How Email Marketing Can be Useful For Ecommerce

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Online marketers are creating content and opting various digital marketing strategies to create brand value.  Since the inception of smartphones and tablets, people’s love towards them has increased drastically.  Considering more than 50% web traffic is coming from handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets combined, it creates enough room to remind smartphone users about the latest happening in your e-commerce venture and entice them to take follow-up or reach the portal through emails.

Online platforms of marketing like social media and web campaigns have almost erased the validity of e-mail marketing from key strategies. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat etc. have attracted billions of people and connected them with each other in a fun-filled way; still, emails lead the communication department in the business field. ROI during email marketing is 38-43% for every $1 spent on its campaign. But, it is still crucial because even the biggest brands on the planet invest in sending a weekly newsletter to their subscribers. It is a very intimate and personal way of communicating with the customers and this way sticks still because of a few chief reasons.


Following are some of the ways that every market needs to know before investing energy in doing email marketing:

1. Visibility and Reach

If you come to think of it, you wouldn’t be able to name a single person you know who doesn’t have an e-mail address. Radicati Group claims that more than half of the world population has an e-mail address by 2019. This number itself proves how much prevelant e-mails are in people’s professional lives. The same firm declares that the number of e-mail account holders are expected to increase to more than 4.3 billion by 2023.

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This number can make any brand realize how integral e-mails are to people’s lives. If a business can manage to gather a few thousand subscribers and followers, it has to ensure that these subscribers get a personal note from the business from time to time. There is no better way to do that than through e-mail.

It helps you in concluding a list of potential leads, warm leads, and current leads after you send emails to contacts from your list. Monitoring the behavior of people through it will help you in understanding what really is working and what needs to be changed in your emails to entice customers and push them in all stages of the sales funnel.

2. Right On Budget

As compared to the creative and more innovative ways of digital marketing, e-mail marketing is much cheaper and reaps better rewards. Ad space online is pricey and tie-ups with other brands and influencers cost a fair bit of money that might not be possible for smaller businesses. But, e-mail newsletters are favourable for every kind of business- big or small.

Campaign Monitor says that each dollar spent on e-mail marketing generally generates about 38$ in ROI. E-mail is cost-effective and affordable, being the most profitable method at the same time.

3. Personalized Content

Newsletters and e-mail brochures are classy and timeless ways to reach all your subscribers individually. Customer’s are looking for brands who understand their needs and present them variations of their own personalized preferences. E-mails can cement this belief. Of a customer finds a product or service of their choice or preference, waiting for them in their inbox, they are more likely to buy it.

Intelligently constructed content that appeals to the individual needs of the customer is helpful in making the customer feel special and develops a mutual affinity. This helps in building trust and increases the conversion rates for the website or brand.

4. Make It Mobile-Friendly

The fact of the matter is that there are more mobile-users than laptop or PC users. It is imminent that your brand will ultimately have to cater to mobile-users too. E-mail marketing is an aspect which gets shoved under the table a lot of times because of shiny new marketing techniques. But, be aware of its dangers and consider making your e-mail marketing mobile-friendly from the get-go.

Ensure that your e-mails have a responsive and interactive design, with clear CTA and fast-loading graphics. It helps if you integrate flexibility in your e-mail design so that it doesn’t look too haphazard to the customers. The written content should also be kept fresh and crisp for a lasting impact.

5. Make It Automatic

The best part about e-mail marketing is its tangible nature and ease of production. With social marketing techniques, you need to be constantly on your toes and keep updating your content daily for better user engagement. But with e-mail marketing, you can put the gears on auto-pilot and be content with the consistent ROIs. The automation works nicely for this medium because it helps to break timelines and campaigns as per the updates.

If your customer has requested for a specific product which has gone out of stock, a simple automatic reminder will let them come back and make the purchase whenever it comes back in stock again. It not only eases up and simplifies your marketing investments, but also works to save your time and effort.

6. Make It Interactive

It can be tiresome and boring for the customer’s to receive same kind of e-mails over long periods of time. Be creative and start an interaction with them via your newsletters. You can quizzes, games or feedback columns to your e-mails to engage the customers. This exercise helps bring an active interest to the table and also manages to put a specific image in the minds of the customers.

Now that you know how you can use e-mail marketing smartly to improve your leads and increase your conversion rates, it is time to put these methods into practice. Grow your e-mailing list by providing a unique experience to your subscribers by adding a dash of creativity to your regular e-mail marketing techniques.

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