Understanding the Pros of Magento 2

Magento 2 Pros

Since the official launch of Magento 2 in November 2015, a lot of well-established Magento experts, web agencies are running away from it. Probably, they are seeing it as a nightmare, or excessive hard work’s call to learn the technology. What their reasons might be; one thing is clear that Magento 2 has still a long way to go to gain the love just like its predecessor.

For companies like Kinex Media, it has been a blessing to try hands on Magento 2 that comes with much-needed improvements. FINALLY!

However, problem doesn’t end here. It merely begins because as a merchant you are confused if it’s right for your business or not? And why Magento 2 has created a lot of buzz and zillions of articles are floating on the web? Is it because it’s new, or offer really good features? Well, we will find out in the post.

Following are some of the interesting points, which will clear your cloudy thoughts about the relevancy of Magento 2. Before going in-depth of the post, we advise you to see it not from developer’s point of view (POV) but from your (merchant’s) POV.

magento 2 Info.

Since Magento 2 is incredibly fast for developers to work, it also becomes beneficial for you in terms of cost. In layman, it’s a cost-cutting technology for your business. However, don’t pull your steed before reading how it will affect your business and customer’s experience when you shift your Magento 1.X developed portal to Magento 2.

After many years of development, Magento 2.0 has officially been released. This is a very important release for Magento and their huge community of developers, partners and merchants. With the usage of modern technology, Magento 2 becomes more simplified with great UX, scalable, robust and easy for development and maintenance compared to Magento – Karan Sharma (co-founder, Kinex Media)

  • Unbeatable Performance-

Compared to Magento 1, merchants can get more than 39% more orders per hour with 51% faster check out response and 66% faster add-to-cart server response time. All credit goes to Magento 2.0’s unmatched speed that also provides fast response time for catalogue pages. Amazing, isn’t?

  • Best-in-class Shopping Experience

In Magento 1, there are lot of complaints from the merchants regarding time issue during customer’s shopping. For instance; every page has to reload before moving to next after filling the cart to payment mode page. Even a second delay can change the mind of the shopper.

The shortages of Magento 1 have been covered in Magento 2 with only two steps needed to complete a business transaction. Since registering before making the payment is mandatory in Magento 1.X; it’s not in the case of Magento 2, as conversion can be done without registering. Alternation in the new version will surely push more conversions because a lot of leads lost during filling a form. Moreover, once you enter complete details, shopping rates load itself according to your pin code.

  • Mobile friendly website

eCommerce has still a long way to go in creating a unique e-shopping experience on mobile devices. Since Magento 1.X is a gigantic CMS, it has its reasons to load a bit slow on handheld devices.

With its fronted architecture and powerful coding, Magento 2 is designed to nurture best business practices. Switching your portal to Magento 2 will ensure a fast, reliable and intuitive experience to your smartphones users.

  • Enhanced Admin Panel

Merchants who are using Magento 1 will know the pain of changing grid view, which eats a lot of their time, and leave them exhausted. However, this problem is completely solved in Magento 2 as you can use the drop-down menu, which makes CMS tablet/mobile friendly, easy-to-use and streamlined.

  • Better Upgradability

Upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is much cost-effective and less time consuming in compared to upgrading from one version of Magento 1.X to a higher version of Magento 1.

  • Exotic New Features

It’s a harsh truth that when a company launches its next generation upgrade, then it focuses on introducing new features to raise awareness. Moreover, it creates a platform where companies can shift to it for better interaction and business practices. Same is the case with Magento 2. Every now and then, the company is bringing new features to the table, which means, if you are on Magento 1, you’ll not able to use those for your portal.

So if you’re ready to switch and embrace all the new features that come along with Magento 2, then you’re making a right choice for your business. If you want to stay with Magento 1 decision then don’t worry; you will get support till 2018, which is still a lot of time to change your decision or get enough funding to make the switch.

Note that; patience is a virtue, but sometimes you have to do things at the right time. The day, Magento 1 support will get over, there will be a Tsunami/flood of companies switching to Magento 2. And, if you do it that time, then you have to wait in a long queue to make the switch.

Still, if you aren’t sure about the change, then Kinex Media is always upfront to help you in this matter. Call us @ +1 416-907-4030 or shoot us an email, providing all the details, so we can reach you in no time.

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