end.

  1. You have better reviews

Having positive reviews certainly help in promoting the business with confidence and without compromising on various counts. Note that; not only your business but the products in your portal need to have positive ratings, either. It will generate trust and loyalty factor among your customer. Moreover, the positive product reviews on the website will help in decision making and will likely be in your favor.

  1. Better navigation and site search

Having a crystal clear hierarchy for your products and pages, will take you upfront and give you an edge over your competitors. It doesn’t matter if you have fast loading website, competitive prices, and a secure feeling eCommerce place; however, if you have awful navigation, you are rupturing your business image.

By having layered filtering option, you make smart site searches, which result in better business revenue.

  1. Easier to find

If you understand the importance of SEO, then you should know about the significance of ranking on page one Google. Make sure; you do superb search engine optimization of your business, which shows in search engine results. No one has time to search the entire web for best deals on prices. Moreover, only a handful people look at the page 2 Google in their searches.