For any online business losing the email subscribers is a game-changing phenomenon. The continually dropping figures of subscribers are something no company could afford.

Campaign Monitor has delved into the details of email marketing and subscribers, keeping certain benchmarks for the year 2020.

Tuesdays have been observed as the days have the highest open rates in terms of emails but they also have the most people who unsubscribe from the lists. It is also seen that the industries that perform very well in one area, tend to perform brilliantly in other arenas as well.

2020 Email Marketing benchmarksIn another illustration, we see the average emailing metrics across all industries that have an online business presence. Government subscriptions witness the highest opening rate at about 30%, meanwhile construction, contracting and manufacturing industry as well as logistics and wholesale industry witnessed the highest unsubscribe rates at 0.30% each.

If we talk solely about unsubscribe rates according to the day of the week, the following infographic sheds better light at the averages of it in the past year or so.

Email unsubscribe ratesGiven below are some detailed information on the days that support better email marketing based on the components and also the worst ones, according to their percentages-

Better Email Marketing Stats
Highest email open rates happen on Tuesdays (18.3%) and the best days that see the most click-through open rates are Thursdays and Fridays (14.4%).

Similarly, the statistics for the worst days for email marketing are as follows:

Email Marketing StatsThe lowest email open rate is on Saturdays (17.5%) and the highest unsubscribe rate is taken by Tuesday (0.2%).

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