Let us initiate the post while putting the question, what exactly is the difference between content and product marketing. Content counts as a lead-generation tool that focuses upon building brands through pre-determined strategy.

At the other hand, product marketing helps to consider every dimension of consumer engagement and the means of improvising the engagement. Eventually, it is the responsibility of a marketing manager to handle both these roles efficiently.

Mending the distance between the two fortes certainly isn’t an easy job. In reality, these fortes come together when it comes to product marketing through email. Emails for product notifications are a good example of such cooperation.

In this post, we’ll be side-lining all those elements that will eventually help create a great email update for the company.

Sort Out Target Audience & Communicate:

The key aim for a corporation is to make the consumer reach out to product, marketing and development departments; much of the company’s focus is not on one but all three departments.

The explanation behind  same is that they want consumers to simultaneously enter all three categories so that they can obtain the maximum value of the commodity.

This inevitably makes it difficult to concentrate on and interact explicitly with a specific community of audience.

For instance, engineers would be focusing upon making speed improvements and integrations the marketers would be busy collecting stats from analytics tool for better reporting.

target audience

When you create product emails that focus upon both simultaneously, you might end up watering down the email and eventually speaking to no one.

The most important thing to communicate to the marketing, development and product team is understanding how to identify the target audience.

A product update email needs to be generated by taking the buyer personas into consideration. Below are a few issues to remember.

Make sure that the product updates are crafted while keeping in mind what the fans are actually looking for. It is not that the description alone would generate leads, it would only act as a catalyst for initiating the process.

Trying to serve two main aims at once will complicate things in the long process. Decide and focus on a particular community at once, whether it’s advertisers, developers or another. The next parameter will be the selection of a language for each group. In addition, the mail will be sent to the recipient by separate team members for each company.

Utilization Of Visuals

As per the stats from Alphachimp, nearly 83% of humans tend to learn through visuals. The stats even though seem debatable and the company stating the stats has made it clear that nearly 83% of people prefer to learn better when they come across content that consists heavy amount of graphics.

A simple example would be website of CloudApp. The website has made use of simple yet self-explanatory animation. The use of animated GIFs for highlighting the new features within the emails tends to grab eyeballs instantly.

Your Quick Guide To Send Best Product Update Emails

Be Consistent:

The website’s accuracy is based on two fundamental factors i.e. weaknesses and prospects. The biggest obstacle one faces is deadlines, which inevitably serves as a source of booster ingenuity.

When a customer turns in to customer, you need to meet those expectations. Sellers like Digg, for example, pledge to submit a regular email and companies like Moz offer bimonthly updates, so you’ll need to schedule the cap according to certain people’s business expectations. Sending out mails can interrupt the consistency aspect whenever you feel like it.

Other than making use of product update emails, you can follow email marketing strategies for managing the Abandoned Cart Emails. This could be beneficial in developing a consistent ROI strategy.

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