Top Requirements For eCommerce Magento Website


E-Commerce is the new business standard as most businessmen are shifting their business to online platforms because of the added advantages. Most people around the globe use internet for their maximum needs like shopping, booking tickets, studying, searching and interacting with each other as well. This has made online commerce more powerful business platform than ever. Online trade has broken all barriers of distance and outreach as your business can easily reach people in the farthest corners of the world through internet. This also helps you earn maximum profit as you are able to sell your products and services directly to the consumers.

So, online commerce is quite a blessing for businesses. But when it comes to the platform that can be used for building an online commerce website, the best platform available today is Magento. This platform allows the developers to enjoy a great level of flexibility, ease and experimentation in order to create websites that are loved by users even because of their usability and easy navigation. So Magento is one of the most scalable, flexible and functional platform for developing online business website. But the real question here is which components make an online website perfectly complete.

So here we are going to have a look the most essential components of an excellent E-Commerce website.

1. Understandable & Incredible Logo

Logo is one of the most essential components of any business or brand as it is just like a business card that acts as the face of your organization. Logo works as the identity of your company as well all know, most big brands are mostly known by their logo. The logo is all about building trust among your users. Logo defines the identity of a brand as we are all aware that whenever we search online, we always recognize the company by its logo and for us it is what defines the company.

Understandable logo

Logo also helps in building trust among the customers as people always believe what they see. Look at any big brand; they all represent themselves through their logo only. Logos help in distinguishing your brand from others, making your customers clear about your business website among a lot of other ones selling same products as you.

2. Advance Search

Another important aspect of a great online business website is advance search functionality. This is one really essential feature that can help in increasing the rate of conversion of your website. We all know when we shop online, we don’t just get the desired product on our screen instead we have to search for it. But if we have to search one by one to find our desired product out of millions of products, it will be really very difficult. So to avoid such problem advanced way of search was introduced in Magento.


This search allows the users to search for products with their names directly and even according to categories. You can even sort the products according to price, relevance, popularity etc. This functionality also helps in finding products according to filters like brand, size, type etc. This helps in making the usability better for the users resulting in higher rates of conversion and better chances of business sales.

3. Payment Gateways

Payment gateway is the most essential component of the online business website as this is the primary way to make payments for the products or services being bought from your online business website. Online payment has taken the world market by storm as it has made it easier to make huge amount of payments, not possible in cash always. This also helps in making the customers feel convenient while shopping as they just have to enter their bank details and the payment is done.

payment gateway

Payment gateways are one inseparable part of any online shopping website and if your website doesn’t have it, then you will lose customers for sure. So make sure to have different payment gateways and display them in the form of icons for better understanding of the users.

4. Social Media Integration

Social media is one of the most powerful things on internet today. Social Media is used by maximum of the world population, making it the most widespread platform for promotion as well. So if most people use it, wouldn’t you wish to display your business and products on social media for maximum audience outreach? Of course, yes. Thus to make sure that you reach maximum people and get maximum amount of sales, social media integration is must in your business website. Having your business profile on all big platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter etc, helps you stay in touch with your customers always.


We all know how important it is to interact with the users to understand their needs and requirements for better business strategy building. This integration is also important so that customers can share the products and services with their friends on social media platforms, which ultimately benefits the business as the audience base expands. This also helps in spreading the word about your brand amongst millions of people easily.

5. Security Icons

As we know while shopping online, maximum payments are made online which makes the users more proactive and careful about giving their bank details or not. If your website doesn’t show any security signs or icons that payment is secured by some certified layer, people will not trust your website. So it becomes really very essential to display the security features you have integrated in your business website for the convenience of your customers and security of their money.


These icons should be clearly visible to the customers because if these are not visible, customers will abandon your website no matter how secure it is. This also helps in building trust factor among your customers as they will surely be confident while shopping next time on your website if it is secure. A secure website also helps you as the intruders cannot alter or hack your database then.

6. Newsletter

So how do you plan on keeping your customers updated about your company? As the answer to this question, you can utilize Newsletters to keep your customers updated about your company, news related to it, offers, deals and promotions as well. This not only works to keep your company’s relation with the audience stable but also helps in bringing them to your website regularly for building the customer base. These also help in building the reputation of your company as people will know that how much you care about your customers.


Newsletter even help in updating the customers about the change in your policies of company, sending coupons and deals, providing users with news about company and also building trust among your users. Newsletters can be sent in bulk to all the registered users making sure that the customer base grows always.

7. Promotional Offers

Everyone likes to save money and buy products at a lesser price. Online commerce works best this way only as people are always comparing the prices of your products offered by your company with the prices offered by your competitors. Moreover discounts and deals are a proven way of attracting customers as people love to spend less and get more. So if your business website shows offers and deals, you are most likely to win more of the customers, leading to higher conversion rate.

special offer

These offers also help in building trust among your customers and even converting your users into leads. It has even been proven by surveys that the websites that keep providing promotional offers and deals perform much better than those who don’t. Providing free shipping also comes under this category as no one likes to pay a penny more than the price of the product, so keep this in mind also.

8. Login and Shopping Cart

Providing the users with their own user account on your website serves two big benefits. The first benefit of this is that the management of users and their order becomes really very easy. Second benefit is that you can gather the emails of the customers to send the newsletters and promotional emails to stay in regular touch with your customers, which helps in better conversion rate & improved sales.


Having a clear shopping cart is also very essential for your website as it allows the users to select all the products they wish to buy and store them at one single place. The shopping cart should be persistent i.e. if the customers added a product to cart and closes the website, then the product should stay in cart only the next time customer accesses his account. This helps in compelling customers to buy products and hence is beneficial for your business.

9. Contact Details

One of the most essential aspects of website to build trust amongst the customers is showing the contact details clearly on the website. While shopping online, most people are worried while placing trust in any website and if your website has kept its identity anonymous then surely they are going to abandon your website. So it is always advised do display the company name, contact number and address of main office to make people believe that it is actually a genuine company.

contact detail

There should even be a contact us page with live chat functionality available for customers to ask questions and clear their doubts anytime. This also helps in increasing sales as we all have a lot of questions in mind before we purchase online and if those doubts are not cleared, we mostly abandon the products. Thus contact details and chat functionality is extremely important.

10. Products Display

It is a well known fact that we can only see products while buying online we cannot touch or feel the products physically. So we always rely on the images and written details about the products. But the quality of the way products are being displayed also matters a lot. Displaying a product in a single image which is of low quality is surely going to shut away your customers. On the other hand if you display a product in multiple high quality images and a 360 degree view of the product, the chances of customer engagement and product sales become a lot higher.

product display


Displaying the demo videos of products also help a lot in compelling customers to take profitable actions for your business (CTA). These videos provide the customers with a far better idea about the product than a static image.

11. Related Products

Many times we search for a product and after a significant amount of time we find the product but a huge problem occurs i.e. either the product is out of stock or the product is not available in size. So at this point of time, the customers feel disappointed and they abandon your website. But if you display related products along with the product customer is checking our currently, it increases the chances of sales even if the other product is not available.

related produts

If related products are displayed along with the main product always results in better engagement of customers, which ultimately leads to increased rate of conversion and higher business sales.

12. Product Reviews

Human beings have the tendency to believe in something more, which has been experience by someone already rather than experimenting themselves. Same is the case with the online commerce websites. Most people buy those products which have been reviewed by other people who bought those products earlier and this is done through rating and reviews.

Having rating & reviews not only help in better sales but also in building trust among your customers by keeping everything transparent. This makes the decision making process even easier for the customers.

That was all!

So these were the top 12 requirements for a perfect E-Commerce Magento website. All these aspects have proven to be useful and effective in their own respective ways. Integrating all these in your online business website surely can result in higher business sales, better conversion rate and increase return on investment (ROI). Make sure your website has all these and the success will be surely yours.

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