Magento is one of the most widely used E-Commerce platforms and Content Management systems. Magento took the digital world by storm because of its efficient features and excellent design functionalities. Magento 2 was introduced as the revised version of Magento and has proven to be great, just like the first version. With an exceptional level of functional features and flexibility, this platform became the personal favourite of a large number of web developers around the world. It offers great amount of scalability and subtlest levels of customization to even create each element of the website according to your wish. Magento 2 has changed the way website development used to be done as you can utilize thousands of extensions available to add any type of functionality to your E-Commerce website.

Magento 2 offers hundreds of themes available, which makes it quite difficult for you to choose from the long list.

We are going to have a look at the best themes available for Magento 2:

1. Market Theme

It is one of the most widely used themes in Magento 2, as this is quite a  responsive theme that looks awesome on all screen sizes. This theme allows you a high level of customization to its developers and users, making it quite efficient. This theme can quickly help you in developing any type of E-Commerce store, whether heavy or light, like a digital store, hi-tech store, watch store, men store, women store, clothing store, furniture store, book store, cosmetics shop, luxury jewellery and accessories store.

market magento 2 Theme

2. Topshop Theme

If you have a business of fashion apparel and footwear or you wish to endorse and sell fashion products of other companies through an E-Commerce website, you will have to use a theme that meets all your requirements. For this purpose, the Topshop theme was created, which allows you to design a responsive website that works perfectly and also looks excellent in devices of all screen sizes. This theme is customizable and allows the users to use it ideally.
Topshop Theme magento 2

3. Styleshop Theme

This is quite an awesome theme for your online store to sell any types of products. This theme provides you with a great level of responsiveness so that your website works perfectly in all devices with any screen size. This theme has a unique layout and a lot of other essential features of Magento. This theme is compatible with Magento 2.0 and above.

Style-shop magento 2 theme

4. Porto Theme

It is a renowned Magento 2 theme, which allows you to integrate more than ten homepage styles in your business E-Commerce website. This theme is quite easy to install and has an endless number of options available for administrators for proper control of your website.
porto theme magento 2

5. Yume Theme

It is a full-featured theme that allows you to have many additional features that are quite essential for a perfect E-Commerce website homepage. The other features include Off-Canvas Menu & Header Link, Font Awesome, Ajax Cart, Gallery image product detail, and Checkout Improvements. Moreover, this theme is available free of cost, so this is an added advantage.
yume magento 2 theme

6. Everything Theme

This is a wonderful multipurpose theme that can be used to design a website of any forte like fashion, accessories etc. This theme allows a great level of customization through 4 homepage layouts. With the compatibility with Magento 2.1, this theme allows you to add blog extensions & many other dynamic features to your website.

everything magento 2 theme

7. Maxshop Theme

It is also one of the top Magento 2 themes available today. This theme has an eye-catching design and can be used to create any type of E-Commerce store like fashion, accessories, gift shop, groceries, jewelry and so on. This theme is quite responsive as well.
Maxshop-magento 2 theme

8. Ketty Theme

This was one of the earliest Magento themes, which provides you with a perfectly responsive web design that looks marvellous on all screen sizes. This theme offers you with many additional features like cross-browser support, slider, configurable swatches, Ajax cart, product zoom, improved checkout, and a user-friendly admin panel.
ketty magento 2 theme

9. Ayo

Ayo provides a range of high-speed device-friendly options and comes fully optimized to support various devices as well as loading speeds. It is the most responsive theme available in the market today. It is easily customizable and is used to create a variety of websites in many unique layouts.

10. Fastest

This up and coming theme is more versatile and layered than others and makes use of an SEO friendly layered outlook, to produce clean URLs that are preferred by the customers. The option of multi-selection makes it convenient and comfortable for shopping purposes.

11. Claue

It integrates the elements of a lookbook and minimalistic designs, keeping the overall look of the website clean and crisp. It enhances the desirability of the products displayed and allows the website to breathe by providing enough white spaces.


Thus, these are the top Magento 2 themes available today that you can utilize for your E-Commerce website. We have hand-picked these so that you can have full accessibility to the features that will make your website the one to watch.

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