Email Unsubscribe: Best Practices

For any online business losing the email subscribers is a game changing phenomenon. The constantly dropping figures of subscribers are something no business could afford.

Email Monks have come up with a useful infographic that helps in evaluating means by which, many of the well reputed brands manage to offer the unsubscribe option. They have conveyed a strong message stating the thin line between readers who opt out and those who choose to stay. By offering the customers with a ‘reason to stay’, one could stop the customers from opting out and continue the association.

According to the survey conducted by BlueHornet Consumer View back in 2013:

  • 35.4% consumers unsubscribe because of the frequency of mails
  • 24,5% consumers reported that they unsubscribe because of irrelevant mails
  • 47% consumers unsubscribe just because they see the option of opt-down in the unsubscribe process

The infographic below provides an insight to the best practices, the pitfalls and ways to manage the situation. Have a look at it and explore ways to convert from ‘Opt-outs’ to ‘Opt-ins’.