Top Ways To Humanize Your Brand For Better Results

Humanize Your brand

It’s 2017 and you are filled with enthusiasm more than ever to build a great digital empire. Isn’t it? However, last time, your New Year resolution was same, but you didn’t produce right kind of results that could trigger your brand value in the market. Sadly, you don’t know what to do this year, either, but to repeat same technique and hoping to achieve better results.

Doing similar things again-and-again and expecting different results, is like drinking poison and hoping not to die. You won’t go anywhere and no matter how many efforts you put in your content, rankings will boost for sure and you will get immensely searched, but you will eventually fail to influencing people revisiting.

You fantasize to filling the website and social media accounts with the content, letting the algorithms pick it and showing you in the search results. Yes, as discussed, you will be shown, and people will visit you, but will they stay and revisit? Well, that’s the bigger question or suspense for you as marketing expert or business owner than finding aliens in the space.

Undeniably, even creating great and unique content is very challenging. Many people fail in the midst of creating unique content for the brand and keep plagiarizing. It takes them away from the originality and people assume them just another brand with not much difference.

Humanize Your brand

Imagine you are eating an Oreo cookie from a long time and there comes the same type of cookie with a lot of similar type of packing and is available at the similar rate. How much chances are you buying new cookie packet and ditching Oreo? Maybe once you try, but eventually you return to eating Oreo. That’s how the market’s situation is. That’s how we humans are designed.

Now imagine that rival brand comes into the market with a fictional character and you see a lot of ads of the character creating an emotional bond with you and telling why it’s different than the rest. Your mind will work in a different way, a different chemical reaction will be triggered in your brain and you may ditch the Oreo forever, because you have found solace with the new cookie. Thanks to the characters that have humanized the brand.

Now why most brands fail here is because they represent a faceless brand. It’s a human tendency or can say that it’s in our genes to feel attracted towards an emotional thing.

That’s why when someone targets kids to sell the toy or other products, there’s often a fictional character; otherwise, it’s truly hard to capture children’s attention and make them loyal to your brand. Once you do, then their mothers will be left with no other way, other than buying the product for their kids. Well, their kid wants it at any cost. Kellogg’s has difference characters to humanize the brand and kids love eating Kellogg’s product, because their hero (Kellogg’s fictional character) says them to.

Note: It’s better and cheaper for companies to deal with the repeated customers’ than targeting new ones. If you see it economically, than humanizing your content, especially social media content has become inevitable for your business survival.

1. Humor

If you listen to the industry peers and psychologists, then humor is highly recommended even for company managers working in a highly disciplined corporate environment. Without humor, life starts turning blue and it will reflect in your brand. Imagine yourself sitting with a sad person for days and in other room that is divided from yours with a soundproof glass wall, has some people that are cheerful and entranced. For first few days you can manage to bear the sad person who has no emotions other than looking sad. Even his talks are dull. Soon you would start envying people in other room laughing and cracking jokes and having a good time. You would eventually want to leave the room and share the space with the euphoric people.


Hence, humor is highly important to exist in the company; otherwise, your company and brand will eventually look faceless and boring.

Keep everything under control and it will reflect in your company’s social media content because people will able to exchange their ideas and share one vision to take the company to the next level.

Note: In a depressed state of the world, everyone, yes, nearly everyone is looking for humor. And when a brand infuses it in its social media content, then people feel attached. Hubspot has gathered some best humor infused content by companies to learn from.

2. Brand as a fictitious character

A brand without a human voice is considered dead or at the death bed. No matter how great your logo is or how attractive your name sounds, it can’t speak for itself. However, if you find a voice that can bring a human touch to the name and when people read it, see it or think it, they do it in the voice of your company.

The best way is to introduce a mascot that would bring attention to the subject. The best example here is McDonald’s Mascot, Ronald the Clown. From toddlers to octogenarians, everyone likes to snap a picture with him, outside a McDonald food outlet.

The perfect mascot happens when you add details to your character. Moreover, how you want it to present your brand, also decides the persona of your company’s character. Do a good research on famous fictional characters not only of brands, but of anime characters as well and find why kids and adults like them. What makes them stand apart and how they are giving a perfect message about their brand. An anime show is a brand, too.

Also, you need to be careful that your outlined character is perfect for your business. Now you can’t have a Ronald for your investment banking consultancy. The clown Ronald won’t do well, as it’s more related to kids and to bring smiles on their face while dining at McDonald.

3. Easy to understand language

No matter in what genre your business falls in, your followers want to be informed, educated and entertained with the persuasive writing. Don’t add too much jargon and lingo in your corporate content because instead of bringing people to your page, you will drive them away to some other page.

When a customer feels a human touch/connection in the brand, he certainly finds it impressive and loves to engage with the brand. For instance, try replying ‘Cheers Mate’ instead of ‘Thank You’ or ‘Appreciated’. While the latter words look so corporative and formal, ‘Cheers mate’ sounds too human and friendly – and when you are friendly with your followers, they even help you in finding better areas to conduct a research or to strengthening your brand.

easy is good

When you look at the Tesla Motors whose face is none other than Elon Musk, you know how a human face also works. Examine how people gets excited with the new announcement from Tesla Motors and how they often use Nikola Tesla quotes and share their scientific ideas in the comment section to help company conducting bigger research that could change the lives of millions.

4. Social Media Post in Advance

When you have less time to create content, chances are, you will screw your content and will lose the voice that reflects your company. A good content doesn’t appear out of anywhere, but it needs a good amount of time and a creative brain to print on the paper. A writer needs to connecting the dot and creating fresh content that demands time. Hence, using certain social media tools, you can easily work on your social media posts in advance and can devote your time to craft perfect and original content.


Some brands map out pre-panned answers to respond to the comments by changing the person’s name. However, one can easily see it because it looks so robotic and no one takes it with interest. The best way is to respond when the comment or suggestion is made. Share your ideas to create a bond with your followers and potential future followers.

BuzzFeed and Diply etc. follow the same agenda. Hollywood A-list Director James Gunn responds to people’s comment individually that shows his diligence towards the followers. And the result? Followers die to get a response and they love him for being so normal/friendly to them, even though he is one of the busiest and critically acclaimed director/filmmakers in the world.

5. Ensure online and offline synchronization

If you have a physical store of your business, then having perfect synchronization of the virtual and physical world is imperative.

For instance, if your clothing brand has beautiful looking models representing your brand virtually, but at your physical store, you have dull and emotionless people that aren’t fashionista, then people will simply disregard your brand.


Your online products’ image should match with the product in the real world, like the color of the product displayed in your business’s store local matches exactly with the product’s color on your eCommerce portal. Remember, too much of fabrication will eventually lead you to the downhill because, in the age of communication, words travel fast and people take notice easily.

6. Engage in conversations

When the digital world wasn’t strong or wasn’t in reach of most people, businesses used print media platform to sell their products. They advertised heavily in newspapers, banners, magazines to bring attention to their products. There was no specific way to engage with the targeted audience back then, but they sold. However, as the world changed, so did the people. Now the consumers are tech savvy and expect an immediate response from the company to the query raised or to the thought shared that may look helpful to both the parties.

engage in conversation

Sometimes, the audience goes on the external thread to discuss the company‘s issue or to discuss their 2 cents about what company should do to enhance its presence and PR strategy or product. Don’t delay in stepping into the conversation and letting the people realize their importance for you.

It’s all about building a connection with the audience.

7. Apologize when you are wrong

There’s nothing wrong in admitting your mistake. Ask any relationship expert about apologizing for your mistakes to save relation. The expert will say to do it, if you want to continue your relation. The similar mechanism applies in the real world, too. Now you can’t afford to be arrogant and hoping your audience will understand. Since there are too many alternatives and since there are people looking to take your place, you can’t really afford to making a mistake and not apologizing to correct the things between you and your audience.

Apologize when you are wrong

Every company is run by a body of individuals and humans are prone to making mistakes, there’s nothing wrong in committing mistakes and then admitting it. It’s perfectly normal.

Imagine, you are running an eCommerce portal and you wrongly uploaded a discount offer for the weekend, saying 20% flat discount. However, none of the company’s eyes caught the mistake and forgot to mention that discount can be availed only on a minimum shopping of $100.

You checked the social media account and saw so many people interested and some of them even ordered but didn’t get 20% offer as mentioned. Some commented negatively, while some asked reasoning from the company’s officials. Realizing that you have done a mistake and instead of manipulating the entire scenario, it’s better to apologize from your customers/followers. This way, you will do way better because humans make mistake and successful companies have a human touch.