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So recently we entered in the year 2017 and the change in trends of digital world in still continuous. With more & more businesses shifting online the competition has become really very tough. Everyone is seeking ways to make their business better in terms of profit and return on investment. For this reason various marketing techniques are being utilized to win the race of being the best one in the global market.

There are many marketing techniques available in market like email marketing, pay per click marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing etc. Out of these, the most prominent one is use of social media for business marketing as the number of users of social media as far more than any other platform. This platform provides you with a lot of flexibility and personalization even.

So in this year, there are many predictions being made about the trends that will change the way your social marketing strategy works. These trends have been formed by the world marketing leaders and experts. So let’s have a look at the top ones that can affect and change the way your marketing strategy works on the social platforms.

1. Live Videos

Live videos came in trend last year and were widely accepted by people all around the world. The growth rate of people going for live videos is growing continuously at a very fast rate. There are endless numbers of platforms available for live video streaming but among the most widely used ones are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook has experienced the fastest growth in live video streaming in recent months. With maximum world population available on these social platforms, it has become easy to reach them through these live videos in a more interactive way. A lot of businesses have already started utilizing this feature & have really made the best use of it. All these big social platforms are being use by bigger brands already to stream their events live, which allows engaging the potential customers and increasing conversion rate.

live videos

With the live videos, you can display the events of your company to people who couldn’t be invited or who couldn’t attend it. These can even be used to have question answer sessions with customers in order to clear their doubts, build trust and for staying in touch with them. Live Videos have proven to be more engaging than other advertising methods and thus if you post live videos of events in a row, you can easily get your potential customers. These videos allow the customers to get a better idea about products through demonstrations and 260 degree view of the products.

2. Message Applications

Messaging applications are globally used for a lot of different purposes. People are mostly aware of the famous messaging apps only but with more than four billion users around the world, applications are even many which provide a great platform for promotion of brands globally in a more effective way. The social apps work best for your business as customers don’t like to wait.

Messaging Apps

Many big companies are now utilizing the messaging apps to interact with the customers on a more personalized level, which allows them to know about customer needs better as well as the way customer support was provided has now changed. Usage of such apps provide instant support to the customers, which makes it really very easy to compel the customers to take profitable actions as the wait time for answers is almost zero. Using social apps for chatting with customers live is far better and cost friendly solution for your business as it helps in building trust, increase conversion rate and enhance the return on investment.

3. Social Platforms E-Commerce

All the big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest allows the users to directly purchase products without being redirected to any other website or page. This helps in improving the business sales as users see your products and services every time they access their social media profile. Surveys have proven that this method has been very beneficial for enhanced conversion rates and sales.


Businesses have really integrated this feature in their marketing campaigns. Showing high quality product images or small videos on social media platforms with a prominent call to action like “buy now” or “shop now” can really help in converting more visitors into customer. You can even provide offers and ideas to customers through these so that they buy and even share the offers with their friends, resulting in increased audience base.

These platforms can even be utilized to show the demo of your products and services to make the customers understand better about the products and their features. This helps in making the decision making process easier for the customers and encourage them to take profitable actions for your business.

4. VR Will Rise!

VR or Virtual Reality has made quite an impact in recent times because of the mind blowing experience it offers to people. VR is going to rise for sure because it allows the users to experience videos that feel real and can provide a far better idea about the products and services offered by your company. The better the experience, more it makes the customers feel like buying the products. This also helps in leaving an unforgettable experience in the mind of your customers, building credibility for better sales.


Virtual reality works on a one-to-one basis, allowing the customers themselves feel and know the products in a better way. Wouldn’t it be better if you are buying shoes online and you can view it in real through VR technology and in a 360 degrees view? Of course, you will love it. This is how VR makes the shopping experience better for users and compel them to keep coming back on your business website.

With the live videos and video marketing on the rise, VR will surely add to these both to make the customer experience even better. VR is being loved by people all around the globe and the number of its users are increasing each day. Videos are more engaging and if they are combined with the VR experience then it’s going to be phenomenal experience.

5. Disappearing Content

This is also a great feature of the social platforms, which was introduced some time back but has gained quite the popularity. With live videos and content being posted in an increased rate of social media platforms, a new feature was introduced in top social platforms known as the Ephemeral or Disappearing videos.

These videos aren’t an alternate for specialized HD photos or directed videos but these surely act as a raw way of representing your company and services from a different perspective to the users. Ephemeral content is not edited or with any visual aspects, it just lets you connect with your customers in a more personalized way. These videos can include many things like How-to videos, Behind-the-scenes looks, Contests and giveaways, Recipes, Interviews, Re-sharing, Live events, Daily or weekly video series, Holidays & Announcements or product reveals.

Being unedited and straightforward, these videos allow you to personally get in touch with your customers, make them understand about your company and its vision and also let you to build trust among users. This content is going to prove a great addition to your online marketing campaign.

6. The Era of Instagram

With the introduction of stories in Instagram, it really changed the way a lot of things worked on social media. The growth in the rate of users viewing stories each day is more than 100 millions. This has really been an epic increase in the visibility, making Instagram the ultimate platform for effective business promotion. Because of this features, a lot of big brands have already shifted to this platform to promote their products and services for better conversion rate and increased business sales.


Instagram has more than 650 million users globally, making it a platform with far more users than many other platforms like Snapchat. Facebook and Instagram are from same company, which makes it really easy to aim at the audience by analyzing users on both platforms. Instagram even allows the users to share photos and videos that don’t disappear, which is an added advantage for your online business marketing campaign.

This platform is growing at a very rapid and with such large number of users, your business is sure to get a lot viewers resulting in better conversion rate. With the use of right hash tags, you can get your business outreach easily to maximum audience.

7. Mobile Ads

We all know how widely mobile advertisements are used and their advantages to the business. Most of the big social platforms utilize these ads to promote businesses and earn revenue even. Facebook even earns around eighty percent of its revenue from mobile ads. Facebook allows all the brands, ranging from startups to biggest brands promote their business products & services through paid mobile ads. These ads can be targeted according to various attributes like age, location and number of people etc, which makes these ads more effective than ever.


Even the platform like Twitter has been allowing business to display mobile ads for better growth of businesses and their increased outreach. Using engaging visual and interesting concepts, these ads can easily make customers take profitable actions for your business. Even the biggest video library YouTube is known for display mobile ads, which help business earn more customers and business sales than ever.

Snapchat and Instagram also have started showing mobile ads now and these are growing at a very fats rate. With such huge user base, these platforms surely can be a great catalyst in the online growth of your business. There are sponsored ads even, which are displayed on the top of stories and in between stories for better results.

8. Chat Bots

Chat Bots are going to be really famous in coming times as they already are a hot topic in the social media market. Chat Bots are basically automated artificial intelligence systems that interact with users for continuous availability and better user experience. These bots are always active and answer the questions and doubts of the customers when you can’t have human all time of day to answer. There is a chat interface where you can type any question and they will interact with you to answer those questions. One of the most famous examples is the chat bots embedded in Facebook messenger.


Initially these bots were created for entertainment purposes only while the customers are visiting a website or blog. With the passage of time, these bots were integrated by biggest social media platforms for task automation and data retrieval process. These bots have proven to be really very effective and beneficial for business till now and their usability will surely rise in the coming future.

9. Personalization

Due to traditional marketing techniques, the internet has been flooded with content all over which makes the users irritated when they keep seeing irrelevant content and ads. Social Media is the biggest business promotion platform and with such large number of ads users don’t even pay attention now. To resolve such issues, personalized ads will be eminent in 2017. This means that the browsing history and product views will be utilized to view the most relevant ads to the users. This will not only help in building a positive image of your brand but also increase the chances of sales.


Personalized Ads compel the customers to take profitable actions as they see the type of products they actually are looking for. This has already been adopted by many big companies and others are already on the verge of adopting this.

It’s a Wrap!

So these were the top 9 social media marketing trends that will be prevalent in the current year and in coming ones too. These trends have been formed after proper analysis by the world social marketing leaders and experts. Make sure to follow these trends and surely your business will reach to the road of success.

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