Thanks to innovative technology, the internet is flooded with updated websites, graphics and an overall pleasant surfing experience. But, the question arises- how can we make it better?

The internet has moved on from the wonders of artificial intelligence and now yawns at another helpful AI present on a website. Chatbots have been here for a while and people seek an even more advanced interactive experience. The answer to the previously asked question then becomes- we can personalize the experience for every individual.

Personalization of the experience is only possible if we connect with our audience. The brand can only represent what it stands for. And only a living, thinking being can stand for something. So, brands need to be humanized in order to connect well with its customers and website visitors.

Here are a few different ways on how to humanize your brand for an enhanced UX:

  1. Sneak- Peeks Are Important

Access to what goes on behind the closed curtain is as important as what goes on in front of it. In order to earn a customer’s trust, provide short videos or picture gallery of your team and the process on your landing page itself. It gives a dual advantage of showing that you have nothing to hide, and it also helps in getting the customer’s involvement and investment into your brand.

The best example of this is the behind-the-scenes videos shot by so many famous online magazines like Forbes, Time and Maxim.

Sneak- Peeks Are Important

  1. Tickle Their Funny Bone

If you listen to the industry peers and psychologists, then humour is highly recommended even for company managers working in a highly disciplined corporate environment. Without humour, life starts turning blue, and it will reflect in your brand. Imagine yourself sitting with a sad person for days, and in another room with a soundproof glass wall, some people cheerful and entranced. For the first few days, you can manage to bear the sad person who has no emotions other than looking sad. Even his talks are dull. Soon you would start envying people in separate rooms laughing and cracking jokes and having a good time. You would eventually want to leave the room and share the space with the euphoric people.

In a depressed state of the world, everyone, yes, nearly everyone is looking for humour. And when a brand infuses it in its social media content, then people feel attached. Hubspot has gathered some best humour infused content to learn from.

Funny Bone

  1. Conversational Personalized E-mails

The subscribers to your periodic e-mails usually delete them without reading because of their formal and impersonal tone. In order to keep them interested, you need to customize them, provide something new- be it information or fun fact, and keep the tone of the email conversational by making use of personal pronouns and active voice. The reader should not feel like the email has been automatically generated for a long list of subscribers in which he/she is just a number and doesn’t really matter. Add animation and graphics to your emails, whenever possible.


  1. Create A Mascot For Your Brand

A brand without a human voice is considered dead or at the death bed. No matter how great your logo is or how attractive your name sounds, it can’t speak for itself. However, if you find a voice that can bring a human touch to the name and when people read it, see it or think it, they do it in the voice of your company.

The best way is to introduce a mascot that would bring attention to the subject. The best example here is McDonald’s Mascot, Ronald the Clown. From toddlers to octogenarians, everyone likes to snap a picture with him, outside a McDonald food outlet. The perfect mascot happens when you add details to your character. Moreover, how you want it to present your brand, also decides the persona of your company’s character. Do a good research on famous fictional characters not only of brands, but of anime characters as well and find why kids and adults like them. What makes them stand apart and how they are giving a perfect message about their brand. An anime show is a brand, too.

Also, you need to be careful that your outlined character is perfect for your business. Now you can’t have a Ronald for your investment banking consultancy. The clown Ronald won’t do well, as it’s more related to kids and to bring smiles on their face while dining at McDonald.


  1. Accepting Your Shortcomings is Good

There’s nothing wrong in admitting your mistake. Ask any relationship expert about apologizing for your mistakes to save relation. The expert will say to do it, if you want to continue your relation. The similar mechanism applies in the real world, too. Now you can’t afford to be arrogant and hoping your audience will understand. Since there are too many alternatives and since there are people looking to take your place, you can’t really afford to making a mistake and not apologizing to correct the things between you and your audience.

Accept ShortcomingsEvery company is run by a body of individuals and humans are prone to making mistakes; there’s nothing wrong with committing mistakes and then admitting it. It’s perfectly normal.

Imagine you are running an eCommerce portal, and you wrongly uploaded a discount offer for the weekend, saying a 20% flat discount. However, none of the company’s eyes caught the mistake and forgot to mention that discount can be availed only on a minimum amount of $100.

You checked the social media account and saw so many people interested in it and some of them even ordered but didn’t get a 20% offer, as mentioned. Some commented negatively, while some asked reasoning from the company’s officials. Realizing that you have made a mistake, and instead of manipulating the entire scenario, it’s better to apologize from your customers/followers. This way, you will do way better because humans make mistakes and successful companies have a human touch.

  1. Acknowledge and Appreciate

Branding is not a one-way street. The dynamics of successful brands always consists of a dialogue between the business and its customers. Give shout-outs to your partner influencers and top customers. Prepare a unique social media campaign to highlight your achievements by acknowledging the efforts of your team members. This appreciation motivates your team members to work better and also conveys to your customers that you believe in positivity and cheering people on.

AppreciateThe one classic trait of humanity is believing and connecting by sharing experiences and participating in failures as well as success. Attributing these qualities to your brand will automatically assure your customers of your honesty and trustworthiness.

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