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Kinex - Key To Dale's Success

Choosing us has benefited "Dale Streiman" with 'Boosted Rankings', 'Strong Lead Generation' & 'Revenue Growth'.

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About The Client!
About The Client!

Let's "Know a bit more" about DALE STREIMAN

Dale Streiman Law LLP (DS Law) is a full-service law firm that helps its clients with practical & honest advice to its clients. The lawyers practicing in this firm have years of experience in winning the most complex cases. Their clients praise us for "having an extensive knowledge of the law & being able to break that down into several terms & concepts, that anyone not having the lawyer background can easily understand."

Dale approached us in 2018. When their team visited us, we talked with them about how their project was going & why they had chosen to give up on their previous Digital Marketing Company. Their only reply was "No Traffic, No Leads, No Revenue". We asked them about their expectations. They said, "Derive us profits that exceed our Costs". We made it an ambition & set our milestones accordingly.

  • Challenges
  • Solutions

When this project approached us (Traffic, Leads & Revenue), everything was terrible. We carried out an SEO Audit and found out -

  • Unoptimized Website:

    We observed that there were many large-size images which were not optimized. A large number of Javascript & CSS files were used. Along with that, the Database was also lying unoptimized. Worst of all was the "Content". It was horrible, plagiarized & irrelevant.

  • No Traffic, No Leads, No Revenue!

    For this, the clear blameworthy aspect is - "Poor SEO". Poor keyword density, targeting wrong keywords & google penalties were making things take a wrong turn. It doesn't end here. There is more - Multiple URLs had the same content. Apart from that, there were many google penalties imposed on the website.

  • Page Speed

    Earlier, this website had extremely low page speed. Because of that, its rankings were suffering. The bounce rate was also increasing; consequently, quality lead generation was declining. It was one of the significant challenges that took away our employees' sleep.

Our team was full of enthusiasm to think of the strategies that can curb these challenges. Here is what they thought & how they implemented -

  • On-Page SEO

    In the first place, we optimized title tags & meta descriptions; then, we shifted our focus to improving keyword density and targeting relevant keywords per page, adding keywords in the URL. At last, our whole team strived hard to improve the status of these errors - 400, 403, and 404.

  • Off-Page SEO

    Off-Page SEO has two major elements - Link Building & Link Disavowing. For Backlink Creation, we followed these - Guest Postings & Classified Management.

    Since we carefully carried out the link-building process, we didn't feel the need to do link disavowing.

  • Local SEO

    Our team painstakingly worked on Local SEO. We added location pages to the website, worked on local keywords & created a lot of local content. We also set up their GMB Profile and built NAP Citations. All our efforts eventually bore sweet fruits.

Results We Achieved!

Words may deceive or lie, but visual evidence can't. Here is a magnified view of the results achieved by our carefully crafted strategy, supported by precise figures.

Google Positioning

As we all know, thousands of law firm websites are willing to rank higher. But Google loves only the one following all the guidelines and keeping a sharp eye on the core updates. Ranking on Top, just for a day, is not an achievement. It is said to be an achievement when ranking is consistently maintained!

Organic Leads

We aimed to increase the organic leads by about 100%. For that, we incorporated every single practice that could help us get leads. One more thing to mention - We only levy White Hat SEO Techniques, not even Gray Hat SEO! Organic never means 'Adulterated'! Right?

Keyword Positioning

Kinex Media loves challenges & when it came to DALE, we were ready to climb Mountain Everest. Such an attitude helped us target competitive keywords with significant difficulty. Now, 'Dale Streiman' is ranking on the 1st Page for more than 300 Keywords!

We set up a GMB Profile for their website!

Google My Business, the Best Marketing & Communication Tool, helped DALE Streiman target the local audience, which is accountable for generating more than half of the total revenue. Besides that, GMB became a perfect source for getting reviews from clients

  • Target Local Audience

  • Gain Client Feedback

  • Increased Lead Generation

  • Get Ranked on Top

We set up a GMB Profile for their website!

Kinex Media has done an excellent job at helping our law firm get more website visitors through organic search results. We have seen a significant increase in website traffic since we started working with them, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you, Kinex Media, for your hard work and expertise!

Dale Streiman Law

A Celebration-Worthy Success!

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