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Kinex Media is a well-recognized Search Engine Optimization company in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

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Kinex Media is a reputable SEO Agency in Newmarket, Canada, delivering the best of its services since 2008. The tailor made strategies for every sized business - small, medium & large, make it a center of appreciation among B2B & eCommerce Clients.

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Kinex Media, the topmost SEO company in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, follows a strategy that encompasses nearly every aspect of site building along with content development. It creates an outstanding user experience for the consumer, further building their trust in your company.


Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the heart of SEO. Search engines want to see high value as well as semantic keywords. At Kinex Media Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, we effectively optimize keywords after intense research so that your target audience find the most appropriate information on your website.


Performance Optimization

Optimizing your website is needed on many levels for great performance. We have a team of skilled professionals who fix common on-site technical SEO problems after identifying them. Our Digital Marketing along with Developing team rectify problems in JavaScript languages as well as CSS to improve website loading speeds.


On Page Optimization

On page optimization is the keystone of your content marketing. You must get this right if you want to rank higher in searches. Our web experts optimize content with proper title tags. Image optimization, synonyms optimization, URL optimization, and link optimization is done in such a way that searchers who visit the site are unlikely to go back.


Content Marketing

Google wants great content to rank you well in search results. The content experts at Kinex Media generate relevant high-quality content for your website. It keeps the clients on your website longer, which reduces bounce rates, increases your conversions. Our specialists pay special attention to keywords, headlines, and links to optimize content for search engines.


White Hat SEO

Best SEO experts at Kinex Media make your website perfectly optimized for search engines, yet focus on relevancy with organic ranking. Our expert team exercises White Hat optimization techniques that include keyword analysis, backlinking, link building to improve link popularity, as well as writing content for human readers.


E-commerce SEO

Getting your store more organic traffic can make a huge difference in your sales. We are here to bring in more sales to build your e-commerce empire. Our proficient team at Kinex Media Newmarket, Ontario, Canada writes thorough, vivid product descriptions with beautiful, eye-catching photography and plenty of reviews to help visitors make purchase decisions.

In-House Approach

We do not follow black-hat tactics, outsourcing, or cutting corners. All the work is performed by our team of SEO professionals and internet marketing experts. Measurable results and a boost in brand credibility.Our main aim to follow the best techniques that come from Google quality guidelines.

Analysis With Reporting

Due to severe competition on the web, it is crucial to track your online marketing efforts so as to improve your website’s user experience in order to set up a successful online business. Our web analytic experts measure the existing success level of your marketing program, thus provide you with valuable insights.

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Why Choose Us?

Everyone wants to come on the top in SERPs. But only the ten appear. Big daddy Google considers many factors like natural traffic, informational content, and links that make a website stand out. We offer comprehensive SEO management services in the New Market. If you want to rank top, come to Kinex Media.


01. Workable Keyword Strategy

We understand your niche and so will boost your rankings for the concerned terms. Our SEO specialist will see your website's current standing and will offer you a new set of keywords to help your brand rank on them besides the already included. We know where to start. And to make a happy ending. Our keyword strategy will earn your website the organic results duly needed. Building a keyword list will all be done in collaboration with you. So get ready for the thunder.

02. Relevant Link Building

Backlinks lead to a website's high ranking. But having just any connection does not improve results. The links need to show the real deal, else search engines consider it flak and shove a website down. We create links that have the authority and power to move your rankings. They are made timely and not just automated to show them to clients. We have a dedicated link building team that looks for high-quality and relevant websites. Enough said, you can check our website to see what we mean.

03. Kick Out Technical SEO Issues

A website's backend has the same importance as the front. On the back end, we can work on the page speed, crawl ability and other errors. Sorting out all the issues makes it easy for the search engines to understand what your website wants to say. To make search engines happy, you first need to have a content website. A paralyzed website will move, but you know the demands of the online searchers are fast. Ignoring them means you are not interested in growing.

04. Treating Customers as a priority

Statistics say that more than 50% of the crowd search for local businesses online. Nobody wants to lose that share. Optimizing the site as per local searches by creating separate pages after the client's approval will help get targeted traffic on that page. Besides, local SEO includes well displayed Google My Business (GMB) postings that show much of the users' information. You must know that local reputation matters the most, and it allows a business to meet with the local folks. When they are satisfied, you know you have done your job.

05. Write Beautiful, Informational & Optimised Content

Our content writers will show what your business is doing in a pleasant., knowledgeable and optimized manner. The content will be creditworthy for users and search engines. Regularly we will write blog posts about your product and service to spread it all over the internet. Search engines love content that bolsters confidence among users to buy from a business. It all depends on the prospects to make a move, but when the dish is well-served, who can resist.