Time To Level Up Your Email Marketing Strategy

A goal that lacks planning is short of reality and tends to confine itself to being a dream. In case, you have a goal to achieve higher click-through rates and ROI, then your primary focus should be drafting an effective email marketing strategy. If you wish to raise the levels of your existing email marketing strategy then here is a brief guide on how to start with a regular e-mail marketing strategy and how to level it up.

As a beginner, you need to focus upon sending regular email. Start by creating and sending emails followed by keeping an eye over the statistics. This is the beginning stage for email marketing. You need to start implementing this strategy at the early stages when the company has just started an email-marketing campaign. The content has to be promotional as your only goal is to encourage selling. You can offer discounts and provide some details regarding the new product range that you have launched or plan to launch.

The Good & The Bad!

When we talk about long-term performance, there is definitely the need for change. You cannot expect to get desired engagement through this basic campaign as this is confined till beginners. This scenario can restrict the email open rates till 15% and could let the mail subscribers decrease by 50%.

Time to improvise it!

  • Create campaigns that focus upon reengaging the subscribers that have become inactive over time.
  • For the subscribers who wish to unsubscribe, ask them why they wish to opt out at the unsubscribe step. Utilize this reason as a step towards improvement.
  • Scheduling your mails is an important aspect to ensure that your audiences remain gripped. For the clients who are available on different time zones, you will need to make use of time match features.
  • You need to focus upon email design specifically the responsive email design. This way you can engage mobile readers as well.
  • To extend your email database, make use of sign-up forms. You can further generate leads while making use of landing page.

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